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Null Poison Ch229

A Trap of Strings

After reaching the lake yesterday, I turned back and used my compass to return to my base.

I hadn’t explored much in terms of amount of area explored yet, because of the thick fog, it still took a lot of time to explore even that much of the West Area.

Even when returning back to the base, it was at a snail’s pace as I had to constantly keep my eye on the compass to make sure I was walking in the right direction, as well as still stay on guard towards my surroundings.

Now it was fun to experience something new like that but………..I’d prefer to not have the fog again today if possible.


——-with such a hope in my heart, I left to the west area for the second day of exploration but the thick white fog was still covering the entire west area.

If the fog shows no sign of dissipating even after a day, it means that this is a definite feature of the west area.


When I found those white flowers that seemed almost specifically coloured to perfectly meld into the white mist, I had a feeling that this might end up being the case.

Accepting reality with calmness, let’s continue my exploration of this area.

Since yesterday I had explored from the east region to the centre of the West Area, I was thinking of heading to the north region of the West area today.

I have yet to run into any monsters in this area yet, so today I was hoping to catch a monster from here.

Any monster that lives in such a deep fog will surely possess some unique skills as well after all.

I could even find a monster that might solve my ‘underwater’ problem so, today I was going to proactively look for monsters here.



About 2 hours had passed as I continued to cautiously walk through the fog that hadn’t thinned even a bit from yesterday.

[Perception Range Enhancement][Life Presence Sense][Stealth][Silent Steps][Skin Strengthen], and also [Hearing Enhancement] were active, as I continued my exploration but……..

Finally, I caught the presence of the first living thing in the west area.

Said creature on the other hand seemed to have been keeping an eye on me for quite some time, as it was flying in the air and tailing from a set distance.

I caught the slight sound of wings flapping which allowed me to catch this creature’s presence as well but, from what I can tell, it was quite a big flying creature, whatever it was.


The fact that it didn’t instantly attack me meant that it was not an aggressive creature, and with how it was maintaining a perfect distance from me, it must have a cautious and composed personality as well.

Though that also means that it will be a difficult monster for me to hunt as well.

How should I lure it in? While pretending to have still not noticed it, I continued to ponder on this question.

The best way would be to intentionally show a big opening but, that is not without its risks for myself.

Which means,…………though I have never used it in a real battle yet, now’s the time to use [Sticky String Manipulation] to set up a trap.

There’s a lot of trees around here to set it up, and the fog will hide the strings very well.

Making sure it doesn’t catch me using it, I activated [Sticky String manipulation] and began laying a trap of strings between the trees, with a spider net as my inspiration.


Now, I just have to act like I’m unaware, and wait for the flying creature to fall for my trap——

And it didn’t take long for that to happen.


I used the fact that the creature was keeping its distance from me to my advantage, as it made it a lot easier to lay a trap for it.

[Sticky String manipulation] itself worked out very well as I was able to make the trap exactly as I had hoped it to be, making me realize that once I get more used to using this skill, it’ll be a lot more useful in regular battles as well.

——–but I digress, this is no time to be discussing the details of my skill as I need to go hunt the creature stuck in my web.

I quickly returned back to the location where I lay the trap, and I observed the flying creature that was desperately struggling to get itself free from the string trap.

It was monster that looked like a muscular Owl, if I had to describe it.

It’s size was a little under 1 meter, compared to Carlisle’s strange bird, this was a bit smaller.

It was completely trapped in the strings I had laid out but, judging by its abnormally muscular body, I think it’ll be able to free itself before long.

It was stuck up pretty high but, if I use [Leg Strength Enhancement][Physical Ability boost][Ability Unleashed], I should reach it with my jump.


Making sure that I properly adjust the strength of [Ability Unleashed], I jumped straight at the Owl monster to attack.

Before the owl monster could run away, I reached it and swung my sword down at it.

Since I cut the strings alongside its body, the Owl monster’s body fell to the ground faster than I could land back down.

I thought my sword wasn’t capable of cutting through this string but I suppose a full strength swing was a bit too much for the strings to endure.

I too landed on the ground soon after, breaking my fall safely, and quickly checked the Owl monster but, due to my attack and the direct impact from the crash landing, it was already dead.

Since I killed without even really fighting it, I had no idea what kind of monster this even was but………..I really want to use this monster as an Ongneer host.

But, the distance from here to the Ongneer was way too long.

If it was alive, I would have liked to restrain it with [Sticky String Manipulation] and I could have taken it back alive to the south area and then killed it but, in my desperate attempt to not let it escape, I ended up using too much strength instead.

I continued to ponder and wonder what to do as I stared at the corpse, and in the end decided that it was in fact worth it to carry it all the way back to the Ongneer.

I have learnt from experience that monsters that resembled normal animals always had a lot of useful skills to provide, so the potential gain from this Owl monster was too good to ignore.

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I wondered if it was thanks to one of its skills that it was able to so clearly track me through this dense fog, so it definitely had some useful skills on it.

Of course there’s always a chance that if the skill was too good, it would end up being a Unique skill which would make me taking it back useless but………..I have to try at least.

I used the sticky string to coil and cover the Owl’s corpse, and made it easy to carry around.

I had barely done much exploring in the West area but, I began walking back all the way to the South Area where the Ongneer was with the Owl monster’s corpse.

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