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Null Poison Ch270


“We are finally out of the forest!! I never want to go back inside a forest ever again!!”

“I must agree. The exploration itself was surprisingly fun but, honestly, this was way harsher and rigorous than even the Dungeon.”

After having collected the fruits of skill, we returned back from the cave in the depths of East Area, and somehow managed to get out of the great forest of Roza after 2 days of travelling back.

We barely rested in the meantime and continued moving so, it wasn’t just Mielle and Fecilia who were complaining, the rest of us, me included, were absolutely exhausted as well.


Thankfully, we didn’t run into any other monster as strong as the Heracberg or the Octopus monster near the cave’s entrance again.

Part of it was also because we didn’t take a rest and instantly started on our way back but, in the off chance we had run into a monster of that level……….there was a genuinely good chance, we might have been defeated.


“My body hurts all over! I can’t even imagine how you three who had to constantly make those ice platforms must be feeling right now! Must be way worse right?”

“To be honest, simply using the same magic over and over again is not as tiring as you’d imagine. I think Ralf, you and Chris-san who had to constantly fight monsters had it much worse.”

“Really? Magic seems like it’d be exhausting to constantly use! Especially considering how much water you had to freeze!”

“During fights it’s definitely worse since you have to constantly think of other things as well but, if its just freezing water over and over, it’s not that bad actually. Of course, if we enter a mana burnout state, we’ll instantly collapse from exhaustion though.”

“Since we were able to take turns and rotate, and even Snow helped, there was not too much worry of a burnout happening, so it was comparatively easier in my personal opinion.”

Being able to rotate and take turns was definitely a huge benefit I’m sure, but I think the biggest reason was the fact that all of three of them were experts in magic.

Mielle was also a much more talented magic user than I expected, and while a lot happened, Fecilia was most certainly worthy of being a scarletite adventurer as well.

And Esta, who had the [Mana Regen] skill had definitely contributed the most and even Snow was helping, even though it was also fighting on the frontlines regularly with us as well.


If we lacked even one of the people here, this expedition would have definitely ended in failure, I’m confident.

“All said and done, allow me to give my thanks to everyone here once again. I couldn’t have done this without any of you.”

“I just took part because of my promise with Vincent that’s all, no need to thank me. I’ll make sure to get my payment from Vincent in full, don’t worry.”

“As for me, I’d like something material rather than just a thanks. I know I chose to come and help myself but surely you’re not going to give me something more than a thanks right?”

“Don’t you worry Mielle. You’ll get paid properly for this.”

“Then, I’m good. It’s a win-win for both of us in that case. Compared to having to follow that stupid princess and her dumb guard, this was a nice change of pace and frankly, much easier as well.”

I gave a deep bow as a sign of my gratitude but I only got two very dry responses from these two.

I suppose it is better to show your thanks not with words but with an actual reward huh.

“Alright! Now that we’re safely out of the Dungeon, let’s go back to Edestor already! There’s not much left to go so let’s push on till the very end!”

“Agreed. Let’s not let our guard down and make a mistake at the very last stage.”

While I doubt we’d run into anything that’d be as dangerous as the things we faced in the Roza forest, but like Ralf and Esta said, we should still remain vigilant as we make our way back to the city.



After a incident-less journey from the forest, we safely made it back to Edestor.


Since Fecilia and Mielle had to go to the Dungeon town, they both parted with us right at the city gate and headed in that direction.

After separating from them, we returned back to [Gorush] in a surprisingly quiet manner.

“We’re fiiiinally baaaack!! Since Mielle and Fecilia-san were there, I was acting all tough but, I’m really spent this time!”

“An unfamiliar way of travelling and battles with tough enemies. Not to mention the number of monster we had to face. It was certainly a place where we could not let our guard down even for a second. I am completely exhausted as well.”

Ralf cried happily as soon as we entered the room and Esta didn’t even have the energy to do that.

Snow as well, didn’t even give a howl or a bark, and instantly ran straight into the bed of towels made for its personal use and buried itself inside and went to sleep.

Looks like everyone really pushed themselves to the limit this time.

“Good for you Snow. I wanna collapse on my bed and go to sleep as well!”


“You can sleep as much as you want but let’s all take a shower one by one before that. The dirt on all of us is no joke.”

“Yeah, I know. Rock-paper-scissors for who goes to go in first!”

“You two can do it. I can go last. I still have things to do anyway.”

“Really? Then, Esta c’mon let’s go, Rock paper scissors!”

“Ralf, you can go first. I need to rearrange all our stuff after all.”

“Alright! I won’t take too long so just wait while I go take a bath okay!”

With a new change of clothes, Ralf ran into the bath energetically. I guess he had energy left after all.

Giving a side glance to Ralf like that, I brought out the fruit of skill that we had gathered and began investigating it.

It was about as big as Esta’s face.

Since I couldn’t keep them all inside my item holder, I had to hang them on my waist to carry them but thankfully, I had been able to bring them back without damaging them.

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“It really has a ridiculous appearance huh. Thankfully the smell seems to have dissipated for the most part.”


“Yeah. If it hadn’t, I don’t think I’d have been able to bring it inside the room.”

“……….I sure hope this really is the fruit of skill. Otherwise all our effort would have been for nothing.”

“I agree. I do think this is the real thing but, I won’t find out for fact until I test it out.”

“Chris-san, you’ll be spending tomorrow entirely on figuring this fruit out right?”

“No, once I take a shower, I’ll start right away, today.”

“Eh?!? Right away?? Shouldn’t you rest your body for at least today!? Or you really will collapse from exhaustion you know?”

Esta spoke loudly in surprise but, with the fruit right here, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep anyway.

Since I also have the promise with Vincent to show him the fruit of skill, I need to keep one of them stored for now but, it should be fine to use the remaining 3 as I see fit.

First, I need to get an ability assessment done, and then I’ll begin my discerning process to see what these fruits actually do.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t as exhausted as Ralf and Esta but, if its to investigate the fruit of skill, I’m sure my body can still move.

“I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m going to be fighting anyone. Just going to church and getting an assessment done.”

“……….I suppose you’re right so I won’t stop you but still, please be careful to not collapse on the way or something okay?”

“Thanks for worrying about me.”


While I was chatting Esta, Ralf came out of the bath having finished cleaning up.

Like he said, he really was super fast.

Now I just need to wait for Esta to be done as well, and once I have taken a bath too——I’ll finally begin my investigations of the fruit of skill.

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    It would be cruel if this fruit were useful only if eaten fresh from the tree, right? So much effort down the drain.


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