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Null Poison Ch252

Unique Members

2 days after gaining the cooperation of Fecilia.

Finally today, we will begin the exploration of the great forest of Roza in its earnest.

If I manage to find the fruit of skill from this expedition, my preparations will be as good as done for my main goal.

I have already gained the support of the princess Charlotte, and once I have also searched for the first hero’s weapon that supposedly hides in the Barbadd mountains, I will return to the capital and——-Challenge Klaus to a decisive battle.


The revenge I swore to take when I was in Peixa forest, after having been almost killed and thrown out of my own house.


For a [Farmer] like me to surpass a [Sword God], I was ready to spend many years in preparation for that but, I have been able to grow much faster than I could have ever imagined.

Once I have the fruit of Skill, I just need to gain a skill that can match the [Sword God].

………that said, it’s not even confirmed that the fruit of skill even exists or not, and even if it was real, it’s unclear as to what skill it will grant you so maybe there is still a long ways to go.

While I was in a daze thinking about the future, the two who had finished their prep as well, called out to me.

“Chris! Why are you just standing there looking blankly? We’re ready here.”

“Chris-san, if you are ready as well, let us depart to the forest.”


“……..yes, let’s go.”

I slapped my cheeks to re-energize myself and left [Gorush] alongside Ralf, Esta and Snow and headed towards the Edestor gate.



After spending some time waiting at the city gates for the other two to arrive—–the first to show up was Mielle.


She was in her usual black robe, equipped with a longstaff. And there was also a small backpack on her back as well.

“So you did come after all. We’ll be counting on you.”

“I don’t what you’d do if I didn’t come so I had no choice!”

Pouting, she looked away after saying that coldly but, regardless of the reason, I was thankful of her coming here.

Since I had basically one-sidedly decided that she’d be joining us by myself, there was always a chance that she wouldn’t show up after all.

“Hey, you sure you’re fine with just that much luggage!? There ain’t gonna be any stores in the forests, you know?”

“I have brought the bare minimum needed, I’ll borrow the rest from you lot. You could at least do that much for me, no?”

“That’s fine by me. I tend to pack things in excess anyway.”


“Guess it’s fine then! I was worried how you’d last in the forest with just that but I guess Chris had already calculated for that in advance!”


“………so, when are we leaving? Isn’t this all of us?”

“No, there’s one more member. She should be here soon——-speak of the devil, she’s here.”

From the direction of the dungeon, the person who came walking towards us was dressed in complete contrast to Mielle. A gaudy red robe, and curly blonde hair; it was of course Felcicia.

She didn’t have it last time but she held a staff with red crystal on top, and like Mielle she was light on any other equipment.

“Ah, Fecilia-san is here as well! Vincent-san did say that he might join if he had the time but I guess, it’s only Fecilia-san in the end……..”

So Vincent said something like that to Ralf?

Ralf seemed a bit a disappointed but, I wasn’t very fond of Vincent so I’m glad he didn’t come.

That said, I’m still very thankful of him for convincing Fecilia-san and basically saving our expedition but, this and that are different.

“Hello. Am I the last one to arrive?”


“Yes, with Fecilia here, we’re all gathered now.”

“……… are really are going to stick with that attitude huh.”

“I am like this with basically every single person so you should give up.”

I ignored Fecilia who was making a sullen face, and quickly introduced the entire party to each other.

Mielle probably knows everyone here except Snow of course, but Fecilia has never met Esta either.

Not to mention,……….Mielle seemed to be looking at Snow for some time now but, I wonder if she’s curious about it.

“Got a problem with Snow?”

“n-no, I just wasn’t expecting a monster here so I was surprised that’s all. Th-that aside, who is that person?”

“Rather than me explain, you both should introduce yourselves directly. Mielle you can go first.”

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Mielle was mostly inside the dungeon so I thought she would have at least known about Fecilia but, she did only just arrive in Edestor so I guess she was still unaware of many things.


……….or maybe she was just too busy dealing with that princess to bother learning about other people.

“I am Mielle Clifford Etex. I came from the royal capital’s academy to Edestor to challenge the dungeon but……..due to certain circumstances, I’ll be helping with this expedition. Please take care of me.”

“I have heard of you Mielle-san. You are the up and coming adventurer who’s in the same party as the princess I believe?……….I am Fecilia of the [Moonlight Fang]. It’ll only be for a short while but I look forward to working with you.”

With a slight smile, Fecilia greeted Mielle.

Even Mielle had at least heard the name of the [Moonlight Fang], as she looked shocked and was suddenly trembling a bit.

Afterwards, she quickly ran to me and whispered in my ears to talk.

“Isn’t [Moonlight Fang] THE scareltite adventurer party!? Chris, how the hell did you get them to help you!??”

“Well Ralf had some connections with them so it just happened. That aside, if we’re done introducing ourselves, let’s depart shall we.”

“I do not mind.”

“I-I’m okay as well.”

“Alright then, let’s make our way to the great forest of Roza.”

It’s quite the eccentric party of people but, everyone’s capable and absolutely worth taking so I’m not too worried.

I do need to give them all the warnings before entering the forest but………….well, first let’s get to the forest entrance shall we?

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