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Null Poison Ch287

Expedition Preparations

Around 2 weeks had passed since our discussion.

I had been spending my days completing requests while I slowly regained my full battle senses after recovering from the side effects of the fruit of skill.

I had been getting better more and more with both [Black Mist] and [Effect Spread] while saving up money, and finally tomorrow, we’ll begin our quest to clear the [Cave of Bahamut].


By the way, last week, Mielle and Charlotte both returned to the capital.


Apparently they cleared till the 50th floor without Mielle so I had to deal with listening to Mielle’s incessant nagging and complaining until she left Edestor.

Even though she was constantly complaining that she didn’t want to go dungeon diving with the Princess and her guard, she wasn’t happy that they cleared it without her either.

I really think that woman has a truly troublesome personality but, well, she did help me a lot so I’ll avoid badmouthing her too much…………and let’s focus on my own quest for tomorrow.

Today, we’re all focusing on doing our own individual prep, so Ralf’s gone to the [Moonlight Fangs] for advice and is currently in the Dungeon town.

Esta has been going around the city to try and gather any last info on [Barbadd mountains] and the [Cave of Bahamut].

I had been tasked with the shopping for items needed for our journey, so I’ll be heading out soon to do that.

Well, that said, it’s not like we need anything specific, and it’s mostly just the usual things plus some specific potions that I’d like to have, so I’ll make a trip to [Gaddfoura] and [Magic Cave] today as well.

There’s not much time left so I should probably start making my way to [Gaddfoura] already.


After calming down Snow who wanted to play around more, I left [Gorush] and went on my way.

Until now, I had only gone there whenever I needed more Jinpi potions made but now, with [Effect Spread], my need for different kinds of potions have made my visits a lot more frequent.

It was costly but also necessary, and I had started trying out all sorts of enhancement potions that I had mostly ignored until now.

If I could use the Venom Python potion, or the new species of plant that I found in Roza forest that also had a temp enhancement effect, it’d make things a lot more cheaper but………

Not just the enhancement effect, but also the poison effect will spread if I used that, so I couldn’t use those to buff my allies.


Similarly, it’d be great if I could transmit the effects of permanent stat raising effects of Reizen grass or Lizaf fruits as well but, the poison makes it unusable.


For a moment I did dream of having a party with boosted stats and a bunch of skills by spreading the effects of ‘Ongneer’ as well, but alas that dream didn’t last very long.

As I was pondering over such things as I walked, I had already reached [Gaddfoura] before I knew it.

Let’s change up my thoughts, and focus on finding the best potions possible shall we?

When I walked inside, I saw Trisha and Rupert having a chat.

Rupert was of course the party member of Bors-san who had been severely ill in case you forgot, and she was a regular customer of this place.

Since I have been frequenting this place a lot as well, we have been running into each other quite a lot of times these days.

“Ah, Chris-kun! Here to order more potions today as well?”

“No, I’m here to just buy some potions this time………..Speaking of, you sure come here a lot huh? I feel like I see you here once every three times.”

“That’s my line! I tend to see you one in two times so, it’s you who comes here more frequently than myself no? Isn’t that right, Trisha-san.”

“You’re both the same really. I’m also getting quite old so I’d prefer if you two didn’t run me into the ground if possible okay?”


“But I don’t even come here to make you work though!? I’m just dropping by to have fun.”

“Even talking takes energy for me these days.”

Hearing Trisha’s retort, Rupert made a sullen look, while I went around to find the potions I wanted.

Today the potions I’m looking for are a strong healing potion and a enhancement potion, these two.

I had a lot of low quality healing potions for practice purposes but, this is my first time buying a high quality one.

I was thinking I’ll make my choice while asking Trisha what each and every one of these does but………….

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“You’ve been staring at me. Do you need something? If you’re bored you can keep talking to Trisha you know.”

“but we’re done talking already! If you’re here to buy potions, should I help you out? I know you’ve been coming more than even me these days but, in terms of long term experience, I obviously know a lot more than you after all!”

She’s right in that Rupert probably knows these things a lot better than me but, I find talking to her a bit of a pain honestly.

My heart was strongly telling me to get just the simple explanations from Trisha and then make the choice myself but…….. I can’t make a mistake this time around so I should probably take Rupert’s help.


“…….if you’re fine with it then sure, I’ll take your help.”

“Why do you sound so dissatisfied even when you’re asking for help!?”

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway, just quickly help me find the potions I want.”

And so we ended up choosing the potions together.

Somehow I always seem to end up indebted to members of Bors’ party.

Once we’ve cleared through the [Cave of Bahamut], I should probably take them all three out to [PekoPeko] and treat them as a show of thanks.

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