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Null Poison Ch29

Party Formation

Leaving those 2 in the forest and having returned to Realzard, I quickly ate 8 of the other half of the 15 poisonous plants left, and headed straight to the church again.

Result, no stats had increased. Which means either 2 of the remaining 7 plants have plants that had the increasing effects, or the effect disappeared due to drying them.

If we are going by probability, there’s more of a chance that the dryness removed the effects but for the sake of my work and money spent, I want to hope that its just that I have been unlucky and the last batch has the stat raising plants between them.

Afterwards, since it was the commemoration day for the formation of our party, I decided to head to the commercial district and buy some extravagant food and returned to the inn. And while waiting for the two to return, I continued recording the results of my work.

“Chris-san, we’re back.”

“Look, today, we’ve brought meat skewers instead!”

……..guess we’re on the same page, as they too seemed to have brought some food for celebration.

But still, skewers again?


Now it must be considered splurging from their point of view but it’s, let’s say lacking, when compared to what I’ve bought.

I debated whether I should even bring it out now since I bought it to praise them in the first place but it’ll go bad if it goes cold which would be a waste too. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

“Welcome back. I have bought some stuff too, it’s over there. It is a celebration for the formation of our Party after all.”

“What~ then we could have skipped on spending money? Damn. Oh well, more skewers ain’t ever a bad thing.”

“That’s not what I bought tho.”

“—–!? OOH!? Esta look at this, it’s actual proper meat! And, and this is meat steamed buns from [Seihana Manju]! Also [Maruela]’s fish and [Maruha Restaurant]’s Seasoned rice!! Chris how much did you buy!?!”

This might be the happiest I’ve seen Ralf since meeting him.

I should’ve judged from how he devoured those meat skewers but this guy is as much of a foodie as I am.

“As expected from a local, you sure know your stuff eh.”

“Obviously!! These are all super famous stores from the main street! All the things that I could only stare from afar are lined right in front of me……!!!”

“Amazing!……I’m sorry for only bringing some meat skewers though.”

“Oh yeah……..we can’t offer anything crazy in return. You sure we can eat this stuff as well?”


“I’ wasn’t really expecting anything from you two so don’t worry. Feast yourselves as you please. And lets talk about our plans from here on as we eat.”

And so while we ate, we began talking about our future.

The most important thing, was to set a proper goal.

Mine is already set but I need to know what these two want to do. I don’t want to get into disputes later on.

“Let’s decide on our goal. Not something as vague as [Let’s adventure together!], a proper one.”

“Goal…….? Is ‘make enough to eat good food’ not enough?”

“I mean you’re doing that right now no? Find a better, real goal.”

“I want to become a Magician. For that I need to earn money. Are personal goals alright?”

“No, that’s fine. But what will you do after that? Once you become one, will Esta leave this party?”

“oh……I never really thought that far so that’s hard to say. I don’t plan to leave though at least…….”

“I cant think of shit. Chris, since you are the one asking, why don’t you start with yours first then?”

“Well, that’s true——-my goal is to get revenge on my younger brother. If possible, I’d like to do that while being a member of this party.”

When I said that, both stopped eating and the room became silent.

Revenge. Well this atmosphere was bound to happen.

That’s exactly why I wanted to bring it up last but……can’t be helped anymore.


“…………Haa? Revenge—-do you plan on killing him? And you want that to be the goal of this party? Can’t you do that yourself!?”

“If he was an opponent that easy, I already would have.”

“bu-but…….isn’t he your younger brother?”

“Yeah, but he is about as close to being the strongest human being as you can get.”

“The strongest younger brother? What are you talking about? I’ll be honest I’m not keeping up with this conversation.”

Both couldn’t hide their unrest as they asked.

The happy party had turned as heavy as a funeral.

“Some time ago, I did talk, if slightly, about how I had to live in the forest didn’t I?”

“Yeah. Ate what you kind find, surviving somehow etc etc. You did.”

“Right. So let me talk about how I got into that situation in the first place.”

From there. I talked about how I was exiled and driven out of my house to the two.

My training from birth, the [Heaven’s blessing] and my father’s disappointment and then, rage. And the fact that I was almost killed by Klaus, a [Sword God], and was resented by him.

“I see. And that’s why you stole that stuff and hid in Peixa forest huh.”

