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Null Poison Ch250

[Moonlight Fang]

One was a tough looking man with short blue hair. Just from a glance I could see how muscular he was and his overall body balance was incredible as well.

With both arms spread, resting on the back of the sofa, and legs on the table, it was a really rough way of sitting but, even then I saw no openings from him and I had a feeling that even if I suddenly attacked him, he’d still manage to block me——I ran such a simple prediction in my head.

The other person, was a blonde beauty who wore a circlet on her head.

Her hair was curled like nobles do, and her general conduct seemed similar to princess Charlotte, which meant she probably came from a good family but……..


Her belligerent expression made it seem more like she was a warrior herself.


And lastly, the one who I didn’t feel an extremely strong presence from, was a small person sitting quietly to the side with mushroom cut hair, as if he was from the middle ages.

He somehow reminded me of Alyazi-san but, this must be the rumoured fifth person that Ralf didn’t know much about as compared to the ‘amazing’ other 4.

From the other two I could feel the same hair raising sensation, like how I felt when I fought Bors.

Since I was looking out for strong people in the crowd while I waited for Ralf, it was even more clear how much a different level they were in when compared to the rest of adventurers.

“Vincent-san! Thank you so much for making some time for us!”

“Well it was Ralf’s request, so it was trivial. Don’t worry about it…………..that aside, is the guy beside you the Chris you always talk about?”

The blue haired man named Vincent somewhat reminded me of Leon, from the [Silver Winged Lion].

When he pointed his chin towards me asking so, I chose to introduce myself as well.


“I’m Chris, Ralf’s party comrade. I’ve heard much about [Moonlight Fang] from Ralf. Thank you for getting along with Ralf.”

“Hmm, for someone who called us, you sure are cheeky one eh.”

(T/N: this is a bit hard to do in English, but you may have noticed this kind of similar talk before as well as Chris always uses the most informal way of talking with everyone, which is considered rude when not with close friends)

I had made a light bow while greeting Vincent but the one to react was the one beside him, the blonde woman with curled hair.

Her mana was leaking and I could tell she was slightly irritated.

“Oi oi, Fecilia. Don’t lose your temper just because he speaks casually. Be more open-minded yeah?”

“That’s not why I’m angry! He was the one who called us out yet didn’t even feel the need to properly thank us first and foremost?”

“Didn’t Ralf just do that. Liam, you heard him as well right?”

“……e, eeh, w-well, yes.”

“——aah, whatever! Let’s just get to the point already, shall we?”


The curly haired blonde woman named Fecilia seemed to have been offended by my attitude but Vincent seemed to take it lightly and teased her to soothe her down.


But, because of getting teased, Fecilia seemed to be even more angrier but, thankfully she asked me to get to the point which, honestly, I was thankful for.

“As for the reason I asked to meet was……….I am looking for a strong adventurer that can use Ice magic to help me explore the great forest of Roza, and of course the infamous [Moonlight Fang] was the first on the list, hence I took this appointment. Of course I’ll pay whatever you ask for so——“

“We refuse. We are not that free so on that note, good day.”

“Don’t go rejecting people on your own. You’re gonna make Ralf hate me as well you know? Fecilia, you can stay quiet now, so continue what you were saying lad.”

Vincent grabbed Fecilia’s hand who was already getting up and leaving after cutting me short.

While glaring at Vincent, she sat back down with folded arms.

……….well, looks like thanks to Vincent, there’s still a chance to negotiate.

“Fecilia-san, I’m sorry! Chris just has a rough way of talking, so please be a bit more tolerant if you may!”


“Ralf, no need to apologise. Fecilia’s just a bit too worked up today that’s all. So, Chris, was it? Explain in detail. Depending on the condition, I might accept.”

While grinning, Vincent spoke to me.

‘Depending on condition’——was it. Did he money, or something else?

I don’t know if I could provide something they’d want but, as long as the negotiations are still open, there’s still a chance.

“Vincent, do you know of the fruit of Skill?”

“Fruit of Skill? Of course I do. It’s a legendary fruit that can provide another skill right?”

“Yes, exactly. I came to Edestor, in search of that fruit because I heard it can be found inside the great forest of Roza.”

“…………..oo, I see, I see! To search for this fruit of skill, you’re looking for a strong adventurer, specifically an ice magic user! Did I get that right?”

He was already grinning but after hearing the word, the fruit of Skill, he showed a wide smile.

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He leaned forward as well, and it was clear that Vincent was interested but………the other two showed no change in attitude.


“it is as you say. Of course, I will pay handsomely as you’d expect of such a request. Would you be interested in helping?”

“Well damn! That sounds hella fun! Oi , Fecilia, why not go with them?”

“No chance. If you think its interesting, why don’t you go yourself Vincent?”

“I’d love to but Chris, you guys are looking for an ice magic user, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“See? C’mon Fecilia, it’s Ralf’s request as well, why not help out!?”

“No means no. I don’t exactly like Ralf either do I, this has nothing to do with me.”

Ralf seemed to have taken quite the shock from being told he was not well liked up front though………

But putting such irrelevant stuff aside, I’m glad that Vincent was at least trying to convince her.

From their talks, I imagine that Fecilia is the [Sage].

I need to persuade and convince her somehow, and get Fecilia’s cooperation for the sake of this expedition.

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