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Null Poison Ch230

Rough Passage

Thanks to having to carry the Owl monster’s corpse all the way, my walking speed was definitely slower and it took a considerable amount of time for me to reach the Ongneer plant.

Let alone the plant, by the time I made it to the 2nd base, the sun had already set, and since I continued to refrain from travel at night, I decided to take a break here for the day, ending my 2nd day of West area’s exploration here.

The next day, it took another half day before I made it the Ongneer plant while carrying the corpse.


Well, at least it was a bit easier thanks to [Sticky String manipulation] as compared to having to carry the corpse completely open but……..

It was also a lot of work to remove the strings off the corpse later, and by the time I made it all the way back to the cave base, the third day of exploration had also ended.


The forest was so incredibly vast that every little thing took way too much time. That was the only one big negative I had of this forest.

I was thankful for the abundant variety of plants and monsters available here but, the travel times between places were a huge bottleneck.

If only there were a couple more Ongneer’s growing around the place, I wouldn’t have to constantly go back all the way but until now, I had yet to run into another one anywhere else in the forest.

Just like the bases, I wanted to set up an Ongneer plant in all four directions of the South Area but, I was worried of the damage it would cause on its surroundings, and having to manage all four plants at the same time would be too much effort even for me.

In terms of time wise efficiency, it might be better to give up on gathering more common skills for the time being and focus entirely on exploring every nook and cranny of the great forest of Roza, or so I considered but……..

The reality was that too explore every nook and cranny of said forest, I’ll need more common skills anyway.

For the time being, I decided to at least not go back to the Ongneer for the remainder of my current stay here, and I planned to use the remaining time entirely towards gathering as many plants as I could around the area of my second cave base.

I temporarily paused my exploration of the West Area as well, and gave my all towards plant gathering instead.



From then on, until the very last minute of my two weeks stay, I continued to gather as many plants as I could, finally bringing an end to my current expedition.

During this trip I was once again made to realize just how useful Snow had been for me but, I did manage to take a look at the East Area and launch my exploration of the West Area as well this time around.


I was able to gather a huge amount of poisonous plants as well, and while I wasn’t without regrets over how the trip went, overall I still gave this trip a passing grade.

I also have found a lot of new topics that I’ll need to discuss with those two when I return back to Edestor and see if I can get some help over how to better explore the forest.

If they come up with a good idea, I was even considering having not just Snow, but also Ralf and Esta come with me to help explore the forest, not to mention I really, really wanted to find out if the Fruit of Skill was real or not as soon as possible.

If it doesn’t exist, I’ll need to come up with a different plan after all, and if it does exist, then I would have to make it my main focus for the foreseeable future.

While I was reflecting on this exploration trip, I neatly packed up all my stuff in the meantime.

In the end, since the supposed partner of the Giant Centipede never came back, I could only pray that the base remains safe in the time I am gone, and I left the Roza forest.

Just as always, since I felt exceptionally unhygienic after a long stay in the forest, I avoided the crowds of people as much as I could and quickly made my straight to [Gorush] and entered the shower.

Neither of them, or Snow had come back yet so I was able to slowly, take a long relaxing shower until I was sparkling clean again.

After that, I focused on analysing and compiling all the info I had gathered from the trip, updating my map etc while I waited for all of them to return back when………

It seems Ralf and Snow were the first to come back.

Snow must have sensed me coming back from the smell before it even entered the room as the moment Ralf opened the door, Snow ran straight towards me and lunged at me.

I activated [Skin Strengthen] to catch it and patted Snow’s head as it happily licked my face.

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“No wonder Snow was acting all weird,………’re back Chris!”

“Yeah, nice to see both of you still in good spirits.”

“That’s my line! Especially because you went alone this time, I was a bit worried you know? Well, knowing Chris, I knew you’d be fine in the end but still.”


“Sorry for making you worry I suppose. That said, I will almost definitely take Snow with me next time around so you won’t have to worry that much about me.”

“Eh!? So you’ll be taking Snow with you after all eh!! Shit, just when me and Snow had finally started to build some team chemistry and had been progressing well through the dungeon as well!”

“The great forest of Roza turned out to be a lot more dangerous than I originally expected. You could say that me coming to this realization might be the most important reward I gained from this trip.”

“For Mr forest lover himself to say that…………damn, it must be one hell of a place huh.”

When did I get such a nickname? But leaving that aside……..

I know I did somehow manage to spend lots of time in Peixa forest even when I was a weak nobody.

So I was confident that no matter how big r vast this forest could be, I’ll be able to manage surviving there alone.

But during this trip I realize how naïve I was to think that, and in terms of danger this place was incomparable to something like the Carlisle forest.

“Anyway, as for the full report, I’ll wait till Esta’s back before talking. There’s also something I need to request of both of you as well.”

“Now that’s rare! You making a request from us?”

“No need to be so happy about it.”

I left Ralf aside who seemed to be happy for whatever reason, and played around with Snow while I waited for Esta to return.

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