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Null Poison Ch242

A Let Down

Having gained a skill from the white flowers that was beyond my wildest imagination, I had headed to discern the strange plant’s leaves with a lot of excitement but………against all odds, there was no change in my stats.

I got a result from the one I had no hope from, and the one I was excited for left me with disappointment.

Well, that’s how it goes sometimes but, because I was very hopeful this time, the shock was big as well.

That said, I didn’t have the time to be wallowing in my disappointment either.


Instead, feeling happy from having gained an entirely new skill from the white flower, I headed to [Gaddfoura] to receive my Jinpi potions.


I walked through the commercial street after leaving the church, and made my way to the more deserted area at the edge of the city where the [Gaddfoura] store was.

I readied myself to hear complaints for being late, and then entered the store.

“Welcome. Please take——Wait, Chris, it’s you! I was starting to think you might have died since you never came to pick your potions!”

“I’m really sorry for that. Things have been so busy that I just wasn’t free during the store’s working hours.”

“Is that so. I even asked that Bors to tell you as well……..well, I’m glad you’re alright at least. As for the potions, they are all done.”

Saying that, Trisha brought out a box from inside the store.

It had about 25 vials.

As promised, she had made 25 vials of Jinpi potion for 5 gold coins.

The colour was a bit more gentler than Shantell’s potions but, the smell was pungent enough that I could smell it even from far away.

Of course, 25 vials being together probably added to it but, it’s amazing how thick the smell is considering the vials are all tightly shut with a lid.


“That’s 25 exact confirmed.”

“I can’t say they are exactly the same as the one you brought me but, I’m confident they’re as effective as that one. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the smell go away though.”

“Don’t worry this amount of smell is within permissible levels. Thanks a lot.”

“Same here, thanks for making such a big bulk order……….But still, whoever made that original potion for you must be a very talented one. Where did you find such an alchemist?”

Shantell was the first alchemist I ever met, so I never really thought about her skill and stuff but, even from the eyes of an experienced veteran alchemist like Trisha, Shantell seemed to be a skilled one it seems.

Shantell was almost as young as us, and with her personality being like that, I never really was conscious of her talents but……….she might be a prodigy huh.

“It was in Oxter. It’s a town close to Norfast——that aside, I wanted to make another bulk order, would that be okay?”


I was about to start talking about Shantell but, I recalled that I was short on time so I turned the conversation back to the main topic.


“Another order? For another batch of these potions you mean?”

“Yes. I already have gathered the materials. Can you make another 25 vials for me?”

“Well, I mean I’d be more than happy to but……….what exactly do you need so much poison potion for anyway? You’re not thinking of committing some terrorism or something, are you?”

“I won’t don’t worry. I promise it’s not for using against other people. That aside, will 5 gold again be enough right?”

Just like old Sister, Trisha looked at me with suspicion due to my strange actions. I calmed her down as I brought out 5 gold coins from the bag but……..

Trisha stopped me a wave of her hand.

“I don’t need that much again. Know that I know how to make these, just 3 gold coins will do.”

“Eh? That cheap? You sure?”

“It’s a bulk order, so consider it a discount. Also you bring the main ingredient as well, so this is the right amount.”

“If you say so, I’ll take you up on that offer gladly.”

In my current situation where no amount of money seems enough, her offer was more than agreeable.

With the deal agreed upon, I handed over three gold coins and a bag of Jinpi Leaves to Trisha.

“Thank you for your patronage. Be sure to come back a bit faster this time okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll come within a month, I promise.”

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After packing the huge box Jinpi Potions in my bag, and making the deal with Trisha, I left [Gaddfoura]

Even though I was the one making the request, I took so much time coming back so I was afraid I’d get scolded but……..she was still pretty kind with me.

As I left the store feeling brighter, I could see the sun had already begun to set and the sky had turned orange.

But my work at the Church and [Gadfoura] had been done.


And it seems like I’ll make it to Kevin’s store in time as well, and with that my busy day will finally come to an end.

Afterwards, I’ll return back to the inn and maybe even have enough time to do some compiling of info on the Roza forest that I still hadn’t done——

While making more addendums to my schedule, I headed to Kevin’s store to get my sword maintenance done.

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