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Null Poison Ch236

A Request to Mielle

“I’m glad it seems like we can form such an unexpectedly favourable alliance. No trickery, just a genuine intent to kill your own younger brother…………I must say, you have certainly piqued my interest.”

“That’s good and all but, as promised for now, we’ll continue with a complete non-interference pact. Any deals will be through Mielle, to Gautier on your side, and Esta or Ralf on my side.”

“I feel you’re a bit overcautious but, sure, that sounds fine to me. Any real cooperation will begin once we’re back in the capital, until then, I’ll continue to pretend like you basically don’t exist. Sounds good?”

“Definitely. Nice working with you.”


“……………I feel like I just got dragged into something outrageous.”

I ignored what Mielle muttered in the end there, as me and Charlotte shook hands, ending our meeting.


As for our partnership with Charlotte, it’s mostly related to giving me info on Klaus once they return to the capital, and to help prepare a suitable venue for me to fight Klaus where no one can interfere.

She also offered financial backing on top but, since I didn’t have much to offer back in return, I chose to refuse that part.

Besides, we make more than enough money from the requests already, and once we promote to Mithril rank, making money will become even easier.

As for what I had to offer to her was fairly simple- don’t reveal that I was in any way connected to her.

The moment this secret was out, she’ll cut all ties with me. And if anything, might even try to kill me to silence me as well.

To be honest, the demerits for being found out for me were basically none realistically speaking, and I was the one gaining all the benefits from this deal but, from Charlotte’s point of view, anything or anyone that gets rid of Klaus is worth helping it seems.

In fact, Charlotte herself was already planning to get rid of Klaus, and now that I had appeared who was strong enough to succeed in it and also brought no risk back to her, there was no way she wouldn’t agree to our deal.

For the time being, I was able to create a fruitful partnership with the [War Princess].

My first impression of her was the worst possible, and I have a feeling I will never ever get along with her knight Gautier but, this was greatly profitable partnership for me.

Of course, I’ll have to wait till I return to the capital before working properly with Charlotte and in the meantime………

“Oi Mielle, you stay for a while.”


Walking slightly behind the Princess and her knight, as Mielle was about to leave this place, I called out and stopped her.


She must have had a bad premonition as her face when she turned around was terribly twisted.

“…………Aren’t the talks over? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to do my job as the intermediary with the dumb princess properly.”

“No, this has nothing to do with her. Besides, our partnership will only begin properly once we’re in the capital. I called you because I had a different request for you.”

“Another request? I know I said I’ll cooperate but, you can’t make me do everything you know? I’m probably going to get taken to the dungeon again anyway, so I’d like to get some rest if possible.”

I could tell she was strongly implying that she wasn’t in the mood to hear more requests.

Considering her current circumstances, I did feel a bit bad for her but, I can’t exactly play nice either right now.

“I’ll be straight to the point. I want to you to help us with my exploration of the Great Forest of Roza.”

“Are you even listening to me? Just how shameless are you?”

“Help us with my exploration of the Great Forest of Roza.”

“I heard you the first time!!……….when you say Roza forest, you mean the big one to the south from here right? Why are you even exploring a place like that?”

“I’m looking for a specific plant. I need to explore the entire forest to find it.”


“Then do it yourself. You’re much stronger than me anyway, it won’t matter whether I’, with you or not, no?”

“You’re right that I’m much stronger but……..what I want isn’t just raw firepower. There are a lot of places in the forest that are submerged in water, so I need help to freeze those water bodies so I can explore those places better.”

After listening me to the end, she took a second before she finally understood what I was asking of her, and spoke after what seemed like much deliberation inside her head.

“…………’s not impossible per se, but how big are we talking here?”

“A submerged forest and lake, both are pretty massive. But we’ll also have Esta and another Ice magic user.”

“Three ice magic users in total then eh………..Then, even big areas will be doable I suppose. Till what level magic can you use, Esta?”

“I can use magic to intermediate level. Mielle-san, can you use advanced magic as well?”

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“Of course. I may have fallen from grace but I’m still a [Sage] after all………or rather, you can actually use intermediate compound magic huh. That’s far better than most academy students I know.”


“Really? I don’t really have many friends my own age so I’ve never really had a way to compare myself………”

“There’s no doubt you’re talented. What was [job] again?”

“Wait right there. You two can have your personal chat some other time. Mielle, can you do it with Esta as support?”

I interjected in their conversation, and stopped them before they both got lost in their own world.

To be honest, I was interested in hearing more as well but, let’s focus on the main topic first.

“With a intermediate magic user, I’ll need at least one more ice magic user. If we have me3 intermediate ice magic users, it is definitely doable………..or wait, I haven’t agreed to it ye——–“

“Alright, one more then, right? Come to [Magic Cave] in two weeks from now.”

“Wait!! Like I said don’t just——–“

Before I could hear her refusal, I left the alley where Mielle stood.

If I push her like that one-sidedly, she won’t be able to ignore it later either.

I was worried whether Charlotte would give her the permission to accompany me but, I’m sure she’ll let it pass if it’s for the sake of beating Klaus.

I feel like I made a lot of progress from our talks today.


Anyway, I have set two weeks as my target.

We’ll complete requests for another week, and then I’ll head to the forest with Ralf, Esta and Snow to do some preliminary investigations beforehand.

I’ll end up wasting all of their times towards searching for the fruit of skill which was for my own sake alone, but I have no choice but to have them accept it this time around.

As for the only remaining issue,……….I need to find one more ice magic user.

Once again, I’ll try and go to the old man’s place to see if I could convince someone. Not like I have much to lose anyway.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    It would be more fun for the Fruit of Skill not give new skills but upgrade existing skills instead. Or make them more cost-effective. He has lots of skills already, for getting one more to be impactful enough that has to be some extraordinary stuff.


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