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Null Poison Ch246


Snow was getting better and better with its ice fangs, and I could tell that the strength behind those bites was no joke.

And now it had become able to activate and deactivate the ice on its fangs freely instantly, making it extremely hard for any opponent to deal with it, especially those who don’t know about it.

Such were my observations as I saw the three humanoid rabbits’ head fly in the air.


——–wait, now’s not the time to be mesmerized by Snow’s fighting, I need to go all out so as to bring all attention towards me as well.

I quickly changed my thoughts, and focused towards the new wave of humanoid rabbits coming towards us after hearing the death cries of the 4 we just killed.


Almost half of the entire nest……..about 10 or so humanoid rabbits were now suddenly rushing towards me.

Since it was just 4 last time, we were able to instantly kill them all but that’ll be a lot harder to repeat when its 10 of them.

While I was still wondering how to best deal with them, seeing the corpses of their comrades, the humanoid rabbits screamed in rage.

Soon all of them began to scream like that, and it was loud enough to reverberate throughout the forest it felt like.

This war cry was probably meant not just a show of rage but also meant to hopefully make their enemy flinch but…………alas, neither me nor Snow would be shaken from this kind of pressure.

If anything, this made for a great signal for Ralf and Esta on the other side, so I simply smiled as I pointed my sword towards the herd of humanoid rabbits.

It’s both mine and Snow’s job to endure until those two can join us as well, so I might as well try out my newly learnt Bors-style fighting which was tailor made for situations like these.

Since I came here right after I had his lessons, I haven’t had the time to really solidify and master the technique.

I felt bad for the humanoid rabbits who were genuinely trying to kill me but, I’m going to use them as my guinea pigs.


I signalled Snow to fall back and I let out a war cry myself as I slowly walked towards the herd of humanoid rabbits menacingly.

———first, I need to fully capture the current situation in my head.

Counting carefully, there were currently 11 humanoid rabbits in front of me, 7 used bare fists, while 4 of them had swords.

From a glance I can’t see any particular humanoid rabbit that seemed more skilled than others so I assume they are all on the same level as the 4 we killed just now.

If I were to put it numbers, their agility was between 200-250.

Rest are probably around 100s, and as for their endurance, it was probably less than a normal Orc.

They have big attack range thanks to [Leg Strength Enhancement], but if you know about it, it’s not that scary.

While I’m sure each of them have some individual differences, I calmly analyzed their general strength and prepared to take on the entire herd by myself.

They might have overwhelming advantage in terms of numbers but they were all close combat fighters, especially the bare fist users who needed to be in super close range to fight.

As long as I avoid getting completely surrounded——–at most 3 of them will be able to fight me at the same time.


Furthermore, the first humanoid rabbit that rushed to me was hoping to land a big strike on me and was swinging its fist around in large swings, and was full openings for me to kill it but——–me attacking first would be the wrong move here.


This large swinging was actually taking space from other humanoid rabbits to attack me at the same time, so I need to keep it alive for as long as possible instead…..

And sure enough one of the other rabbits got hit by its fist.

If 11 people attack a single target, there’s bound to be friendly fire.

I made my brain run at full power, and began inputting all the info I could gather about these 11 humanoid rabbits plus my surroundings into my head.

Using the slightly unique terrain to my advantage, I made sure to constantly move in a way that I always had the upper hand and continued to simply avoid all of their attacks.

Funnily enough, the humanoid rabbits continued to hit each other more and more, and were so focused on just trying to get to me that they were taking no advantage of the fact that they had such an overwhelming numerical advantage.

I never would have thought that simply not attacking could also be so effective in a battle.

Couldn’t Ralf also learn how to be a tank while also dodging, rather than just taking attacks head on…….?

While dancing around the 11 enemies, I began thinking of such random things, that’s how much freedom I had. And speak of the devil, Ralf showed up at the scene just then as well.


Of course Esta was right behind him, and it seems like they already took care of a bunch of humanoid rabbits before coming here.

……….or rather, it seems like once these 11 are dead, the extermination would be complete.

I finally gave the signal to Snow who was patiently waiting in the back, and ordered it to support me as Ralf and Esta execute their ambush.

In the first place, these humanoid rabbits were losing their temper from watching me dodge all their attacks and now that Snow was moving as well, their attention was completely locked on us.

They probably couldn’t even imagine that I might have more allies as well who just might be aiming for them from behind them.

They were still screaming as if to raise their morale but………they were against me and Snow.

They hesitated over who to target first, and that little moment was also an opening———for Esta to blast her magic at them.

“[Flame Tormenter]”

From the sudden ambush, about 6 of the humanoid rabbits were swallowed inside a vortex of flames.

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Unable to comprehend what had suddenly occurred, the rest just froze in shock.


“Snow, take the 2 on the left. Ralf, get the one close to you.”

While they were wide open after being stunned from the sudden magic attack, I ordered Ralf and Snow as we finally began attacking as well.

That one humanoid rabbit that was swinging its fists about wildly and the 5 that were getting hit by it must have been so tired from it all that they seemed to have no energy to even run away as they just stood there like a statue.

As an act of last ditch resistance, they tried to point their sword at me but…….

Before it could even lift the sword, I stabbed my own into its heart, and the chopped the head off the other one beside it.

After that, Snow took care of the 2 on the left instantly.

Ralf too had already killed the one remaining, and with that the 11 remaining humanoid rabbits had been exterminated.

Without taking even a single wound, we had completely subjugated the humanoid rabbits nest.

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