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Null Poison Ch288

Unexpected Info

“Thanks. I was able to find some great potions with your help.”

“No no! I know you’ve helped Bors out a lot so consider this my way of thanking you instead! I only chose the potions I have used myself and thought were great so I think they’d be pretty effective in actual battles, than whatever even Trisha-san might have recommended!”

“That’s good to know. It’d be quite dangerous if I took some defective potions, especially on our next expedition.”


In the end, I bought three types of potions.

The first one was, a high quality healing potion made out of Repairo Grass.


It was a potion that was specialized in healing effects, and while it was considered a medium rank potion, it’s healing potency was almost close to high rank potions instead.

The second one was, a stamina enhancing potion that mainly used a plant called Fanni grass.

It actually had many other ingredients as well and was the speciality potion of [Gaddfoura] and could not be bought anywhere else.

The thrid and the last one was, a strength enhancement potion made from something called Ungriff fruit.

This one was basically the same as many other enhancement potions and was considered a common recipe but, this one specifically was quite cheap yet very effective for its cost, or so Rupert believed and thus recommended this.

“But still, you sure spent a pretty penny on these things! I heard you guys were heading to the [Barbadd mountains] right?”

“……….huh? Did I ever tell you that?”

“Nope. I just eavesdropped on Bors and Rufus talking about it! Should I not have known about it?”


“No, I don’t mind you finding out per se.”

“Phew, that’s good to know!……..So, is there a reason why you bought so many of these high quality potions?”

I know I did say that I didn’t care about her knowing but, should I really talk about heading t the [Cave of Bahamut] as well………?

She did help me with selecting the potions, and maybe she might give some good info as well so I don’t think I should keep more secrets from her.

“We’re thinking of challenging the [Cave of bahamut]. It’s known to be extremely dangerous, and before all that we actually have to find the cave itself so we’re storing up on a lot of these potions.”

“Ehh!? Even though you had been helping Bors with Platinum rank requests only just a while aho, you’re going to head to the [Cave of Bahamut] itself!? Kinda amazing honestly! Though I do feel a bit complicated seeing you guys surpass us so fast.”


“on that topic, Rupert, do you have any good info on that place?”


When I asked, she put her hand on her chin and started thinking deeply.

She did say she had many years of experience, and Bors also said that he’d been here for almost 20yrs now.

And if Rupert has been his party member for that long, surely she might have come to know of something in that time.

………although, she certainly doesn’t look as old as Bors, she’s most likely in her late twenties at most.

But then again, Rufus was also a lot younger looking than he actually was, so I wondered how old she was as well.

While I was wondering over her actual age, Rupert suddenly smiled having seem to have recalled some interesting info it seems.

“I don’t know too many details about that place but, I have heard that the corpse of the Evil Dragon Bahamut still lies in the [Cave of Bahamut]! And said corpse has been leaking a huge amount of evil aura, because ofwhich, a lot of strong monsters run rampant near that place!”

………….now that’s a new piece of info.

I mean it’s right there in the name, so it’s not too strange for the actual Bahamut to actually be there.


But since there were no eyewitness to the dragon itself, I thought it might not be real but, if it’s only a corpse then that makes a lot more sense.

Regardless, it’s good to know that this cavern is big enough for a full sized Evil Dragon to go inside. Will certainly make it easier to look for it.

“So the cave is big enough to hold the dragon’s corpse. Even if it’s just a rumour, I appreciate the——“

“………huh? Wait? Was it actually the sword that was leaking the evil aura instead? Sorry! I forget the actual details! But, anyway, the point is that the cave is filled with huge amounts of evil aura, and it also acts as a lethal poison so definitely be careful! Be sure to not actually enter the cave itself!”

Rupert’s memories seemed to be vague , and they were rumours only.

It was hard to know whether the info was worth trusting or not but, the point about the cave being filled with a lethal amounts of poison made my heart skip a beat.

Forget humans, not a single living thing could enter this place. Except me, who had [Null Poison]. I was the only exception.

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Anybody who heard of my skill would call it a useless skill, yet I knew that it was strong enough to make even your [job] completely redundant.———I once again became aware of that fact.

“huh huh? You sure look happy after hearing that! Again, that was just a rumour I heard a long time ago, but was the info really that good?”

“Yes, first helping with choosing the potions and now this info. You truly have my thanks. I am indebted to you for your help today.”

“no no! I was just passing time that’s all, it’s a bit awkward if you thank me so much for so little! Just continue getting along with Bors as always!”

“Of course I will. If we make it back safely, do allow me to thank you both properly once again.”

“Ooh! I’ll look forward to it!”


After giving a light bow to Rupert who saw me off with waving hands, I left [Gaddfoura].

I was able to buy some nice potions and managed to get some good info on top.

While filled with gratitude towards Rupert from the bottom of my heart, I moved on towards [Magic Cave] next.

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