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Null Poison Ch26


After eating about half of the dried poisonous plants at the inn, I headed to the church for the first time this month.

The dried plants tasted worse than they ever have, yet I walked desperately while feeling sick to my stomach.

It would seem I’ll have to start thinking ways on how to better consume these plants as well.

Due to being dried, while they don’t go bad, their bitterness has been concentrated and increased manyfold.

Well as long as I can get it inside my body, it’s fine; perhaps it would be better to ground it all down, wrap it up in something and drink it all with water.

But before all that, I need to get assessed at the church.

One months worth of monster subjugation should helped me grow normally too I believe, but what I am really curious off is the effect of the plants I ate today.

After the trip to Peixa forest, my Stamina and Endurance had both gone up by one, so if I see the same result today, I could discern that the remaining half of the plants don’t have any effect on my physical abilities.

Conversely, if nothing has increased, that means the other half of the plants have the types that increase Stamina and Endurance; but in the worst case both batches would have one of the increasing affects split between them.

I can do nothing but pray that that’s not the case and its either or case, as I entered the church.


They were conducting Mass (T/N; changed from Prayer) today as once again the church was filled with people like my first visit.

Slipping through the gaps in the crowd, I made my way to the usual room.

The same blonde priest was on the platform and he showed a surprised face when he noticed me.

He did caution me last time, but I suppose no one comes to get their abilities assessed so frequently.

Well if you are unaware of exactly what I was doing, it must look like I was simply throwing my money away to the church.

I gave a quick nod as a greeting as I made my way behind the platform, into the room with the crystal and rung the bell as I sat down.

Normally it takes a few minutes but this time the person came in almost as soon as I rung the bell. Of course it was the blonde priest.

“I’ll be in your care again today.”

“Ability assessment I imagine…..? Are you really sure, it really hasn’t been too much time since last.”


“Like I said before, I wont complain even if there aren’t any changes so don’t worry.”

He looked at me as if I was insane; not that I cared about what he thought of me.

Even if I see no increase, I still fulfil my objective after all.

“………Very well. Then please provide one gold coin and your adventurer card.”


I took them both our of my bag and handed it over to him. A bit too late to think that, but really, 1 gold just for assessment is some crazy fees.

Did it use that much mana; or was the ability to actually perform the procedure that rare?

I always end up wondering if I could do this myself.

“And its over. Just in case, even if you see no increase, that’s not because the process failed. I hope you understand.”

“I know. Like I said, you don’t have to repeat that.”

“Apologies if I sounded too persistent. Well then, I’ll take my leave.”

The priest gave a deep bow and left the room.

I did think he was being too persistent in cautioning me, but then again even I realize how utterly insane what I’m doing must look from his side. Let’s make sure to not insult him for it.

After making sure the priest had left, I checked my card.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 11(+7)

Strength: 6(+8)

Stamina: 7(+3)

Magic: 1

Agility: 4

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None



This time around, the left side number of my Endurance and Stamina had increased by 1 but the (+) value remained the same.

Which means, the increase here is from the month’s continuous monster subjugation.

To see the amount of natural growth after a whole month’s worth of monster hunting be the same as what I earned from eating some plants once again made me realize the sheer lack of talent I possessed. Enough to make me drown in sadness.

On the contrary, I once again confirmed the power hidden within these poisonous plants that could rapidly make even someone like me stronger.

I’ll continue using the monster hunting as purely for the experience and assume that it would not give actual benefits to my strength from hereon.


And also, I confirmed that the batch of plants I ate this time around did NOT infact have the ones that increased my abilities.

There is a worry that drying them up may have made the effects disappear but at this point there’s no worth in believing that and I should first continue with the original plan, eat the rest of the plants and have my abilities assessed again.

If I can figure out which exact plants helped increase my stamina and endurance, I can collect only those specific ones in mass quantities the next time I visit Peixa forest and increase my efficiency.

Although I saw no real increase in my abilities, I left the church with a sense of satisfaction that everything was going well.

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  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter. Love how he’s experimenting here to see which ones do which.


  2. Hanif Nur Avatar
    Hanif Nur

    Thanks for the chapter


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