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Null Poison Ch223

A Faulty Battle Job

“The only skill I have is [Vision Enhancement]. A skill that makes my eyesight better.”

“Is that it? Nothing else?”

“Yeah. In the first place, my Job is [Charcoal Miner]. It’s not even a battle job, so this was the only skill that appeared for me.”

I froze in place from shock.

His job was actually [Charcoal Miner] and his skill was [Vision Enhancement] only.

Since I possessed the similar [Hearing Enhancement] skill, I could understand how useful the [Vision Enhancement] Skill could be but……….


I, of all people, know better than anyone how harsh this world is and how utterly painful it is to be an adventurer in said world with just such a skill.

I’m sure he’ll have better stat growth than me a [Farmer] but, his was still not an actually effective battle job.


There’s only so much you could do as a [Charcoal Miner].

“Bors, how did you get so strong even with a faulty job? That too with just one skill? You’re not lying to me are you?”

“Why would I ever lie about such a thing!? Chris you were the one who called me lame and old for wasting all these years etc, but do you have any idea how much work I had to put in step by step, to get to this level…….”

“No, well, your reason to call out to us back then is still lame, that hasn’t changed but, I will take back my comments over your experience and age……….I apologise for my comments. To have become this strong with such a faulty job——-is definitely worthy of respect.”

I bowed properly and apologised.

When we met, my first impression of him was that he was shady as hell, and when he started blabbing about his age and experience and whatnot I ended up making some toxic comments but, I can easily imagine the hellish amounts of hard work he must have had to put in to get to this level.

Simply not knowing was no excuse, and now I realize that I was extremely inappropriate.

As someone who was given a faulty job as well, I know that better than anyone.

“……..Oi Oi. Don’t start seriously apologising to me all of a sudden! It was joke, a light joke! Also, getting respect out of sympathy isn’t exactly what I need man!”


“This is not out of sympathy, I truly feel this way. I never told you but, my job is [Farmer], a faulty battle job as well. But, I was blessed with skills, that’s why I was able to get this strong but, just thinking about what would have happened to me if I didn’t have said skill……..”

I ended up slightly shivering just thinking about this hypothetical situation.

If not for [Null Poison] I probably would have been dead back in Peixa forest, and if I had survived a couple of days, that Orc definitely would have killed me.

And let’s say that I did somehow escape the forest and make it to the capital, in the end I would have been just another rookie adventurer with no talent.

I would have spent my entire life killing goblins and making ends meet day by day………..till the day I died.

“Just thinking about it fills me with dread.”

“I mean I did get blessed in terms of skill as well though! Or rather, Chris, you were a faulty job holder as well! That too, a [farmer]………damn, that’s worse than even me! You could actually find a couple of low rank adventurers who are doing fine as [Coal Miners] but I have never met a [Farmer] that succeeded as an adventurer in my entire life, you know?”

“Like I said before, I was really blessed in the skill department. A skill strong enough that it made my job [Farmer] basically irrelevant to my strength.”

“No, still, no matter how blessed you got with skills, no amount of hard work could compensate being born a [Farmer]!……..But, then again, I too was like that at first, unable to do even the smallest of tasks properly. But seriously, what kind of skill did you have? I told you mine so, you’re obligated to tell me as well.”

“The skill I had was ——[Null Poison].”


When I said that, Bors just tilted his head with confusion and surprise.

I suppose, hearing just [Null Poison] isn’t enough to give an idea of how a skill like that could be so effective.

I mena it took even myself some time before I fully realized this skill’s true strength.


“Is [Null Poison] really such a good skill………? I really don’t get how?!”

“I guess it is a bit hard to understand like this huh. But, trust me, it is a ridiculous skill.”

Bors put his hand on his chin and began thinking of ways as to how a skill like [Null Poison] could make me this strong but, he didn’t seem to come up with anything good.

I mean could explain everything to him from the start but, that would be an unnecessary waste of time so I’ll skip it.

“I really don’t get it at all! How did that skill help you in battles, or allow you to get this strong?! It makes no sense! You’re not just making fun of me are you??”

“I am most certainly not. Regardless, we digressed but………what I mean to say is that I really do think Bors is amazing that’s all. If possible, can you teach me how you fight in detail?”

I forcefully dragged the conversation back to topic and bowed my head to ask for his teaching.

I get that he was using [Vision Enhancement] to increase his reaction speed but, that alone doesn’t explain everything behind his ability.

I think that it might be something he got with his years of experience, and it was definitely something that’d be very useful in battle to me as well.

“You want the guy who lost to you without doing anything to teach you? Is this some sort of punishment for me?”

“Why would I ever make a request like that though. It’s fine if it’s only when you’re free but I hope you can teach me your style.”

“………..Sure, I guess. Let’s have three more matches, if you win all three Chris,  I’ll teach you everything I know, how about it?”

“I’m okay with that. You won’t go back on your promise right?”

“Of course not. But, I’m going to use everything I know to try and beat you so get ready!”

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As long as I beat Bors, I can learn from him. A plain and simple task.

I have every intention to learn every little thing from Bors about his fighting style that allows him to surpass very obvious and clear differences in ability but……..

That doesn’t mean I’ll allow myself to lose a duel with him either.

I don’t know what more will he try in these next three matches but, I’ll be sure to beat him.

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  1. Lake of Frozen Twilight Avatar
    Lake of Frozen Twilight

    Well it could be a similar case to MC where MC’s skill was thought to be Poison Resistance when it is Null Poison his Vision Enhancement could be Sixth Sense or something


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