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Null Poison Ch249

Dungeon Town

After safely returning to Edestor, I rested my body for the remainder of the day.

The next day, alongside Ralf, I headed to the Edestor Dungeon for the first time.

“So this is the Edestor dungeon huh. I’ve seen it from afar many times but this is my first time looking at it this close.”

“Amazing, isn’t it! It’s basically a small town in and of itself! Doesn’t it looks like a normal town built close to a bigger city?”


Like Ralf said, with all sorts of stores and shops built around the place, it basically looked like a small town.


That said, there weren’t any private houses here but, there were almost as many inns here as Edestor itself, and there were multiple lines of shops here and there as well.

As for the people, there were a surprising amount of normal people here as well but, as you’d expect it was mostly adventurers. More adventurer’s than even Edestor itself in terms of ratio.

Since adventurers were a rowdy bunch and hardly pleasing on the eyes, you’d think the public order here would be a mess but…….there were a bunch of tough looking soldiers patrolling the area who seemed to take care to make sure things stayed in order.

“It’s a lot nicer than what I imagined. I had this image of it being a more violent place but, this is basically as good as you’d get in towns and cities.”

“I get it though, there are a hell of a lot more adventurers here after all! I thought only people who were tough and confident in their strength would bother coming to the dungeon and I expected to meet a lot of people similar to Greath but…… I realize that Greath was an exceptionally bad case.”


That’s a name I haven’t thought of in quite some time but, even now, recalling him only worsened my mood.


I must have horrible luck to have run into the one town run by a scumbag like him.

Well, I did end of gaining very useful skills because of it in the end and I managed to learn more about Ongneer itself thanks to greath so, perhaps he was a necessary evil for my growth.

“Not a name I wish to hear again. Let’s not talk about him and tell me more about the adventurers you told me about before.”

While walking through the commercial street of the Edestor Dungeon, I asked Ralf.

If you’ve been wondering why I suddenly decided to come to the Dunegon, it’s because I might find someone who could help us with our upcoming expedition here.

As for who that person could be? Of course, it was someone who occasionally showed up in Ralf’s stories, a member of the Scarletite adventurer party——[Moonlight Fang].


I came here to negotiate with them.

“Even if you ask me that………..even I’ve only talked to them a couple times when I had some free time so I don’t know too much about them!”


“Just tell me whatever you know. Even if it’s only about the person who gave you some lessons.”

“Alright. [Moonlight Fang] is a party of 5 members. [Sword Saint][Dragon Knight][High Priest][Sage]; all of them incredible people worth looking up to! Among those, I got lessons from the [Dragon Knight]——-“

“Hold up. You only told me the jobs of four people. Who is the fifth?”

“No idea! I heard a lot about them but, they only talked about what kind of person they were! I only saw them once, but they were kind of a small person, and I didn’t really sense anything incredible from them.”

I hoped to at least get info on all 5 of them but, there’s nothing to do if he doesn’t know.

A party made up of [Sword Saint][Dragon Knight][High Priest][Sage], I’m sure they are all extremely strong but……….I was still curious.

Afterwards, I heard pretty much everything Ralf knew about them, and at least had an idea of who I was dealing with before I reached the Dungeon.

Of course the one I wanted to invite was not the [Dragon Knight] aka Ralf’s tutor but instead ——the [Sage], who I’m assuming can definitely use ice magic as well.

I already took an appointment with them so I’m sure I won’t have to wait long before meeting them but, I was still a bit nervous.

If I fail in recruiting them, the list of people I can think of to help me will be at 0.

The success or failure of the great forest of Roza expedition was on the line so I couldn’t mess this up.

I need to be careful and make the request with utmost sincerity as I proceed with the negotiations.

While I was preparing myself in my head, we reached a wide open area filled with people.

I assume that’s the place——the place where the entrance to the Dungeon proper lies.

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“Chris, we’re here! This is where the cave that leads to the Dungeon is! And that’s the adventurer guild for Dungeon related issues specifically.”

“What a crazy amount of people. Do they all plan on entering the dungeon I wonder?”


“Yeah! That’s what makes some of the lower levels a real pain in the ass. There’s more adventurers than monsters!”

“That does sound like it’d be annoying. So, where are the [Moonlight Fang] waiting for us?”

“They said the guild but they are crazy famous and stand out a lot so they said they’ll be waiting inside the guild! Wait here I’ll go look Chris!”

Saying that, Ralf entered the guild alone.

Left alone, I activated [Life Presence Sense] to see if I could find some strong people within the crowd.

…………..the amount of genuinely strong adventurers was less than I expected.

Of course they were all far from weak by any means, but no one really stood out either.

I wondered if it was because we were here at weird time, or was there another reason for it.

I felt a bit disappointed from the unexpected result but soon Ralf came back.

“Chris, come here! They’ll let us in from the back!”

“Sure, lead the way.”

I headed to the place where guild employees were following Ralf, and entered the guild from the back entrance.


Passing through the employee only area, we entered a sort of reception room when——I sensed a chill raising presence from the people in the room.

Since it was only after we entered the room that their presence was fully released, I felt the sudden gap strongly.

Ralf had told me about 5 people, but there were only 3 on the sofa here.

Barring one of them, this overwhelming presence that I felt from the rest no doubt belonged to the members of the [Moonlight Fang].

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