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Null Poison Ch273

(Start of Volume 6)

Chapter 273


After that, I somehow managed to return back to the inn while swaying and staggering about but, it took me another two whole weeks before I was able to get out of bed rest and move around properly again.

I ended up suffering from a high fever because I forced myself to consume the fruits of skill while I was already completely exhausted, and on top, the fruit itself further hurt my mouth, throat and stomach, and for almost a week I struggled to even sleep properly.


Since healing magic or portions didn’t work either, I was genuinely resolved for death but, at the brink of near death, I also learnt how to activate skills while sleeping as well.


Activating [Pain Inhibition] while sleeping was the only way for me to get some actual rest, and only after another week of rest like that did I finally regain the ability to move about again.

“Chris, you’re finally back right!? For a while, I really thought you were going to die!!”

“Honestly, I had accepted death for a while as well………….I’m really sorry for causing so much trouble to both of you.”

“Please, we didn’t think of it as troublesome at any point so no need to apologize. I’m just glad you have finally recovered!”

Both them were constantly nursing me in turns, and once my condition settled a bit, they went and did requests to earn my share of money as well.

The entire great forest of Roza expedition was for my sake as well, so it feels like this entire month I had basically incurred a huge debt to these two.

I will most definitely repay these favours back one day, but for now I need to do the things I was unable to do while I was stuck on my bed.

The thing I was most curious to find out was obviously about the unique skills I had gained from the fruits.


Anytime I felt like I was going to cross over into the realm of the dead, I would pick up my adventurer card and look at the unique skills column to give myself the energy to live.

I truly think that the only reason I was able to survive those hellish days was because I couldn’t just die before learning what those unique skills could do.

I had assumed that all the fruits would grant the same effect but, in a rare case of a happy miscalculation on my part, all three fruits had granted a completely different unique skill.

Now, I had 4 unique skills including [Null Poison].

And counting the one remaining fruit that I had kept to show to Vincent, I’ll be able to possess 5 unique skills in the end.


To quickly master these new skills, I tried to think over what the skills would do while I lay on by bed after my condition improved a bit but——–the skill name alone didn’t really give away much in regards to what the effect of the skills were.


The first one I got [Suicidal Strike] could possibly be a devastating strike at the cost of my own life if we are guessing by the name alone but, it could also be explosion that originates from my body or something like that? (T/N: Hard to translate but, “jibaku” can mean both suicidal, or self destruction. A slight difference in nuance.)

[Hardening] was a lot easier to imagine, and I assume it’s just a higher level variation of the [Skin Strengthen] skill.

If I combine it with [Skin Strengthen][Fortification] and [Iron Wall], I should be able to take on even the strongest of attacks head on.

And the last one, [Black Mist]………honestly, I have no idea what this skill could possible do.

The only thing I can think of is that I can release a black mist to use as a smokescreen——-but, that was doable with just a normal smoke bomb, so I don’t see what makes this so special to be a unique skill.

——-but well, it’ll be faster to juts try them out rather than think of what they can do.

I wanted to quickly leave Edestor and try out these skills on the open plains but……..


“Yesterday, there was a message from Vincent-san. To come meet him today at the Dungeon town! Chris, you’re coming as well right?”

“I owe one to Fecilia after all, I think I have to, right?”

“Obviously! Fecilia-san, and Mielle both came to visit you while you were sick you know!”

“Even Bors-san, and Phillip-san said to come meet when you had recovered as well. Also, a person named Henjak also came to deliver some special herbs as well……….and now that I think about it, it was right after we used those herbs that your condition began to improve much faster.”

My memories while I was ill are vague so I don’t recall much but, looks like a lot of people came to check up on me.

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I may have learnt to activate skills even while asleep automatically but, the only reason I didn’t run out of stamina even while I slept was because of Henjak’s herbs I think.


While I do want to go test my new unique skills, it was more important to make rounds to all the people who had helped me with the expedition and tell them that I had fully recovered.

“Looks like I’ll have to go on visiting trip then it seems. Let’s go to the Dungeon town first and visit the [Moonlight Fangs]. Next, we’ll meet up with Mielle if she’s available, and then I’ll drop by the old golem guy’s place.”

“I’ll accompany you to Vincent’s place as well!”

“Thanks. I am not very good with Vincent after all.”

“Then I’ll stay home with Snow, and then we can go to Phillip-san’s place together.”

“Sure. Wait for me to come back from Dungeon town then.”

And so, I decided to head to the Dungeon town alongside Ralf.

While feeling this weird sense of nervousness from having to leave my room after 2 weeks of staying inside, I left [Gorush].

“Chris, how does it feel to walk the streets of the city once again? Any problems?”

“My body does feel a bit dull but overall, I think I’m fine.”

“Well, that’s kinda bound to happen after lying on a bed for two weeks straight eh! You should really get that dullness out of your body before you join us in co0mpleting requests again huh!”


“Yeah, I have already decided to go and make some plans with Bors-san for that. We’ll have some matches to get rid of the rust off my body.”

“ooh, that’s sounds fun! Can I also join in and have some matches with Bors-san!?”

While having such a chat with Ralf, we made our way to the dungeon town.

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