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Null Poison Ch286

[Effect Spread]

First, I need to know the effective range of this new skill.

I’m also curious if it effects everybody in the range or not or could I pick who it will effect, and so with the cooperation of the two, I should begin some testing again.

“You scared me, suddenly pumping your fist like that! I mean I get it’s a useful skill but, is it really that strong??”


“Yes, this is in fact an incredibly super useful multi-purpose skill. For the time being, I want to try a lot of different things. And I need to figure out the effective range so, Esta, go stand near the door, and Ralf, you go stand near the entrance of [Gorush] itself.”


“Should we make another cut on our arms as well?”

“Yes,  both of you, if you don’t mind.”

“Alright. I guess we’ll do as you say for now!”

With a short sword, all three of us made a small cut on our arms, and then waited until Ralf made it to his designated location.

After confirming he had reached the spot, I activated [Effect Spread] again, and then drank a healing potion.

Esta was about 5 meters from me at the door. I was hoping that it would at least have that long of a range but……..

“Esta, I’ve drunk the potion. Is your wound healing up?”

“No, it’s not unfortunately.”

“I see. Looks like it has to be within extremely close proximity then.”

Looks like the range is very small.


If the range was huge as well, this skill would be an insane skill but, I suppose that was asking for too much.

If Esta wasn’t affected, no way it reached Ralf.

While waiting for Ralf to come back from the unnecessarily far away spot, I tried to figure out the exact range with Esta’s help.

“Ah, Chris-san, it’s healed up around here.”

“So the range for [Effect Spread] is about 4m huh. Just about barely usable in actual battles then.”

“How exactly do you intend to use this in actual battles though? Like Ralf said, I don’t really see what else we could use this skill for either.”

Just as I was about to explain it to Esta who was still confused, Ralf also came back to the room.


Of course, his wound hadn’t healed, and the blood was still dripping.


I do need to explain the uses to them both but before that, let me finish the experiments.

“Ralf, thanks for your help. I want to start the next test so come closer to me.”

“There’s still more!?”

“This is the last one. Esta, I’m sorry but can you make another cut again please? I’ll explain in detail once this is done.”

“Yes, no problem.”

Once Esta had made the cut on her arm again, I made them both stand within the range of my skill, and then I drank another potion but this time focusing only on healing Ralf alone.

If this worked, it’d mean I could control who all could get effected by the [Effect Spread] skill but,……..unfortunately Esta’s wound also healed up instantly alongside Ralf’s.

“The wound’s closed up.”

“Same here!”

“I see. So it forces the effect on any living thing within a 4 meter range. Alright, I have more or less gotten a good grasp on how [Effect Spread] works.”


“I certainly don’t! explain why this skill is supposedly so good!”

It wasn’t as effective of a skill as I originally hoped for but, this is was still going to be well worth using for me.

Now, I should properly explain things to these two as well.

“Alright listen, [Effect Spread] is a skill that basically spreads whatever effect an item has had on me and applies it on any living thing within a 4m range from me. It’s greatest strength is of course, me being able to heal my allies by myself by drinking potions. Or using a mana potion to recover my and someone else’s mana. And of course, even stats raising enhancement potions will work the same.”

“I see. I was only seeing it as a way to save money but Chris-san, you see it more as a Healer-like skill.”

“Precisely. If I can act like the Healer or the Buffer of the party, it’ll greatly increase the effectiveness of our party as a whole. The only issue is the short range and the fact that it applies the effect on everything within the range, so there’s a chance I might end up healing an enemy as well.”

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This was probably the skill’s biggest weakness.


It’ll take some time before I can use it effectively in actual battles, and it’s not one that’ll have much use against strong enemies.

Like Esta said, it’s main use would be to save money on potions really.

“Damn I didn’t think of that! Which means if I get hurt, I can get healed without actually needing to do anything myself!”

“Right?……….But, that’s not all for how this skill can be used. I haven’t tried it yet but, since the spread can effect monsters as well then I can use it to attack surrounding monsters as well.”

“Attack? But how?”

“Simply speaking, by using poison of course. I drink some kind of poison, and by using this skill I can spread the effects of the poison to every monster around me within a 4m range.”

“…….! I see it’s an attack method only possible because you also possess [Null Poison]! Although in that case as well, the short range seems like it’ll be an issue but, I get why you called this a multi-purpose skill.”

“Well, if I keep like a poison pill stored behind my teeth or something at all times, I could even poison a person when clashing swords with them. Don’t you think it’s rife with infinite possibilities?”

“Well, now I’m just starting to get jealous after hearing all that! I wish I could get all sorts of new skills too!”

And with that, both of them got a good explanation on why [Effect Spread] is such a good skill.


Same as the [Black Mist], I’ll need the help from both of them and Snow to fully figure things out but, judging by their amused reactions, I think they’ll be happy to go along with my experiments.

All that remains is…… give a brief explanation of [Suicidal Strike] which was a very limited usage skill, and then end this conversation for the night.

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