“Yeah. Well, compared to you two who have been orphans since birth, my problems might seem petty but I really could have died if I hadn’t happened to fall at that time. Everytime I remember that, I cannot bring myself to forgive Klaus.”


“I…..don’t really have any memories of my parents and so I don’t really have any real feelings towards them so I can’t truly understand exactly how Chris-san felt, but to want revenge against a guy that killed you is understandable.”

“Having heard all that I can definitely relate. Well he’s not here anymore but, I definitely wanted  to kill my foster father back in the day.”

“he was the one that caused the injury to your knee wasn’t he Ralf?”

“………Yeah, but enough about me. At least I understand where you’re coming from. I have no intention to assist you with that though.”

“That’s fine. But I will have you help me with everything not related to murder on the other hand, as party members okay?”

As long as they understand, that’s fine.


If they didn’t agree at least to that much, I would have had zero merit in forming a party with them.

“I see I see now. Now it all makes sense. Those plants that you were constantly playing around with were to kill your little brother wasn’t it?”

“What, no? I wasn’t joking when I said that was for me to eat. I’m not stupid enough to think I can kill a once in a hundred year born [Sword God] with just poison; and even if I could I wouldn’t choose that method.”

“Then seriously what are those dried plants for!?”

“Those, possess the ability to slowly raise the abilities of person. By eating them I realized I could increase my stats, if slowly.

“Those kind of plants exist……….? Never heard of it.”

“Well most people can’t even eat these so no one really found it out. I think I’m the only one in the entire world who has realized that, and I’m not even joking.”

“The scale of what you said is so insane, I can’t wrap my head around it.”

“Well, you’ll get an idea in time. So, now it’s time for you two to decide on your goals.”

I returned the conversation to the original topic, their goals.

If I’m going to get them to help me with my revenge, then it’s only natural that I help that back.

“I…Want to become a magician and then be of use to Ralf and Chris-san, that’s my goal……..or is that too shallow?”

“If you are fine with just that Esta, that’s okay no? It’s a good start at least. What about you Ralf?”

“I……..I want to become an adventurer that everyone acknowledges! The strongest adventurer there is!”

“Pfft, Well that’s very like you, Ralf.”

“Don’t make fun of me damn it!”

“No no, I’m not making fun of you………but still, that makes your goal pretty close to mine you know? Is that okay”

“……huh? How?”

“My brother Klaus, is a talent that is said to appear once every couple hundred years. His name isn’t known yet obviously but it wont take long before the public starts hearing of him. It won’t be strange for him to start getting hailed as a hero, etc.”

“Chris-san, you think your brother will become such an incredible person? For someone you hate so much, you sure rate him very highly.”

“Hmm, well, perhaps that’s just my strong desire to be that way. After all if I’m going to get revenge on him, better a hero than some no name B rank adventurer no?”


“So it’s your own selfish wish then.”

True, for the perfect revenge, I need Klaus to rise all the way to the top otherwise it wont be worth it. Why bother dedicating my life to revenge if it’s not worth it.

“Well it is my selfish desire but only 5 people in the known history of mankind have gotten the talent of [Sword God]. Will receive the best training directly in the capital. Until and unless Klaus specifically choose to do nothing with his life, he will almost certainly become someone that’ll go straight to the top.”

“Then… objective would automatically become to surpass your younger brother as well eh.”

“Assuming he gets there, yes.”

“So Chris-san wants revenge on his younger brother. Ralf wants to become potentially stronger than said brother. And I will help both you achieve those goals. Is that okay for our long term goals then?”

Somehow things came together, just as Esta said, for all three of us.

A [Holy Knight] that can barely move, a [magician] that can’t use magic, and [farmer] with ability to null poison. What a weak ass party this is but……. Our aim is a hero that appears once every couple hundred years.

From the outside, it might look like insanity and reckless but, well, who doesn’t love an underdog’s counterattack eh?

Either way, it’s not whether is should or not. I have no choice but to do so.


“That’s right, though I feel like it’s more attached to my own but both of your goals are set for now. This party final target is the [Sword God] Klaus. Any objections?”


“None here either!”

——and thus, due to some weird twist of fate, the weakest party was born.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    With his entitled and brutal personality, I don’t see Klaus training in the Royal Capital.
    I see him running around beating up people weaker than himself and calling himself “hero” for it.


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