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Null Poison Ch281

Similar Sensibilities

Henjak poured the same delicious tea for me.

While drinking the tasty tea, I quickly began talking.

“First of all, thanks, for all the herbs you brought for me. Like I said, they were a great help.”

“Don’t mention it. I wanted to hear about the Roza forest, so I kinda needed you to get healthy again after all.”


“Regardless of the reason, the point remains that you helped me……….Also, who did you hear from that I had collapsed by the way?”


“The old lady from [Gaddfoura]. She requested me to go deliver some good herbs to ya if I had any.”

From Trisha, huh.

Well, I heard about Henjak from Trisha as well, and she did tell she regularly bought plants and herbs from Henjak.

So I assume, Bors-san told Trisha, and then she told Henjak.

“Is that so. Looks like I’ll have to go give my thanks to Trisha as well.”

“Exactly. You should be thanking her not me. But all that aside, hurry up and tell me about what all you found in the great forest of Roza. What did you discover?”

Seriously, is everyone around me only interested in the info I have?

I think Bors-san was the only one who might have been genuinely worried for me among these lot.

Well, it’s not like I hate it. I tend to prefer working with people who are straight to the point and only focused on their own interests. Makes it easy for me to understand them as well.

“Alright, alright, don’t get impatient. But first………let me start with explain everything from the start, from when I entered the Roza forest.”


“Looks like it’ll get long then, but, if it’s useful info, I don’t mind.”

Henjak’s eyes were sparkling with interest like a child who was being shown a new toy, and so I began talking about everything I had learnt of the forest since I first entered the place.


I stuck mostly to the important parts so it might not have been easy to follow the entire story but……..Henjak continued to listen to me silently, completely focused on every word I spoke.

“——–And that’s about all that happened before I collapsed. I abridged quite a lot of it so I hope you didn’t have too much difficulty keeping up with everything.”

“Nah, you kept it concise and quite easy to understand actually. Especially the things you told me about the East area, that was easily the best part. I don’t really have the physicality to go on such expeditions at my age but, in quite some time………I feel like I am starting to dream again.”

Seeing Henjak answer so earnestly, I felt glad that I came to talk to him.

As someone who gathers a lot of plants as well, I know better than anyone that these forests have something mysteriously fascinating about them that can completely possess you.


I knew from the day I met Henjak that he was the same as me, a man that had been possessed by the charms of the forest.


When it comes to forests and plants, he might be the only person with whom I can enjoy talking to.

“if you truly feel that way, then I suppose it worth coming here to talk with you. Also, on top of everything I told you, there’s something I want to show you as well.”

“Something to show me? Wa-wait, you don’t mean……….”

“I sure hope this lives up to your expectations.”

I brought out the fruit of skill, and showed to Henjak who was trembling in his place.

As someone who shares the same sensibilities as myself, I’m sure he’d love to see the fruit of skill with his own eyes before he dies.

To be honest, I had considered eating the last fruit as well before going to test my new skills but, Vincent’s reaction was dull so I decided I’d at least show it to Henjak as well before eating it.

As expected,——-no beyond my expectations even, Henjak was completely stunned, and seeing his reaction made me smile as well.

“This is the real thing, the fruit of skill. The talk about it killing anyone who eats it is real so be careful when observing it.”


“Th-this really is the actual fruit of skill right? I always thought it was just a baseless rumour but, to think it was actually real…………..”

“Speaking of, I wanted to know something in return for showing you this fruit. Have you ever seen a fruit like this anywhere else? You know, perhaps people have been ignoring the fruit of skill lying somewhere obvious simply because they didn’t know about it?”

“No, I have never seen a fruit this oddly shaped in my life. If I had, I would have gathered it even if I didn’t know that it was a fruit of skill. That aside, let me look at it more closely please!”

I was hoping I could find some without having to travel so deep into the Roza forest but, I suppose it was unrealistic of me to assume that it would be growing somewhere in the open randomly.

Having vaguely answered my question, Henjak was completely enraptured by the fruit and was observing it closely from every direction.

And after letting him freely observe it for quite some time, I put the fruit back inside my bag.

Henjak was still greedily staring at the bag hoping to observe it longer but, as you’d expect, I can’t just simply give a fruit of skill away to anyone.

“Alright, that’s all I wanted to talk about, and I’ve shown the fruit as well so I’ll take my leave now.”

“What, going back already?”

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“It’s already late at night after all. And there’s still one more place I wanted to visit………also, when I came here didn’t you click your tongue in annoyance and tried to send me back?”

“Did I? I don’t remember anything from such a long time ago. You are always welcome into my home with the fruit of skill. I’ll gladly let you in.”

Seriously, what a greedy old man.

Alas, I intend to consume the last fruit of skill as well so I don’t think I’ll ever get to experience being invited with open arms into his house ever again.

“Then, I’ll drop by if something else comes up. See ya.”

“Yeah, same here. Take care.”


Giving my farewells to Henjak, I left his home.

I ended up spending a lot more time here than I thought but, I know which inn Bors lives in and even if he has gone to sleep I doubt he’d be too mad if I woke him up.

I just need to make an appointment for later, it won’t take too long——–my body was already tired as well so I wanted to be done and return to my own room as soon as possible as well.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch281”

  1. Yuw Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter.
    For the MC , What’s the point showing the fruit to henjak ? Just for boasting his achievement? He could just describe the fruit without showing it.


    1. Exfernal Avatar

      In recognition of shared interests? And if later Henjak writes some compendium about various plants and herbs he came to know about, seeing that fruit in person would result in a far better description in his book. Consider how much Chris gained from reading that travelogue of that plant enthusiast back then. It would be nice to stop thinking solely about his personal vendetta sometimes. Too much obsession with a single thing is unhealthy for the mind.


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