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Null Poison Ch27


After buying three people’s worth of meat skewers I returned to the inn.

As I entered, the sight in front of me was of Ralf and Esta sitting in seiza (knees on the floor) in front of me.

“The hell are you two doing?”

“Esta told me to——Ouch! Why did you hit me!?”

“Ralf you need to shut up! Chris-san, we have finally become capable of hunting goblins with ease, as such, please make a party with us!”

The two who always looked tried and exhausted every night, had started to come back looking much more relaxed, and they were doing some proper strategy meetings and such beforehand as well; so I did wonder if things had started getting better but really, it’s finally that time huh.

Well, I too have completed the first phase of my objective so I suppose the timing isnt bad either but still…….

This was faster than I thought.


“…….I see. Well I did promise. Very well.”

“Really!! Thank you very much!”

“But, before we make it official, I’ll need to confirm it myself.  As such, I’ll follow you two along for tomorrows goblin hunt.”

“Of course. We’ll be in your care from here onwards………C’mon you too, Ralf!”

“………please take care of us.”

All that said I’m still just a bronze rank,  not someone they need to be so desperate to join with so Esta’s desperation definitely made me a little curious.

And here I thought they’ll stop caring about the whole party thing if they became capable of hunting goblins with ease………

That’s one thing I just can’t figure out.

Now it’ll depend on tomorrow’s result but I am the one that more or less dragged them into an adventurer’s life, and considering their latent abilities and potential, making a party with these two is hardly disadvantageous for me.

“Well, anyway, I bought some skewers so here have some.”

“Oooh! Now that’s what makes me happy! “

“Again, thank you very much.”

Handing them their share, I went back to continuing my usual work.

First I wrote down ‘no effects’ in front of all the plants that I ate today, and then separated them away to make sure they don’t mix with the rest.

From next time onwards, I can completely ignore these 15 types specifically.

From here on I’ll have to spend more money and the work itself is pretty basic but as its all to make myself stronger, I could never feel tired from doing this.

“Say, you’re always playing around with these weird dried grass and shit, but what actually are you doing?”

“I’ll explain once we become a Party.”

“It’s not some weird meds or drugs right? Let me eat one too.”

“Sure, if you want to die.”

Ralf, while eating his skewers, moved his hands toward one of the plants I had spread on the floor only to freeze up on hearing my words.

Well, I don’t know how strong the poison is, if any for that matter but if a normal person ate it, there’s a good chance they might die.

“…….Uh die? Really? Dude, what the hell are you so casually bringing inside our room??”


“Well, even I’m not sure of what exactly each of these plants are to be honest. But as long as you don’t eat them, it should be fine.”

“Wait, have you been making money by selling these weird plants or something? This looks like stuff you’d use in assassinations and shit.”

“You really are dumb. Who the hell would buy items for assassination from some newbie adventurer? Not to mention you’re talking as if assassinations are happening around us everyday or something.”

“Then what the hell is it for?”

“For me. I eat them. [Null Poison] is my ability remember?”

“Okay, wait, just because you have a skill that null’s the effect of poison doesn’t mean you have to go out and try them out is there………wait, is it that tasty?”

“Far from it. It’s headache inducing-ly horrible.”


At my words, Ralf looked at me as if he was looking at someone insane but ignored him and went back to my work.

I’ll explain this stuff in detail once we make a party but for now, I don’t really care what he thinks of me.

While listening to Esta and Ralf’s strategy meeting for tomorrow that began some time later, I continued working late into the night.

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