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Null Poison Ch232

Proposed Strategy

His face lit up with excitement and Ralf struck his palm with his fist with a *thump* and spoke his idea.

90% of the time his ideas are worthless but there is that 10% that occasionally blows everyone’s mind in the room so, I was a bit expectant.

“If you just want to pass through underwater, why not just take Esta with you? Wouldn’t water controlling magic be a huge help?”

“I did already consider simply asking both of you for help but, you tell me Esta, will water magic help with underwater traversal?”

“I don’t exactly have a magic that specifically allows me to move underwater unfortunately. In the first place, water magic usually involves attacks that use water that’s all……….though I wonder if Phillip-san knows a magic that would help us.”


The old golem guy huh.

Thanks to me winning the bet, I know he’ll teach us anything for free but still, I wonder if it’d be that easy.

Because I too, like Esta, don’t think a magic like that exists.


“I guess I’ll go and ask the old golem guy for help. If there is a magic like that, that would save us a lot of time and trouble after all.”

“………I just thought of this after hearing Ralf’s idea but, I could make like a platform or foothold through Ice magic as well, what do you think? There may not be a water magic that can help, but should be possible to simply freeze the water with Ice magic though, right?”

“You’re right…………that would also keep us safe from the underwater monsters as well, and we could just walk past it as well. But, theoretically speaking, is that actually doable?”

The issue was whether it was practical or not.

I have seen Esta’s [Icicle Arrow] but, it definitely doesn’t have the strength to freeze a lake or the swamp.

If it was impossible alone, we’d need the help of another magician.

Snow could also technically use Ice magic as well, so maybe it’d be doable if Esta and Snow work together?

“It’d be impossible for me to do it alone. But, if we can gather multiple people, I do think it’s possible.”

“Multiple people eh……….that’s a tough condition to clear. Snow can also use Ice magic right, you think we can count it as one of the helpers at least right?”

“I don’t know just how good Snow is at ice magic attacks but, I do think it’s fine to include Snow. If we had one more person other than me and Snow, I think it’ll become doable but………”

“Needing three is rough no? Maybe if we put up a request at the guild we might find someone, but I’m sure it’d cost a crap ton of money?”


Like Ralf said, if we are hiring someone that’d be willing to help us clear through the great forest of Roza’s west and East areas, they will almost certainly cost a lot of money.


In the first place, the forest is considered a ‘must avoid place’, add the further condition of needing ice magic users, and it’ll become extremely difficult to find anyone that fits the criteria.

“I do think we should discuss this with Phillip-san at least one. Perhaps, we could recruit someone from among his disciples as well.”

“Esta, do you know anyone among your colleagues at [Magic Cave] that can use Ice magic?”

“……….among my acquaintances, there are two.”

“Just two? I guess people who can use compound magic are just that rare huh. And it would still be difficult even with those two included.”

“I should mention, one of those two include Phillip-san himself, and I don’t think we can count on him for this.”

Which means we can’t really depend on that either.

A person that can use ice magic and would be willing to explore the great forest of Roza eh.

I might have to give up and just put up a request at the guild I guess………..or I could try and ask Mielle, even if I know I’ll probably get rejected.


I technically stopped her with my [Anti Magic] before she could use it but, she was definitely attempting to use ice magic on me back then.

That too, an advanced level ice magic from what I could tell from the chant and the spell name, so it was definitely worth asking.

“next time we meet, I’ll try and ask Mielle as well. If the method is practical, I do want to try it out but, it might take some time before we can fulfil the conditions to actually make it a reality.”

“man, I really thought that magic would be a good solution but it’s never that easy huh!”

“Even with all your skills, it was impossible, Chris-san? If we ignore magic, the only the other idea that appears to me is to use Skills.”

“It’s impossible with the skills I have right now. If I could get a useful skill from an underwater monster, then yes I could potentially make it work.”

“I see……… it’s either magic or skills in the end. I guess you plan on looking for magic users while also trying to find a way to get these new skills I imagine? We’ll both help as much as we can as well of course!”

“I agree! Of course, if any of us comes up with a better idea, then we can consider that but for now, we should be focusing on both of those methods simultaneously for now! You did find a new Ongneer or whatever it’s called right?”

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“Yeah, I have. Albeit only one.”

“Then that settles it! We could also focus on doing requests that involve water monsters or ice magic using monsters, and then carry them to the Roza forest! It will definitely drop our efficiency rate but, from a long term view, this is basically two birds with one stone, no?”

“I’ll be causing both of you a lot of trouble but, let’s go with Ralf’s plan. Thanks for the help.”

“Yes, leave it to us.”

“Ou! We’ll handle it, no worries!”

With both of their cooperation, from tomorrow we’ll be taking action with solving the underwater problem as our main goal.

While we continue to chase these two goals at the same time, I’ll also continue thinking up any other idea that may help.

While still in Edestor, looks like the Great forest of Roza is still going to keep us all very busy.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    He might train in his sticky thread manipulation more to learn moving like the Spiderman too I guess. At least camping up in a tree is safer than in water covered swamp full of crawlies.


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