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Null Poison Ch259

A Grotesque Monstrosity

“I’ll go up front. While I have the aggro, blast it with your magic.”

“So you want to play the Tank?………I’m worried, but are you sure? Honestly, if you’re gonna die instantly, that’ll only cause me problems after all.”

“I’ll be fine. Even if it’s an enemy I’ve never seen before, I’ll definitely handle it.”

Since Ralf was always the tank while we were travelling through the submerged forest, Fecilia seemed unconfident in me playing that role it seems.


To be honest, if it was me from a while ago, I too would not have been confident either but, after learning Bors’ fighting style, I could boldly claim that I could play this role as well.


“I’ll keep my expectation low. If you fail, don’t expect me to save you either.”

“You can abandon me whenever you want. Alright then……….Let’s go.”

Giving a signal to Fecilia behind me, I rushed past the corner and jumped into the corridor from which the monster was approaching us from.

The monster was still far, and it was just barely in visible range but, that was enough for me to capture it’s strange form in my sights.

Contrary to my expectations, it was actually a humanoid monster.

Well, to be exact it was like an anthropomorphic Octopus monster, with six arms and 2 thick legs.

It’s whole body was made like a machine, and its sharp and smart form would tickle the hearts of every young boy’s heart.

It didn’t look like it was carrying a weapon but, 4 of the 6 arms themselves were shaped like a crescent moon blade, and they looked similar to sickles or scythes.

It was monster I had neither seen or even heard of but, facing it directly, the pressure was definitely big enough that it could make anyone want to run away from it.

And even after me appearing directly in front of it, it still showed no changes in its movements………


Looks like Fecilia’s intuition was right after all.

“I curious about its pursed lips. It might be capable of spitting some kind of liquid out of there.”

“Something? Like ink?”

“I can’t say for sure but, assume that it has some kind of long range attack as well.”

I wasn’t that bothered by it but, like she said the monster did have pursed lips.

I just thought that was how it’s face was shaped but, judging by the stiffened muscles around its face, it was definitely getting ready to spit something.

Since it was shaped like an octopus, I wanted to assume that it would also use some kind of smoke screen like the actual creature but, judging by its strength, I don’t think it’d be something that simple.


Whatever it is that it can spit is only one of its many attacking tools anyway.

It’s entire body seemed made for pure close combat but, it also clearly had ranged attacks on top. Truly a troublesome opponent.


I began inputting all the information I gained from observing it into my brain, and then began activating my skills to ready myself to utilize Bors’ fighting style.

And this time, I have a Scarletite adventurer as support.

I’m going to focus entirely on dodging its attacks and leave the attacking to her.


Finishing activating all my skills, I flipped the switch inside my head——-and instantly began rushing towards the strange octopus monster.

While keeping careful of its mouth I continued to close in on it, but it still showed no signs of changing its actions.

Furthermore, I didn’t even sense any hostility from it which made it seem like it won’t even attack me but, for a mere flash of an instance, I caught its square eyes look directly at where my heart was.

And in the next instant,———something was spat out from its mouth, and flew directly towards my heart.

It was inhumanly fast, and I had Fecilia behind me so I had to cut it down.


Making that decision in a split second, I cut down whatever it was that was fired towards me like it was an Iai strike.

The moment I struck that something, it broke and sprayed some sort of transparent liquid all over me but it showed no effect.

……………..Was it just water?

It simply spat out water at its opponent at an inhuman speed. It was certainly a clear, decisive, and simple yet powerful form of a long range attack.

Just because it was just water doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t have hurt as it held enough force behind it to knock me away if it had hit me.

I swung to remove the water that had stuck to my sword and checked the octopus monster only to see it stopped in its track and this time, it was twisting its arm.

I could not read the expression of this octopus monster at all but, it was definitely surprised that I had deflected the attack that it thought would surely kill me.

Strange sigils began appearing on its body just like the Golem we bought a long time ago, which was a sign that the real battle began here.

I gave a hand sign to Fecilia to tell her to start attacking, as I prepared and readied myself to deal with the attacks of the octopus monster.

“[Lightning Bolt]”

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The battle began with Fecilia’s magic.


A lightning magic lit up the dark cave as it flew towards the octopus monster and made a direct hit —–or so I thought but, right before the lightning hit, it perfectly twisted its entire body to dodge it.

Even its simple movements were fast, and it was sharp at reading its opponents attacks as well.

Before it starts aiming for Fecilia, I rushed in close to the Octopus monster and forced it into a close combat fight.

From afar its form looked cool but, after watching it closely I realized it was a lot more slimy and sticky which made it look a lot more disgusting.

And it was almost 3 meters tall. It’s massive stature really worried me.

Each and every arm it had was long as well, so I knew this was going to be a hard fight.

“The thing to focus on is not its strength but its ability to constrict and restraint you.”

“I know.——Oops, that was close. Hey, don’t worry about me and just focus on attacking alright.”

While avoiding the octopus monster’s attacks, I urged Fecilia behind me to attack faster so that we can quickly beat in response to her warnings.

Like Fecilia said, its ability to perform weird attacks thanks to its 6 arms, or the slashing attacks from the sickle shaped hands weren’t the only danger, but it could also use those limbs to bind and constrict me like those Venom Pythons which made it really troublesome.

I could tell it was always trying to grab on to me, and if I did get caught, it’s as good as death.


The water attack from its mouth, the ever changing attack style, the 4 sickles that could tear me apart, the strong kick from its thick legs, and the ability to constrain me with its six long arms.

Even though I had to focus purely on defending and dodging, it was still going to be very difficult but………..facing a truly strong enemy after a long time, I could feel the corners of my lips rise into a smile.

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