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Null Poison Ch222

A Feeling of Unease

The first to make a move was Bors.

With the most stereotypical stance, he used the most bookish overhead slash.

It’s speed was just average as well, and was certainly not a bad attack but………a move so faithful to the basics would never trouble me.

I easily parried his overhead swing, and the countered with a body strike.

It was strong enough to get a knockout on the first move but, Bors instantly back-stepped to easily avoid it.

………this uneasy feeling again.

Since it had been some time since then, I had forgotten it but after facing him directly, I once again remembered the unease I felt when I watched him fight back then.


The overhead slash that Bors used was the most basic, fundamental strike possible made by stepping up in front of their opponent.

I read his move perfectly, and had launched a body strike as counter when he should have been completely defenseless.


I did hesitate slightly before putting enough strength in it to knock him out in one strike but, I definitely didn’t miss the timing by so much that he would have been able to avoid it.

I could at least understand if he had blocked it with his sword but he had straight up dodged it with a fast back step.

“That was a good strike! My turn next!”

Bors shouted that, and quickly rushed in towards me.

Is he aiming for a thrust attack?——-No, it’s a low slash.

From the minute detailed movements of his body, I read his next move and then matched my sword to block it.

This was the first time I took on the full brunt of Bors’ attack but, as expected, it wasn’t that strong.

And this wasn’t a weak attack, this had his full strength behind it.

I have only blocked this one attack from him but, coupled with what I saw from his fight against BlueOgre, I can tell you, his strength stat is honestly at most, Silver rank level.

I really could never lose to this guy but………I can’t hit him either.


As if he could see what move I was making beforehand, he continued to dodge every single attack I made.

It’s not like it’s his agility that is excellent either, which means this odd feeling I have been getting must be a skill——that too, most probably a unique skill.

There’s no point trying to cut air again and again, so I guess I’ll have to use my battle skills to finish the fight.

Having judged the feeling of unease I had was from a skill Bors had, I decided it was okay to end the fight now.

I activated [Flesh Enhancement][War Dance][Physical Ability Boost], these 3 skills, and began my attack once again.

I began moving at a speed even Bors couldn’t keep up with and the moment he tried to dodge again, I further activated [Gale]and [Leg Strength Enhancement], to chase him down and leave him no quarter.

I had expected him to not last more than a couple of seconds after I went all out but——terrifyingly enough, he continued to still avoid me even after I used all my skills.

Of course, he had no room to counter back and it was a one-sided affair with him just barely defending against me but still, he was still dealing with all of my attacks somehow.

The fact that he never fell for any of my feints either was extremely concerning, and contrary to his usual demeanour, he was keeping his calm throughout the battle.


In the end, the indirect damage he took from blocking my blows with his sword accumulated over time and his movements dulled, and finally, five minutes after I activated all my physical enhancement skills, I was able to land 3 clean hits and somehow ended the fight as my victory but……….

Bors had managed to persevere far, far longer than I could have ever imagined, and made me realize why he was indeed a platinum rank adventurer.

“Puhaa………..C-chris! You’re way too strong! This barely even qualified as a fight and was mostly me trying to defend for as long as I could!”


“No, although we’re using wooden swords, I was really swinging with my full strength you know. I didn’t think you’d be able to hold on this long. Once again, I suppose I have no choice but to accept your ability it seems.”

“What’s with the extremely condescending words!……..the fact that I lost completely makes me even more annoyed because I can’t even say anything back!”

“Of course, I won because I have a overwhelming advantage when it comes to actual ability. The fact that you actually kept up with me for so long is genuinely worth praise, I say that from the bottom of my heart.”

“This little bastard……….it’s even more annoying because I know you’re not being sarcastic! Once I get a rest, I want a rematch! I’ll definitely win this time around!”

Bors was angry with his face all red but, everything I said was true.

My stats were far above his, and so were the number of skills and their quality. And when it came to man-to-man combat, one again, I was more skilled I can confidently say that.

Yet, this huge gap was still put in a deadlock by Bors thanks to one skill and his experience.To have this much trouble even though I had so many advantages, it’s not a lie to say that while I won the match, I lost the battle.

“I’ll take you on as many times you want but if I win every single time, I want you to tell me about your Skills Bors. I am genuinely curious what skills you are using.”

Just like Ralf said when we first met, it was common sense in this world to not tell others of your skills.

You’re basically revealing your hand to them, and in this violent world of ours, that’s as good as accepting death.

Since all I had at the time was [Null Poison], I spoke out everything because revealing a shit hand meant nothing but, considering the number of skills I have and the fact that I’m a wanted person…….

I have zero intention of telling anyone about my skills outside of my closest associates.

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The fact that I was asking him to reveal something like that was proof of how curious I was of his skills.

Of course, it would be normal even if refused my bet but, the answer that came back was much more surprising.

“Hm? I don’t really mind telling you my skills though? Or rather, didn’t I already tell mine to you guys?”

“I don’t think you did……….Also, is it really something you can so casually tell everyone?”

“Well we were together in a party after all, even if a temp one. Also, I really don’t think I have any special skills worth mentioning so I don’t really care.”

No special skills he says?

Those words stuck with me but, before I could think any further, Bors simply began telling me about his job and skill.

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