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Null Poison Ch253

Snow’s Evaluation

The five member party plus Snow began walking, and as the chatting continued, we reached the great forest of Roza.

Since I let Snow handle all the enemies that we ran into on our way, I have yet to see Mielle and Fecilia properly in action.

I did consider letting Snow take a rest and make them fight but……..

The entire reason I brought these two was to help build scaffolding across the submerged forest so we can explore it.


Esta was the special one who possessed [Mana Regen], but normally, you had to sleep and rest to let your mana recover, so I wanted to save their energy as much as possible.

Even after we enter the forest, me and Ralf will handle dealing with scrubs for the most part, and we’d have to be the guards when they are making the ice platforms as well.


“Snow-san……was it? I saw it a couple of times with Ralf, but, it really is an amazing child huh. First of all, it’s quite smart, and its enemy detection and hunting abilities are basically flawless a well.”

“It really is excellent eh. Not to mention it looks so fluffy and cute as well. First time I thought that perhaps monsters might make for great pets as well.”

“Yes, Snow really is brilliant child! And even this is only about 30% of its full strength you know!”

As Fecilia and Mielle spoke in admiration towards Snow, Esta proudly replied back as such.

Ralf seemed to be pretty happy from hearing all the praise as well seeing how his nostrils were open wide.

“As for his detection abilities specifically, it’s range is probably the most surprising part. While inside this forest, as long as we let Snow handle it, we don’t have to worry about ever getting ambushed. But, on the other hand, always be wary of the small monsters that can easily avoid such detection abilities.”

“Small monsters? Like goblin and kobolds?”

“No, much smaller than that…………poisonous bug monsters, or leech monsters that can bite into your body and lay eggs inside it. Before you know it, you’ll end up paralyzed and they’ll enter inside your body——-there are many kinds of such monsters here after all.”


“This is a forest after all. I’ve gotten used to all the weird monsters in the dungeon but still, I’ll be extra careful.”


I repeated the same warnings I gave Ralf and Esta last time over and over again, to Fecilia and Mielle as well.

Fecilia seemed aloof even after hearing it as she was used to this kind of stuff but Mielle must be extra bad against bug type monsters as her expression distorted and changed for the worse.

“Mielle, you bad with bug monsters? That’s some face you’re making right now.”

“Not just monsters, but bugs in general make my skin crawl. If possible I’d never even enter a place like this forest.”

“You came with us even though you hate bugs so much!? Man I only thought of you as enemy at first, but to go this far for us, you really are a good person huh Mielle!”

“Your leader forced me to come! I didn’t come here out of goodwill!”

“A person that tried to kill an innocent person when meeting them for the first time is no ‘Good person’ Ralf. Regardless, your hate of bugs aside, be extra careful of those.”


I properly corrected Ralf as we finally stepped into the Roza forest proper.

First, we’ll head for the Orc base. We’ll rest for the night there, both to get everyone used to the forest and to explain our plans in detail.


I did still want to see both of their abilities for real but, I’m not counting on it too much for now.

Switching for Snow as the enemy detector, we made our way to the Orc base with me as the vanguard.



“Alright, we’re here! This our base!”

“………a surprisingly well made base. But, is it even okay to be making a base inside this forest?”

“No idea if it’s ‘okay’ or not. Even if it wasn’t no one’s gonna find out so we’ll be fine.”

Putting Fecilia’s strange worries to rest, I led everyone to the building where we’ll rest.

Esta, Fecilia and Mielle will rest in the building that Ralf and Esta made last time, and me and Ralf will stay in the shoddy hut I made way back when I came here for the first time.

They’re all people with quirky personalities but hopefully they don’t complain too much……..well, I’ll let Esta be the one to talk to them if needed.


“Put your stuff down inside the buildings and get used to the forest by walking around the place. After that, I’ll explain the plans for tomorrow in details so be ready.”

“Eh? Are you planning to spend the entire day here and nothing else?”

“that’s the plan. Why? Any problems?”

“Of course there is! I didn’t come here to follow such a lax schedule. Let’s get to the main objective, do whatever it is you want to do, and then return as soon as possible!”

“I must agree with Mielle-san here. Getting people ‘used to the forest’ is a good idea if you had brought normal people here but………I am a scarletite adventurer. This kind of stuff is worthless for me so it’s better we pick up pace and head to main objective.”

“Your actions will almost certainly bring more danger, yet you both don’t want to reconsider?”


I was ready to rest for the day in the Orc base but, Mielle and Fecilia both rejected that idea.

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Well, neither one them were too enthused to be a part of this expedition in the first place so I was ready to get some complaints and objections but……….


I didn’t think they’d be this much against it.

One was a scarletite adventurer, and the other was a potential hero in the making, both were obviously talented, but as the leader I was still technically responsible for their safety.

I wanted to proceed with maximum caution but, if neither of them seem ready to concede, I’ll have no choice but to comply.

“……….very well. Ralf, esta, change of plans, we’ll head straight to the East base right now.”

“Eh? We’re not going to stay even though we spent all this effort making this base?!”

“these two want to keep moving no matter what so it can’t be helped. Let’s make sure we get there before the sun sets so we need to hurry up.”

I stopped them both who were ready to rest, and we picked up all of our stuff again and began on our way to the humanoid rabbit nest that we had turned into our east region base.

I asked Snow to handle Enemy detection once again, and me and Ralf also joined the scrub hunting as planned so that we can quickly make our way to our destination.

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