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Null Poison Ch261


While wiping the huge amount of sweat flowing from my forehead, I deactivated all of my skills.

And while observing the burnt black spot on the ground, I fell on my butt as all strength left my body.

It’s been a while since I’ve been this tired.

I never took a single hit but, the focus and nerves needed to make sure it stays that way, plus the amount of skill activated, had all resulted in a huge amount of accumulated fatigue.


………..Also, Fecilia was a bit of a disappointment to be quite frank.


I thought she was a Scarletite adventurer so my expectations were high but, who’d have thought it’d take her a whole 10 minutes to land a proper blow.

And that too, only happened because I ordered her in time. If I had let her fire those [Lightning Bolts] continuously, I definitely would have lost sooner or later.

Even though she was talking so much shit before the battle, I wonder what kind of expression Fecilia was making now………

Looking towards her, she looked even more exhausted than me, and was trembling with her hands on her knees.

“You okay? You look quite tired.”

“I-I’m fine. What about you? You look pretty exhausted as well.”

“Of course I am. Because a certain someone who was in charge of attacking failed at landing a single hit. And in the end, it took an entire hour to beat that thing. Think what it was like for me who had to constantly dodge that thing for an entire hour at close range.”


I guess even she couldn’t retort back this time around, as she simply winced while making a pathetic sound.


…………well, I still need her cooperation and in the first place, the reason I brought her was to help with the ice platforms first and foremost.

She did her actual job well and this was simply something extra that I hoped for.

So I’ll leave any further criticisms for now, and make sure that I praise her and don’t ruin her mood completely.

“But, everything after the first attack landed was good. Your ability to aim at a single arm consecutively was pretty useful and not to mention, that last attack was more powerful than anything I’ve seen.”

“………..I know right. It’s just that that monster was way more stronger than I expected, but I think I was able to do my job pretty well in the end!”

“Sure. In the end we did manage to beat it. Alright, let’s go back to the tent then——“

“Chris, can I ask you one question, if you don’t mind?”

Fecilia, who was stood in place with her hands on her knees, slowly walked towards me and said that.

Rather than talk, I’d really like to go back to the tent and rest but………

She was looking at me with a serious expression so I couldn’t just say ‘no’ either.


“………Sure, what is it? I’m not in the mood to listen to your complaints, I’ll warn you in advance though.”


“Complain? Quite the opposite. You were able to fight against a monster equal to a Floor boss on all on your own. Just who even are you?”

Who? Even if you ask me that……….

I didn’t know how to answer such a question.

“I’m just a normal adventurer. I don’t know how else to answer that.”

“If I recall you’re a platinum rank right? A normal platinum rank adventurer would have died instantly to a monster like that.”

“Alright. I guess I’m an adventurer that’s a bit stronger than a normal one.”

“And you aren’t even originally a tank either, right? Ralf is the tank, and you’re the attacker. But those weren’t the movements of someone who wasn’t used to this role either.”

“No, I have experience as a tank as well even before this. There was a time where temporarily I was the tank and Ralf was the attacker. Also, I have been learning some things from someone, and have finally gotten a good grasp on this style.”

“And who is that ‘someone’?”


Fecilia inquired obviously interested.

I could tell her about Bors, but that’ll take way too much time here.

And I really, really wanted to rest my body, especially when there’s a chance that some other monster might show up here as well.

So first and foremost, I really wanted to return to the tents.

“It’ll take long to tell you everything. Can we go back to the tents first? If some other monster came here, we really will be in big trouble.”

“……….that’s certainly true. Regardless, at least now I know that you are actually capable enough. I won’t get irritated now even when you act all brazen and impertinent.”

“I don’t remember ever being like that but sure, whatever, good to know.”

And there we stopped our chat, and began walking back to the tents.

My fatigue was killing me but I still forced myself to reactivate my detection skills, and cautiously made our way back to the cave’s entrance.

Thankfully, we didn’t run into any other monster, and were able to return back safely.

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“Oh? Are there people standing in front of the tent?”

“Yes, in fact, all three of them are outside.”


“I wonder if they realized that we were not here.”

“Or maybe they too sensed the monster and woke up while we were away.”

Like Fecilia said, outside the tent, the three were looking towards us with worry in their eyes and when I came into the view, Snow quickly ran straight towards me.

“Snow, sorry for making you worry bud……….Also, you are really big now so I’d prefer if you stopped lunging at me with full speed okay?”


I don’t think it heard my warning, as it continued to happily lick my face. I guess I should just let it do whatever it wants for a while, as I walked towards the other three with Snow in my arms.

“Oi Chris! You weren’t here when we woke so we were hella worried! Where the hell did you both go!?”

“I woke up because I sensed an unpleasant presence, that’s all. Since I could tell it was coming close, me and Fecilia, who was already awake, went to go check on it.”

“I see……..well, at least nothing happened to you both so that’s good to know.”

“When did you three wake up by the way?”

“Well, a huge thunderous roar echoed from inside the cave and woke all three of us up.”

Thunderous roar……….? Fecilia’s magic probably.

I didn’t even think of it but I guess we were inside a cave, a sound like that would definitely reverberate across the entire area huh.

“Sorry about that. I think that was just Fecilia using her magic.”

“………wait does that mean that you and Fecilia-san went and defeated that monster that gave off that unpleasant feeling!?”

“It noticed us while we were looking for it so we had no choice.”

“It’s so dangerous to do something like that with just the two of you though? Please wake us up before doing anything like that again!!”

“Sorry. Next time I sense something like that, I promise I’ll wake everyone up first.”

“…………that’s a pain in its own right though.”


I’ll pretend I didn’t hear Mielle muttering that in the end, and decided to give a report to the three of what had happened. And then, to recover our stamina, me and Fecilia both went to sleep.

The fact that more monsters like that octopus monster might be crawling about this cave made me feel tired just thinking about exploring this cave but………we don’t have the option of turning back after coming this far.

But since the exploration begins tomorrow proper, I decided to stop thinking about such stuff and forced myself to sleep.

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