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Null Poison Ch239

A Definite Response

After perfectly dodging Rufus’ long ranged attack, Bors and Rufus became unable to land an attack on me again.

Thanks to the aid from [Mind Unleashed] skill that I had unconsciously activated, I was able to predict each and every movement those two made, and I could read through even attack patterns that they used for the first time.

As I continued to deal with their attacks, , I began to slowly see cracks in their combination attacks that were built on their unshakable trust…….


Since I could see all of their moves coming, Rufus finally lost his patience and rushed forward to attack me and finally their combination fully collapsed.


Giving up their 2v1 advantage, Rufus impatiently tried to attack me but I easily KO’d him, and the easily dealt with Bors as well——and so the ‘lesson’ ended with my complete victory.

“Haah………haaah……..T-this is way too strange……… Hey Bors! You didn’t tell he was this much of a monster!!”

“I’m as shocked as you! I always knew that he was pretty strong for his age but even I didn’t think he was this strong!!”

Laying flat with all limbs spread apart on the floor of the practice hall, Rufus cursed in a crude manner, quite different from his usual way of talking, meanwhile Bors was also staring at me with a shocked expression as he stood with his hands on his knees.

While I did get a complete win against them, both Bors and Rufus were much stronger than I had originally thought so to be honest, I was expecting to have won even easily than this.

“Bors…….as well as Rufus, thank you for the duel. Thanks to you both, I think I finally a good grasp on this skill.”

“Well good for you——NOT!! What the hell even was that technique? The only people capable of completely dodging mine and Bors’ combination attacks on their first time are…….probably just the members of the [Moonlight Fangs]!!”


“I have no idea who that is but, I just read through all your moves that’s all.”

While still swaying as he walked towards me, Rufus grabbed me with both arms and questioned me so I explained it as matter of factly as I could.

To be honest, the sensation I was feeling during the battle is something that really cannot be put into words but, if I had to try, this was the best way to explain it.

“Oi, Rufus, calm down! Your real personality is leaking out again!”

“Ah, shit. It’s been a while since my common sense was destroyed like this after all……….I’m gonna head outside for a bit and cool my head.”

After getting warned by Bors, Rufus calmed his rough breathing, and picked up a towel from the ground before heading outside.

I guess his listless, gentle demeanour was just a façade huh.

“Sorry about Rufus! That’s what he’s like when he gets too excited or agitated you see, so don’t think too much about it.”

“I don’t mind. He’s usually so languid so, I was surprised a little bit, I won’t lie.…………that aside, how were my movements? As the person facing me, do you think I’ve come close to your style Bors?”

“Come close!? All I really do is just run away though!? Whatever you were doing there was levels higher than my fighting style!……..Well, part of it is simply that we’re just that weak but, seriously, I don’t think I have anything left to teach you now.——-you’ve fully mastered it! Go on, and carry the name of Bors style for me now Chris!!”


With a wide smile, Bors smacked my shoulders and said that.


It was only for a short while but, I really did grow a lot during this time.

‘ignore the meat and aim for the bone’——-well, maybe that’s overselling it but, you have to seriously attack with the intent to kill to make your opponent be fully on guard and, only then will said ‘serious attack’ make for the best kind of feint.

It’s natural to think that you only do one part of an attack when doing a feint but because it’s so obvious, that it can be easy to read through in a real battle. I learnt that fully well during this training.

I could only feel my utmost gratitude towards Bors, who even brought Rufus today, to seriously push me to the limit and made me realize that.

Now I’m hardly going to be a total Bors-style user from now, but my feelings of thanks were genuine.

“Sorry, but I’m not going to ‘carry the Bors-style name’ or whatever but, I will never forget everything you’ve done for me, for us since we’ve come to Edestor. If you ever need help, just come to me. I will return this favour in full for sure, Bors-‘san’.”

“C’mon, you don’t need to pay me back——Hm? Y-you, did you just say Bors-san——“

“Then, I’ll be taking my leave now. Hope to see you again somewhere in the city and we can talk then. See ya.”

“O, Oi! Chris! Wait a minute! Please, say it one more time, I beg!!!”

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Shouting inside the hall as it echoed around the place, Bors tried to run after me and stop me but…….

Because he was quite tired, he tripped over his feet and fell face first into the floor.

I did consider giving a hand to get him up but, I knew he was going to be annoying afterwards so I just left him there and went on my way.

With feelings of gratitude towards Bors-san, I left the practice hall and returned back to [Gorush].

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