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Null Poison Ch282

The Final Fruit of Skill

Approximately a week had passed since my visiting trips.

During this entire week, I did independent training during the day and afternoon to retrain and temper my dulled body.

At night, I’ll get help from Bors-san with it and with Ralf also joining, we’d have some serious battles as part of our special training.

Normally, Rufus would also be a part of these sessions, and thanks to them all, I was able to return my body to the same condition as it was before I collapsed.


Today I did some final tuning, and right now the sun was at its peak at noon.


Since I have to wait till evening before I can talk with Ralf and Esta to decide our plans from tomorrow, I had some free time right now.

I could continue training and further tuning my body but………..I’m thinking it’s time to finally eat the last fruit of skill.

I was quite busy over the last week to do it certainly but, more than that, the trauma from last time hadn’t disappeared and I just didn’t feel like I was ready to eat it again.

But since from tomorrow I’ll be stuck with non-stop work, I need to eat it and test its effects by today.

It won’t even be funny if I ended up collapsing again for another two weeks but this time, I have readied more measures to deal with it so it should go much better.

Since Ralf, Esta and Snow are out completing requests, I returned back to our empty room at [Gorush], and quickly brought out the fruit of skill from my bag.

A lot of time had passed since I had plucked it from its plant yet, it showed absolutely no signs of rotting, and in fact hadn’t even changed in appearance at all. And I couldn’t even sun-dry it like other plants either.

It must be structured completely differently from normal plants, and part of me wanted to experiment on it rather than just eat it but………..


I couldn’t just give up on getting another new and unique skill either.

First, while being careful of the spikes, I cut the fruit down in single eatable bite sized portions.

Since it was quite big, cutting it into bite sized portions meant that there’d be a lot of parts but, this was still far better than directly biting into it, even if it was more time consuming and troublesome to do.

Last time, I bit in without ever finding out where the spikes even were, and after that, due to the pain and the fatigue my brain was working well enough to find a solution.

I just decided that since I had already eaten some of the spikes, I might as well not bother and then ate the second and the third fruit without doing anything as well.

And precisely because I did something THAT stupid that my condition worsened so horribly but, this time I had another precaution prepared on top of cutting the fruit in small pieces.

I took out a big bottle from my bag, and put it right beside the cut pieces of the fruit.

In the bottle was a bluish liquid, and it was this liquid that was my answer to the problem.

The liquid’s true identity was——a [Gaddfoura] speciality, Pure Slime jelly.


With the Oblaats as my inspiration, I had Trisha makes this specifically for me.

Oblaat itself wouldn’t work against the spikes but, this pure slime jelly will help swallow it all down to my stomach.


Once the jelly reaches my stomach, it will rage violently when the digestion begins but, it should be manageable with [Pain Inhibition].

Of course, all of this was just my theory at this point, and I obviously haven’t actually tried it so I was a bit nervous but………

I took out the pure slime jelly from the bottle and poured and covered it all over the fruit of skill’s pieces.

Then I took a deep breath, and then instantly began eating through the pieces of the fruit of skill.

It went down my throat surprisingly easily, and it went directly down to my stomach without any pain or distress.

It was ho0nestly a bit anti climactic but, if I can keep this up, I will be done eating the fruit of skill in no time.

Making sure to activate [Pain Inhibition] the moment I start feeling any pain, I chomped down through the fruit of skill with the help of the pure slime jelly.

Since the whole process was a tough one, it took me a full 30mins to eat through the entire fruit but, compared to the hell I faced last time, this one went down with quite the ease.

It’ll take some time before my stomach begins to digest it all, so I waited for a while until the pains began, and when it does start, I’ll activate [Pain Inhibition] and then head out to get my assessment done at the church.

Since the pure slime jelly was a custom order that used a rare materials, it cost me a lot of money but I can confidently say now that it was absolutely worth the money.

Making a note in my head to thank Trisha when I see her again………..I waited for the pains to start while also feeling excited to find out what new skill I may have gotten.



Once the severe stomach pains began, I instantly activated [Pain Inhibition].

And soon after, I left the room and headed to the church to get my assessment done.


As of now, I don’t feel any great irregularity with my body, and neither did I feel the prickling spikes inside my mouth like last time so I was able to move around without much problem.

There’s still some of the special herbs I got from Henjak remaining so, if I take another dose of that before sleeping, I’m sure my stomach pains would settle by tomorrow.

As I continued to ponder about various things, I had already reached the church before I knew it.

As always I ignored the worshipping going on, and made a straight line to the assessment room and rung the bell.

“………….you’re back again. You looked like you were in an awful state last time but, was everything alright afterwards?’

“Yes, I’m back to full health. Last time I was certainly sick, but I did speak quite rudely for which I apologize.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it………….so, I assume you want another assessment done today as well?”

“Yes. Same as always.”

I brought one gold coin and my adventurer card, and urged her to start the assessment.

The old sister must have decided to not get too involved with me, as she calmly took my card and went on with the procedure without asking any further questions.

“——–And it is done. Please check.”

“Thanks as always.”

Giving a light thanks, I quickly checked my adventurer card.

I wonder what kind of skill will I get now——-with excitement in my heart, I looked at the card.

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Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 30(+477)

Strength: 25(+551)

Stamina: 28(+349)

Magic: 7(+191)

Agility: 15(+283)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison][Suicidal Strike][Hardening][Black Mist][Effect Spread]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability] [Skin Strengthen][Flesh Enhancement] [Fortification][War Dance] [Hearing Enhancement] [Cold Resistance] [Intimidating Presence] [Valour] [Hard Hit] [Heat control] [Pain Inhibitor] [Gale] [Strong Arm] [Life Perception] [Perception Enhancement] [Perception Range Enhancement] [Stealth] [Mad Warrior] [Iron Wall] [Colour Change] [Mental Attack Resistance] [Sticky String Operation] [Mana Sense] [Silent Steps][Self Regeneration] [Physical Ability Boost] [Ability Unleashed] [Mind Unleashed] [Leg Strength Enhancement] [Crimson Eyes][Wild Instinct][Team Morale Boost][Venom][Sound Wave Detection]



The new skill I got was……….[Effect Spread].

I had no idea what this skill could do or how this skill worked so I don’t know whether to be happy or not.

From the name, it seems like could increase the range of attacks or magic ———or something like that maybe but, I can’t really imagine how that would work either.

Since it’s a unique skill, I know it’s definitely going to be a useful skill, so I’ll have to do some detailed experiments to fully figure it out.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    He still hadn’t checked if that black mist skill has any additional effects besides obstructing vision. If none, it hardly can be worth all the trouble with obtaining it. What’s so unique about it, huh?


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