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Null Poison Ch260

The Octopus Monster

First and foremost, I needed to get used to all of its attacks before anything.

I took a few steps to place myself right in middle spot of its range of attacks, and then instigated it with a no guard stance to bait it into attacking me.

If I can cut down maybe one or two of its arms, I could probably handle it much more easily but I doubt doing that will be so simple.

I should focus entirely on getting used to the attacks from the six arms.


While I stood in a range where I could get attacked at any point, the first to make a move was——in fact Fecilia.


She fired another lightning bolt like last time but, it was dodged easily once again, and with the momentum of it dodging, it moved towards me to launch its next attack.

While swaying its body to the left, the two sickle shaped arms on its right slashed at me from above.

Its aim was exact yet prudent. Rather than aim for my vitals, it aimed for my left thigh, which one might not be focused enough to guard normally.

Facing a an attack meant to damage me, I swivelled on right leg as my centre of balance, and rotated my body on the axis to completely avoid its attack.

As the 2 arms of the monster passed by the front of my face, it also launched its left arms to attack my lower body while being outside my normal field of vision but, from the slight movement of its shoulder, I could predict that beforehand, and I was able to dodge that as well quite easily.

Its ability to attack from anywhere thanks to its six arms was its greatest weapons but, since it was a humanoid monster, I had a easy time reading through its actions making it a weakness instead.

If it was a complete octopus in shape, it may have been slower, and duller in its movements but……..that would have been much harder for me to read through ironically enough.

It was also easy to see when it was sucking in to ready another water blast from its mouth from the strain visible around its mouth area, and as for the kicks, it seemed like it was not able to move those as freely as its arms so they were dull and slow and very easy to avoid.


Even its fast paced attacks were not much of a threat as long as I maintain a good distance from it……….and even though about only 10 minutes or so had passed since the start of the battle, I had already become capable of reading through most of its moves.

Of course, that is with the prerequisite that I wasn’t attacking back at all but still, it was great that I had found ways to deal with all of its attacks already.

This was also proof that I had truly mastered Bors’ fighting style, and I didn’t feel the resistance towards ‘running away’ during a fight like I used to either.

The octopus monster was slowly becoming more and more desperate from being unable to kill me, and I was doing quite well as a dodge tank so now I just had to wait for Fecilia to destroy it with her magic but……..

Her attacks weren’t landing properly, and only once did a [Lightning Bolt] graze the monster.


Since I was fully using all of my skills, it goes without saying that a war of attrition was disadvantageous for me.


I really hoped she’d kill it soon but, if it keeps on like this, I don’t think anything will change.

“Fecilia, hurry up and kill it already! Rather than use strong magic attacks , focus on firing multiple fast magic spells instead!”

“……….!! I don’t need you to tell me that! [Sand Barrett]!”

I really don’t want to think about anything other than dodging the incoming attacks but, since nothing seemed to be happening I reluctantly gave some orders and finally, Fecilia changed her attacking style and began using faster magic spells instead.

The [Sand Barrett] fired from Fecilia’s hand flew right past my head with a speed that was impossible to keep up with my eyes and slammed into the Octopus monster’s arm.

Don’t even give it a chance to dodge, an unavoidable attack.

While I get that this magic wasn’t strong enough to even disable the arm it hit, still, I wanted to complain why she hadn’t used this kind of magic before but……

I could already predict it turning into another squabble between us so I held my feelings in and continued to fulfil my tank duties.

Having finally landed a hit, Fecilia’s own movements changed into being much more efficient as she began landing all sorts of different magic on the same arm that she had hit with her first attack. And due to that, the Octopus monster also changed its movements to try and block attacks aimed at that arm.


One of its right arms changed colour to white, and became unable to function properly making it easier for me to dodge its attacks——–and also began to show me openings to strike as well.

Should I continue focusing on only dodging or should I start attacking as well? I hesitated over what to do but then again, it had taken us almost 20 minutes just to disable one of its arms.

Reverse calculating how much time it’d take for us to kill the monster like that, I decided that it was better to join the attack as well. Carefully looking for openings, and also making sure that I don’t get in the way of Fecilia’s magic as well, I began slashing at the octopus monster.

I was being very cautious with when to attack but, even those few attacks alone made it completely focus back to me and away from Fecilia again.

Fecilia fired her [Sand Barrett]. I continued to play the dodge tank, and land the occasional slash on top.

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We were against an atypical opponent that had a very high life presence and it was unclear what other tricks up its sleeve it might still have but, me and Fecilia slowly began to overwhelm it with our attacks, and once I slashed another arm of its away, we began to one-sidedly dominate the monster.


And soon enough, of the six arms, only one remained, and I didn’t even give it time to use its water bullet attack.

But, it had been almost an hour since the battle began and my legs had begun to tremble from the fatigue, yet…………

All we had to do was now land one of the big magic attacks that it had been dodging at the start of the battle.

I took the one armed octopus monster on, and waited for the golden opportunity to crumble its stance and make it lose its balance, and then instantly dodged away from it.

And the moment I was enough distance away, Fecilia launched a magic that she had been slowly channelling more and more mana towards.

“[Lightning Rising]!”

With a huge roar that resounded across the cave, and blinding flash of light, the massive magic made a direct impact with the monster.


For a while I could see nothing but white but, soon my normal vision began to return and I quickly moved to see the condition of the octopus monster but……..

All that remained in the place where that monster stood were a big black spot on the ground and some cinders, as if it had never existed in the first place, it had been completely vaporized.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    I guess that final excessive strength strike was a kind of demonstration to him in order to make him more deferential to the difference in power between them. Well, here his Anti Magic comes handy.


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