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Null Poison Ch245

Humanoid Rabbits

There were about 20 of them.

I was curious to know if they were technically considered demi-humans or not but, judging from the skeleton of a human adorned on the gate of their settlement as a threat, I’m pretty sure I can treat these humanoid rabbits as monsters.

That said, the humanoid rabbits in front me were slightly different in appearance as compared to the one that had become the host for the Ongneer however.


The humanoid rabbit that became an Ongneer host was far more muscular and its body was covered in scars like a war veteran but the ones in front of me are much more normal looking.

Well, that one may have been an exceptional case and this is how most of them are supposed to look but………..these ones don’t seem that strong either.


And neither do I see any of them wearing those spiked brass knuckles like that one.

The humanoid rabbit that I originally found may been something like what the Orc King was to the normal Orcs.

While I continued to ponder over these things, once I had observed the humanoid rabbit nest enough, I decided to head back to the rest to give my report.

“Ooh Chris! How was it? The monster nest, that is!”

“Looks good enough to become our new base. It’s a nest of humanoid rabbits.”

“Humanoid ? and Rabbits?………..are they like cute monsters?”

“No. Well, they’re not as ugly as Orcs but, they are definitely proper monsters. They even have a human skeleton on the entrance to their nest so I’m sure they’re not like, some type of demi-human either.”

“I see……….I don’t exactly enjoy killing things that look like people but if they are completely antagonistic towards human, it’ll make things easier!”

Ralf also hesitated like myself for a second but, when I told him all that I saw, he was fired up again.

I mean this is only because we have seen demi-humans being used as slaves in the capital’s black market.

I’d hesitate if I was asked to massacre innocent people as well, but if a criminal attacks me, or aims for a my life, of course I’ll kill him with no mercy.

A monster that will attack us no matter what, is comparatively an easier target to convince yourself into slaughtering them.


“Chris-san, now that we are planning to attack them, can you please give all the details about what you saw there.”


“There’s about 20 of them. Their life presences were stronger than a normal orc but, they don’t have a specific strong leader. Me and Snow, Ralf and Esta, we’ll split in two teams and pincer them from both sides and annihilate them.”

“Stronger than an Orc eh? Well, if Chris says we can do it, it should be fine! So when do we act?”

…… in when do we initiate the attack eh.

I was planning on getting it done today but, the sun had begun to set.

If we are too late, night will fall and it’ll become hard for us to return back to the Orc base.

But then again, we should be able to swiftly deal with the humanoid rabbits considering they weren’t that strong.

“Let’s do it today. We can then spend the entire day tomorrow fixing the new base.”

“Alright! Let’s get this done asap so we can go back before the sun sets eh!”

“We’ll leave the command to you. Me and Ralf both will follow your orders as always.”

“Sure. For now just follow me, and make sure to not drop your guard.”

After giving some light orders, I walked side by side with Snow as we cautiously walked towards the humanoid rabbits’ nest.

From there, without getting noticed by the humanoid rabbits, we stopped behind the same tree where I stopped earlier, and then began preparing for battle.


“You two wait here. Me and Snow will circle around and instantly launch an attack. While the humanoid rabbits are completely distracted by us, you two will launch an attack from behind as well.”

“Got it! We just need to wait until you guys are in battle, and jump in afterwards yeah?”

“Pretty much. Don’t mess it up…………Alright, Snow, let’s go. I’ll follow behind you while hiding my presence.”

Leaving Ralf and Esta there, I used my stealth skills, and Snow instinctively knew how to do that as well, as we both circled around the nest and moved to the other side.

Since I know that these humanoid rabbits possess [Hearing Enhancement], I was ready to get found out at any time and was always ready to instantly begin fighting at any time but, both of us were able to reach our position as planned, and Ralf and Esta had not been found out either.

“These things don’t look like they are on guard at all……Snow, you ready?”


“Alright, Let’s start.——-match my speed!”

After giving Snow a pat on its head, I unsheathed my sword and rushed straight towards the nest.

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Some of the humanoid rabbits around the area who seemed to be doing some kind of manual labour were shocked from my sudden appearance but, they quickly began signalling their comrades and got ready for battle.


There were 4 humanoid rabbits that were around this area right now, half equipped with swords, and the other half with bare fists.

I could tell from their stances that they were definitely experienced fighters.

Considering they almost certainly possess [Leg Strength Enhancement], I should be careful as their attack range is definitely bigger than what it seems.

I quickly went through all the info I had on these things in my head, and while giving the signal to Snow as well, I slashed straight at one of the sword wielding humanoid rabbit.

As expected, the moment I lunged with my sword, it activated [Leg Strength Enhancement], and passed right by me……… was basically something like using an Iai sword strike but, this speed wasn’t enough to catch me off guard.

Especially since I was already expecting something like this, I perfectly avoided that Iai strike away.

And while avoiding the rabbit’s attack, I made sure that my own sword gave a little greeting to the rabbit’s neck at the same time.

The head of the humanoid rabbit that used the Iai beautifully flew in the air, and the headless body crashed and slid across the ground from the momentum.

Since they had originally encircled me and Snow, the humanoid rabbits were looking very confident at first but now that there were only 3 of them left………

The three humanoid rabbits stood shocked in place after seeing one of their friend’s head fly in the air in an instant.


Normally I wouldn’t really be able to read a monster’s expressions but these 3 humanoid rabbits were clearly panicking, which soon turned into fear and despair. I could feel the negativity seeping out of them.

I really must be a sadist as I really wanted to play around and torment them a bit more but…….

Snow was the not the type to let an enemy’s opening pass, and in an instant all 3 humanoid rabbits had their heads bitten off as well.

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