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Null Poison Ch280

The Price

When my eyes opened back again, it was already dark outside, and the starry night sky was spread across my view.

It was a pretty sight that would take anyone’s breath away from its beauty if not for the fact that my body was not in a normal condition and I was hit with the severe headache that came with mana burnout as well as the intense fatigue that came from exhausting all of my stamina.

I desperately tried to move my dull and heavy body, and pulled out the potion from my item holder to gulp it down.


While hit with extreme nausea, I somehow still managed to drink the entire vial, and my body gradually began to gather strength again but………the severe headache from being in mana burnout hadn’t gone away.


Since I didn’t bring a mana potion, it was painful just thinking about how I’ll have to return to Edestor in this state.

Getting up, I checked on the tree I had attacked to re confirm that what I saw before collapsing was not a dream, as there were the traces of a tree that had been violently uprooted from here still there.

Since it was dark, I couldn’t see the tree itself from here, but I’m sure it’s lying somewhere a little distance away all smashed up.

I kind of wanted to see what had happened to the terrain around here in detail but…….

My headache made it difficult to even think normally, and I really just wanted to return back to Edestor as soon as possible. And after patting off the dirt and dust of my clothes, I began to slowly make my way back to Edestor.

I must be very lucky, as I didn’t get attacked by monsters on the way, and was able to safely return to Edestor.

I made my way to the item shop in the commercial store with staggering steps to quickly buy a mana potion, and took a seat on the trash bin in the back alley to gulp it all down.

As my mana began to recover again, the headache and the numbness in my body began to dissipate a little bit and I finally regained my ability to think properly again at least.

To be honest, I wanted to buy another mana potion to drink but, these potions were surprisingly costly, and since I had used a health potion already as well, I don’t want to waste any more money.


It was already night, and there wasn’t much time left anyway so I might as well just brace myself through the pain.


I also still need to go to Bors-san and henjak’s place……..but before that, I should analyze the [Suicidal Blow] while I recover as well.

Because I collapsed instantly after, my memories were a bit vague but I do remember a little at least.

I lost all my mana and stamina the moment I activated the skill, which was followed with me feeling a kind of explosive strength inside me that I had never felt before.

And when I released it all towards the tree, it got smashed and blown out of the ground.

The skill’s name was quite apt, as it led to a complete loss of both mana and stamina in your body, but in return for such a high price, it allowed you to make one extremely powerful strike.

Its usage will be extremely limited but regardless, it gave me enough strength to punch a tree out of the ground.

It was basically a move to end a battle when there were no more enemies left, and I myself was running out of ideas. A true last resort. That was its ideal usage.

The one thing I was curious of was whether the strength of that one strike was fixed or not.


If the strength was dependant on how much stamina and mana you have left, then perhaps it could be used directly at the start of a battle as well.

And in such a case, it will hurt its use as a last resort as you won’t have a lot of stamina or mana left at the end of a fight.


To be honest, I hope the power is fixed regardless but, logically thinking, it’s probably dependant on your mana and stamina reserves.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t want to do any more testing but, to fully understand the skill, I’ll have to sooner or later——-but we can leave that for later, as I need to finish my visiting trips as well.

Since I wasted a lot of time from being unconscious, I only have enough time to visit one of the places.

……….I debated it inside my head and decided its better if I visit Henjak first, and then make a quick appointment with Bors-san before returning.

While trying to suppress the headache that refused to go away, I made my way to Henajk’s house.

I could sense no one here during the day, but right now I could see the lights on inside the house, and as predicted, he was probably back from his gathering trip.

I felt a bit bad for coming this late, but I went and strongly knocked the door to Henjak’s house.

I knocked a couple more times but he showed no signs of coming out. I know he’s in there, so he’s probably just pretending to be away like he did last time.

Since I know that, I just have to keep knocking until he answers.

While calling out to Henjak as well, I continued knocking——and after a while, he must have given up as well, as the door opened.

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“…………Ah so it really was you Chris. Good to see that you’re healthy again but——–do you really enjoy coming here again and again to pester me?”

“No, I only came here to thank you for bringing me those medicinal herbs while I was sick.”


“This doesn’t really feel like a friendly, thanking visit though? Anyway, it’s already late so for today——–“

“Just let me in. You want to hear about the Roza forest anyway right? We’ll exchange info right now.”

“I mean I do but, can we not do this tomorrow?”

“From tomorrow, I need to work on de-rusting my body after staying in the bed too long and will be very busy. So just let me in already.”


Just like last time, he loudly clicked his tongue, and then let me inside his house.

I know I’m hardly acting like someone who’s where to give his thanks but, I really want to finish these visits by today and so I’m going to have Henjak fold over for me.

In return, I’ll give Henjak all the info about the Roza forest I gained for free.

Walking through the house that always had a strong stench of plants in it, I sat down in front of Henjak in his living room and began our conversation.

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