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Null Poison Ch25


It had been approximately 1 month since my first HedroSlime quest.

Having learnt from my mistake, I began choosing my requests more wisely, and now I was continuing my bronze rank quest completion pretty smoothly.

As for my daily routine, first I’ll take a quest after doing proper research early in the morning.

Then, I’ll head straight to the location, usually around noon, finish the subjugation, and return and submit completion report by evening, and at the same time begin preparations for the next day.

Any little free time I got, I would practice with the sword, expand my knowledge about herbs and plants at the Healer’s guild, and medicine shop, etc. Pretty busy yet meaningful, as you can tell.

As for money, I was now earning at least 4 silver everyday, which could increase to 8 silver on a good day. And after deducting daily expenses, I had saved about 12 gold by now.

Although I did work with no breaks for a whole month, I still didn’t think I’ll be able to save up this much.

Considering the dangers this job entails, and no kind of insurance in case of injury, some might consider this a low paying job considering the risk, but I was nothing less than incredibly grateful for the income.


In any case, I can finally payback my debt at {Shichifukuya] as well, and I can take a break from my adventurer work and go back to researching poisonous plants.

Anyway first, today I plan to head to [shichifukuya], then eat half of the plants that I had dried and stored, and then go to the church to get another assessment, my first this month.

With my schedule all planned, I left the inn and headed for [shichifukuya].

The back streets that I had deemed dangerous when I first came here were now a usual sight, as I lightly walked towards the store.

I had been showing up to [Shichifukuya] every now and then in the meantime and had become quite well acquainted with the shopkeeper old man.


“Hey, if it isnt Chris. Did you come to see some weapons today as well?”

“No, I’m here to pay you back for the book. Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.”

“Oh already? Like I said, you don’t need to pay it as soon as you gathered enough and can pay me in instalments, you know?”

“My adventurer work has been going well, I have plenty left even after so don’t worry. But seriously, thank you very much.”

I gave a deep sincere bow as I handed 3 gold coins to the old man.

If I had not gotten that book at that time, perhaps I would have never come back for it with how busy I would have been and then would have never found out about the rare poisonous plants and their potential.

Without every finding my true potential, I would have made my adventurer job my sole livelihood and ended up dying sooner or later.

Even though I could have run away with it, giving me this book with just a word promise; I could only bow with respect and gratitude to this old man.

“I see. Very well, then I’ll take the payment thank you.”

“I should be the one giving thanks, really.”

“So, how was the book? Was it interesting?”

“…….Yeah. ‘interesting’ might not be enough to describe it even. It’s become perhaps the most important knowledge I have ever received in my life.”

“Hoh hoh hoh, if it was that useful, I’m sure the author feels very happy as well.”

The old man laughed proudly and happily, as if he was the one who wrote it.

“So, did you come here just for the repayment?”

“Actually, I had one more thing to ask of. Do you have any grimoires in this store?”

“Grimoire……… I think there was one. Wait a minute here.”

Saying that, the old man left the counter and went back inside the backroom of the store, I assume to look for it.

I asked for it on a whim hoping to find one for Esta, but he might actually have one here.

“OOH! I knew it was still here. Look, it seems pretty old but that’s certainly a grimoire.”

“So this is a real grimoire. As I expected, unlike normal books, you can see splendorous decorations adored on the book.”

The book the old man had brought was ornate with gold and silver decorations and you could tell it was different from normal books even from a glance.

Depending on the price, I might buy even buy it for her but I have feeling this one is still beyond my limit.


“Well of course, it’s a grimoire after all. Esta had asked me to keep it safe no matter what so I had left it inside the store.”

“Esta did—- Did you not suggest her the deferred payment option like me?”

“Foh foh ho, like I said before, I simply had feeling that it’ll be fine trusting you hence the offer. Esta on the other hand, well, she would have definitely run away with it.”

“And here I thought you guys were old pals. I guess trust didn’t come with it?”

“On the contrary, it’s because I know them oh too well that I didn’t. That said, Esta aside are you think of buying this?”

“How much is it?”

“About 2 platinum coins.”

I burst out laughing at the insane price.

Maybe someone like me who blows a gold coin again and again on ability assessments probably shouldn’t be the one saying this, but seriously, that price was ridiculous.

One platinum coin was equivalent to 10 gold coins. It would take me two whole months of gruelling work to be able to buy this.

Not to mention this is a second hand item being sold on the back streets, yet had this kind of price?

Just how much would a fresh top quality one would cost then?

“That’s beyond me. I knew it’d be pricey but not this much.”

“I can understand. Even I spent a whole day thinking before buying this and in the end, it’s still lying here unsold. Well, I suppose people coming back here aren’t going to be able to buy this anyway.”

“Well, I might one day, maybe, so I guess look forward to that.”

“Oh so you do intend to buy this? Well with the price being what it is, I’d take at least some advance payment but…….if it’s you, I’ll be willing to accept the payment in instalments.”

“Are you sure!?!……, wait, but…”


It’s a highly charming offer so I almost bit on it but, that price is something I cannot take for granted. Even if its in instalments.

This is basically a loan. And the Grimoire was for Esta’s use.

Right now she’s incapable of using any magic but, if she learns she could greatly improve her abilities and work.

I plan to party up with them one they learn how to at least hunt goblins easily, so having her turn into an actually capable magician would be of great help to me as well.

………But, I cant take a loan for her sake. No chance.

I cant trust other so easily and there was chance she would just run away the moment she learnt magic. This was not a risk I could take.


“It’s a great offer but with the price being what it is, I have to pass unfortunately.”

“Is that so. That’s too bad. Well, the offer remains so come back if you change your mind.”

“Yeah, of course and thanks.”

And thus I left the shop after finishing my chat with the old man.

I thought that Esta would become strong first but depending on the state of his injury, Ralf might come good before her.

Now that I have decided to make a party with them, first I planned to make Ralf go to the Healing guild for treatment, and so I returned to the [Shangri la Inn].

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