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Null Poison Ch262

High Firepower Magic

Three hours after I went to sleep in an exhausted state.

While I was far from fully recovered, I had relieved a decent chunk of the accumulated fatigue so I slowly woke up again.

Rather than my bodily fatigue, it was my mental fatigue that was heavy and I still had a heavy headache, like someone was slamming my skull from the inside.


Since that monster had 6 arms instead of two, I had to focus far more than I ever had to when fighting against a human being.

While complaining in my thoughts, I did some light stretches to fully wake my body up.


“Oh! I wondered why the tent was shaking suddenly, but you’re already awake too huh Chris!”

“me ‘too’……….? Did Fecilia wake up as well?”

“Just a couple minutes before you did! That aside, are you sure you’re okay with just this much rest!? Your complexion looks really rough buddy.”

“I’m far from peak performance I won’t lie but, I have recovered enough to move around without problem. Can’t be spending too much time resting either, so I want to get the cave’s exploration finished asap.”

“If that’s the case, I won’t nag you anymore either!”

After a little chat with Ralf who came to peek inside the tent, I quickly changed my clothes and began to do some prep work.

Since Fecilia is awake already as well, I quickly finished getting changed and left the tent, and found everyone waiting for me, ready to go.

“Sorry for the wait. Did any problems occur while I was asleep?”

“No, we didn’t sense any monsters nearby, and it was all quite peaceful.”

“Snow was also on the lookout and showed no reaction so I’m sure there’s nothing dangerous near us knowing its detection range!”

Looks like no other monster came close to this place after the Octopus monster.


It’d be the absolute worst case if we continued getting attacked regularly right at the entrance and were stuck here all exhausted.

“That’s good to hear……….Alright, if everyone’s ready, let’s go an check this cave out, shall we?”

“I’m still worried if it’s actually safe to explore this place any further, but are you sure it’s okay?”

“I’m not sure either. The monster we fought was incredibly strong, and if monsters like that one were crawling about in large numbers, it most certainly will not be going to be anywhere near as safe as you’re hoping it to be. But, if you’re that worried, you can always stay here and wait at the camp.”

“………Wouldn’t that leave me alone here? That sounds even more dangerous though?”

“Not my problem is it? We’ll head further inside and that’s not up for debate. I simply gave you the choice of waiting here if you really don’t want to come that’s all.”

“…………You’re really sly aren’t you. If waiting here alone was more dangerous, why would anyone choose to stay here!?”

“Then, simply follow us.”


I shut down Mielle who seemed to be complaining, and with me and Ralf as the vanguards, we set off to explore the caves.

Mielle’s worries were certainly not something to make light of, make no mistake, however I had already thought about this enough before heading to sleep already and come to the conclusion that we do not have the choice to retreat now.


Even if there were more strong enemies like the Octopus monster, I’m still resolved to fully explore this entire until and unless I can truly believe that it was impossible to explore any further.

Revitalizing myself with slap to my cheeks, we walked through the path I travelled yesterday, and continued further inside the cave together.

30 minutes after leaving the camp.

Since we were moving with caution, our speed was slow and we had long crossed past the area where we had that fierce battle with the octopus monster.

We had still not yet sensed any other monster until now but, from here I was starting to sense some here and there, so me and Snow both became even more vigilant as we continued to proceed.

“Once we pass this corridor, there’s an open space. I can sense a couple monsters there.”

“Wait, isn’t this your first time coming to this cave? You can tell what’s ahead in such detail?”

“Yeah. I can use the reverberations of sounds to get a good estimate of the area. That aside, we can’t avoid the monsters ahead of us. Get ready to battle.”

“Chris, can you tell how strong these monsters are? If they are super tough, we’ll need to go in with a proper formation and all!”


“It’s only an estimate, but I don’t think they’re that strong. If the three of you can use magic to decimate them, that’ll be for the best.”

We had been moving slowly expecting to run into another monster like the Octopus monster but, I didn’t sense anywhere close to similar life presence from the monsters ahead of us.

I’m sure they are still far from weak but, if Esta, Mielle and Fecilia all use magic together, it should end the battle without much worry.

I expected Fecilia to be the first one to reject my idea but, after yesterday’s incident she really did stop complaining and was following my orders obediently, something that surprised even Mielle.

Me, Ralf and Snow were the front line, while Esta, Mielle and Fecilia were the rearguard normally, but we switched positions this time around, and stood back while still maintaining a position close enough to rush in for support in case something goes wrong. And while matching our timings, we all rushed out to face the enemies.

“The monster type is——-A Sahagin variant? We proceed with the original plan.”

“Understood. [Flame Tormenter]!”

The enemies ahead of us were a half-man half-fish monster, a variant of the Sahagin line of monsters.

Normal Sahagins had greenish skin which was their main characteristic but, the ones in front of us had a blackish skin, and also had a horn growing out of their forehead.

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Just like and Orc and Orc Soldier are two different types of monsters, the monsters in front of us were also a different type than Sahagins, but even after seeing them upfront I didn’t sense any particular strength from them so we continued with our original plan to subjugate them.


First, Esta use [Flame Tormenter] to circle the group of enemies with a wall of flames.

Having lost their route of escape, the Sahagins had no choice but to go through us from the front and then——-

“[Rising Bolt]”

“[Ice Cryonisis]”

Fecilia and Mielle both fired powerful offensive magic.

The super firepower magic struck the sahagins from the front, and then Esta’s [Flame Tormenter] began to steadily come close from all sides and constrict them, and soon only a sea of flames was left in front of everyone’s view.

And by the time that sea of flames dissipated……..

Just like the Octopus monster yesterday, the Sahagins had been turned into nothing but ash, and no trace of them remained.

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