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Null Poison Ch274


Reaching Dungeon town, we made our way directly to the dungeon-use exclusive adventurer guild.

Entering from the same back door as last time, we walked through the employee-only area and reached the same reception room.

Just in case, I activated [Mana Sense] and [Life Presence Sense] as well but, I didn’t sense any strong presence from inside.

As my skills had already detected, the members of the [Moonlight Fangs] had not yet arrived and only a glasses wearing light skinned frail old man was sitting inside the room.


“Oh hello. I am the vice chief of this guild. My name is Melvin.”


“Hey, have the people from [Moonlight Fangs] not arrived yet?”

“I hear they are still in their Inn, ah, but I have already sent an employee to call them. So please sit down and wait, it shouldn’t take too long for them to arrive.”

“Sure. Sorry for the trouble.”

“No no, this not a problem for us at all. You are an esteemed guest of the honoured [Moonlight Fangs], so by all means, you can always come to us whenever you have any business with them.”

The vice chief continued to bow as he talked in a super formal and polite fashion to me.

All this showed me was how much influence and power the [Moonlight Fangs] had, to the point where the guild seemed like a subordinate to them.

If the [Moonlight Fangs] were also evil like Greath, this adventurer guild would have been completely ruined as well.

While I thought of such things, the vice chief left the room.

“That’s some extreme special treatment we’re getting huh. Is it always like this when you meet Vincent?”


“No, I originally ran into them in front of the dungeon by accident, so I have never had to wait like this at all! Or rather, the first time I entered this room was when I came with you the last time Chris!”

“Eh, really?…………so who’s gonna show up this time around?”

“Probably just Vincent-san and Fecilia-san I imagine? Oh and maybe Liam-san as well! He did become the witness for the promise between you and Vincent-san after all!”

So it’ll be the same three as last time.

I kinda wanted to meet the other members at least once but, they all seemed to have strong personalities and I don’t tend to get along with people like that, so maybe this is for the better.

While thinking of such things and having some random chats with Ralf, I suddenly felt a couple of strong presences approaching towards us.

This must be Vincent and Fecilia.


“Ralf, and Chris, sorry for keeping you guys waiting! I hear a bit from Fecilia already but, looks like your expedition went well eh!……..but, Chris, you collapsed from the fatigue right?”


Right after entering the room, Vincent began talking in his usual loud voice.

Sitting down in front of us on the sofa, with a sly grin on his face as always, he questioned me so.

Behind the loud Vincent, Fecilia and Liam also quietly followed him inside.

Both of the game a curt bow to me as if apologising for Vincent’s attitude.

“Yes it all went very well thanks to you help of course. And rather than the fatigue, it was mostly the effects of eating the fruit of skill that led to me collapsing.”

“The fruit of skill! So it really was the real thing huh! Oi, you recall our promise right?”

“To show you the fruit? Of course I do, and I have it on me right now don’t worry.”

“Show……..? Huh, wasn’t the promise to give me one?”

He had entered the room all smiles, but suddenly his face turned serious and he leaned forward as he cross questioned me.

………..I really don’t like this guy after all.


I’m sure he fully remembers exactly what the promise was but, if I faltered here he really would take a fruit from me.

“No0 it wasn’t. I only said I’ll give you one if I found like 30 of those. This time I only gathered 4 so, the promise remains at simply showing you one. Of course, the conditions were witnessed by Liam here as well, and Fecilia can confirm the number of fruits I got, if you think I’m lying.”

“H-he’s right. Vincent, that was exactly the promise you made.”

“I can confirm as well. We only found 4 fruits during the expedition.”

“……….Huh? So that’s how it was! My bad, Chris! I forgot and really thought you promised to give me one! No worries!”

Returning back to his wide smile, he acted like he was embarrassed from getting it wrong and gave a light apology.

No, seriously, I will never, ever get along with a guy like this.

“It’s fine if it was just a simple misunderstanding. As for the promise of showing it, here, take a look for as long as you want.”

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I brought out the fruit of skill from inside my bag, and placed it on the table.


From his previous reactions, I thought he’d be super interested in observing the fruit closely but……..

He just took a couple glances from afar, and the signalled with his arm to tell me it was enough and that I could put it back inside.

“Well, with that the contract is complete! Be sure to come to us for help again if you need anything! I’ll always be nice to a friend of Ralf after all!”

“Sure. If something comes up, I’ll be in your care once again.”

“Vincent-san, thank you very much!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. How could I reject the request of my cute junior after all!”

I really wondered if he even was interested in the fruit or not in the first place.

Still unable to understand why Vincent agreed to such one-sided conditions, I put the fruit of skill back into my bag.

And seeing Vincent happily talking with Ralf, I realized that we were done here, so I decided to leave the room by myself.


“Ralf, I’ll take my leave now.”

“Sure! Oh and be sure to ask Bors-san about me as well when you meet okay!”

While still unable to get rid of this feeling that Vincent was up to something no good, I had a quick chat with Ralf, gave a curt bow to the three and then left the guild.

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