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Null Poison Ch231


“Now that Esta’s back as well, let’s begin our usual report meeting. But first, you two give your reports. Anything worth mentioning?”

“Not much to talk about here……..if I had to say, dungeon clearing has been moving on pretty smoothly! Thanks to Snow being with me as well, we made it all the way to the 20th floor this time you know? Made a lot of money as well so I can once again confirm, this dungeon is a great place to work!”

“Looks like things have been smooth huh. Well good to hear you’ve been enjoying it. Which brings the question Ralf, how much exactly did you earn?”

“Since most of the money comes from selling treasure boxes, you can’t really get a set daily amount but………..during these two weeks, I made about 6 gold coins!”


6 gold in two weeks huh.

If we do requests regularly, we could earn 3 platinum coins in the same amount of time, so in terms of efficiency, requests are clearly still the way to go.

With the stuff with Mielle solved, I was thinking of finally paying the dungeon a visit but, I guess until I’m done fully exploring the great forest of Roza, I have to stick with the two weeks of constant requests for now.


“It’s definitely pretty good for just Ralf and Snow to earn that much but, I guess if we’re all together, doing requests is still better huh. In terms of making money that is.”

“Well, part of it also because of how good we are at slamming out those requests quickly after all. But yeah, the dungeon’s nice and all, but if we’re looking to make money, requests are definitely still the better choice!”

“I see. I was wondering maybe we could switch it around but, we’re already getting close to Mithril rank so I guess we stick with requests.——-Well, good to hear that Ralf’s been progressing smoothly. How about you Esta?”

“I don’t have anything special to report. I’ve been learning more magic as always but, nothing too great that I’d need to report about it………..ah there is one other thing though, last week, Mielle-san had come to [Magic Cave] to ask about you. When I told her that you were currently away from Edestor and won’t be back for some time, she said she’ll come again and just left.”

“So Mielle had something to talk about with me? Did she not tell you about what?”

“No, unfortunately before I could ask anything, she quickly left so…….my apologies.”

“nah, it’s fine, no need to apologise. If it’s important, Mielle definitely would have said more.”

If she didn’t explain much, I doubt it’s because they’re leaving for the capital, instead it’s probably more to do with the princess and stuff.

Well, I don’t know if I’m actually right or not though…………I guess I’ll ask Esta to make an appointment with Mielle for now.

“——-that said, if she shows up again, take an appointment with a set time and place from her this time. Since I’ll be away from Edestor half of every month, I’ll have to depend on you for this Esta.”

“Understood. Next time, I’ll be sure to properly ask everything from her. Leave the talking to me!”

“Yeah, thanks.”


Alright, that wraps up both of their reports.

Now, it’s my turn but this will take some time.


First I’ll explain everything that happened in the last two weeks, then I’ll ask for their advice.

Without their knowledge I don’t think I’ll be able to fully explore this forest.

“Alright finally, it’s my turn to talk. A lot happened in Roza forest, and I ran into some trouble so I need advice from both of you on how to deal with it.”

“Hm? Hm? Giving advice is all fine and all but, you skipped way too much of the explanations bud, I don’t get anything!”

“I will explain it all, be patient. Alright, let me start with the East Area of the Roza forest——-“

From there, I explained in detail about everything that occurred over these two weeks.

It took a lot of time but, I tried to stick to the important parts and told it so it’s easy to understand. I think.

Ralf and Esta are always good listeners as they stay quiet and seemed to enjoy listening to my stories.

“——and that’s about it. That’s everything I experienced, or saw over these two weeks. Did you get it all?”


“Yeah! Damn, that was like listening to a story, genuinely fun! Also, this Roza forest sounds way crazier of a place than even the dungeon, no!?”

“Well, I’ve never been into the dungeon so I can’t compare but, yes, it is in fact a ridiculous place, I won’t disagree.”

“Chris-san, you are fully determined to still explore this crazy place though right?”

“Yes. Whether it be the submerged forest of the East, or the fog or the lake of the West, I need to conquer all of it……….And that’s where, I need you two to help come up with some ideas. A way to safely pass through water to be specific.”

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Finally getting to the main topic of discussion, the two also realized what I wanted advice about and put their hands on their chin as they began to ponder.

In the next two weeks as we continue completing requests again, I’d be happy if either of them could come up with an interesting idea but——

Ralf seemed to have already thought of something as his face suddenly lit up.

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