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Null Poison Ch251


“Like I said already, I’ll pay a handsome reward as well. So won’t you help us?”

“I don’t like your attitude, so no chance.”

“Fecilia, I’m asking you to do so as well so please take this request, in fact—–“

Vincent struck his palm with his fist like he just got a great idea and quickly whispered something in Fecilia’s ear.

I quickly tried to activate [Hearing Enhancement] but he only said one word and I was unable to make it in time to hear what he said.


“………………Vincent, you promise you won’t go back on your word?”


“Yeah, I promise. I give you my word.”

“…………….very well. I accept the request. Tell me the exact date and time of when we start.”

I didn’t even have to do much and somehow managed to gain her cooperation.

Apparently Vincent had made some kind of promise to her, and I ended up owing a ebt to Vincent like Ralf as well.

“Day after tomorrow……..Quite soon but I suppose I can manage then. Well then, I’ll see you lot early morning day after tomorrow at the entrance to Edestor. And with that our business is done here right? Then I’ll take my leave.”

Speaking so coldly and plainly, Fecilia got up from the sofa and left the room.

To be honest, I would have liked to tell her more info about the great forest of Roza but, she is a scarletite adventurer, I don’t I need to worry about her.

I suppose I’ll have to wait for the real thing to find out just how strong she is as well………


But first of all, I need to give my thanks to Vincent here.

“Vincent, thank you for convincing Fecilia. Thanks to you, we can start the expedition safely.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m personally interested as well, and besides I already gave a nice condition for Fecilia to make her agree.”

“If you don’t mind, can you tell us what that condition was? From just your one word, the colour of her eyes completely changed!”

“I don’t think I can tell you that Ralf unfortunately but……….well, just know that it was something amazing enough to make that stubborn Fecilia change her mind that’s all. ——With that said, Chris, I’d like you to listen to one of my request as well!”

With a wide open smile that showed all his teeth, Vincent spoke while still observing me with his beast like eyes.

I knew he wasn’t just doing me a favour out of goodwill but, I wonder what kind of request he plans on making to me.

Best case, it’s something I can solve with money but, I highly doubt a scarletite adventurer is in need of anything that could be bought with money.


“What’s the request? As long as it’s not an impossible task for me, I’ll listen but, I won’t if it’s something I cannot comply with.”


“Damn, even in this situation you still had the balls to say that you might not fulfil my request eh! But don’t worry it’s nothing that complicated. I don’t need money and neither do I want something super valuable.”

“Then……..what is it?”

“I want you to show me the Fruit of Skill as well! To be exact, if you get multiple, I would like to have one as well.”

That was the request, Vincent made.

Showing is one thing, but if he asks for one then I cannot comply.

“I can show it to you but, sorry, even if I find multiple ones I don’t plan on giving them to you. What will you do now? If that’s okay with you, I’ll accept your conditions.”

“You won’t give one even if you got like, say, ten of those?”

“……….If I got like 30 of those, then sure I’ll give one to you.”

“Alright! That’s good enough for me. Liam, you heard the conditions as well right?”

“Eh, uh, yeah, I heard them. Ju-just in case, would you like me to put it in writing?”


“Nah, let’s not make any legal documents about it. We have witnesses on both sides, it’d just be a waste of paper.”

Looking at Ralf, Vincent spoke with a smile.

He looks like he’s a light hearted man but, whenever he’s talking about something important with me specifically, I can feel him giving off pressure and tell that his eyes are not laughing, even if his mouth is. It was uncanny to say the least.

“Yeah, don’t worry I keep my promises……….you really sure you guys don’t need any money for this?”

“We’re hardly hurting for money now are we? So don’t worry about it. That’s about it for the negotiations then! And don’t worry I’ll make sure that Fecilia doesn’t forget her promise either! Hm, then………Chris you can go back now. I’ll borrow Ralf for a while though, if you don’t mind?”

Vincent asked me to leave and Ralf to stay.

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Looks like my instincts were right about his fake laughing as just like Fecilia, deep inside, Vincent didn’t like me either it seems.


That’s fine though I don’t get how Ralf always gets so friendly with everyone so easily on the other hand………

I winked at Ralf and gave a nod to signal him to stay here with Vincent as asked.

“Alright. You can get the details of how the expedition went from Fecilia later. I’ll leave Ralf in your hands, take good care of him. And Ralf, be sure to steal some strong technique or something from him.”

“Yeah! I’ll do my best to learn from him!”

Leaving Ralf in the reception room of the guild, I left the place by myself.

Now then, as for what to do next———I glanced towards the dungeon.

The crowd had only increased in number, and the entire place was incredibly lively.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to go check what it’s like inside but, right now, the great forest of Roza exploration was soon approaching.

I have finally gathered the people required, and I don’t want to fail the expedition because I wasn’t prepared enough so I need to head back and begin on that.

While feeling a bit regretful, I made my way back to Edestor, and left the Dungeon area.

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