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Null Poison Ch30

Plans for the future

“You know. We sort of went with the flow and said we’ll go along with your plans but, Esta and I are just rookie adventurers still? Will it be okay?”

“For now, it’s fine as long as you can eventually get to his level eventually, if not surpass it. We all start as rookies after all.”

“Exactly, and with Chris-san’s help we’ll definitely outgrow being a Rookie sooner or later!”

“Wait, I appreciate the trust, but I don’t really plan on helping you lot with quests for now.”


“I have said this many a times now but I have a mountain load of things to do at the moment. You two should continue focusing on goblin hunting and graduate from being a rookie with your own strength.”

Seeing them today has made one thing certain to me. Even if I carried them to bronze rank, they wont suddenly become capable of doing bronze quests.

If I was struggling with bronze quests myself, perhaps I would have considered raising them and having them help me with the quests but……

I can clear them solo no problem. Having them along will only increase the time taken considering Ralf’s injury.


“Wait then what the hell was the point of making a party in the first place!?”

“But there is. There’s no real future for this party until we get you healed and get Esta to learn magic. I’m going to help you two with those two problems with all my ability.”

“So until then you want us to continue as is, is what you’re saying am I correct?”

“I think that’s for the best. That said, tomorrow I’ll be taking Ralf to a Healer and the Healing guild. We need to figure out if it really is an unhealable injury or not first and foremost. “

“But, I ain’t got the money for that tho?”

“I’ll pay obviously. That’s why I need you to continue making as much money as you can without any complains.”

Hearing my words, Ralf eyes turned moist. How moved are you? What an emotional guy.

“Chris…….just for me, thank you.”

“Like I said before, this also helps me so don’t worry about it. So stop crying already, makes me uncomfortable.”

“What the hell!? I was just being thankful!”

Sucking up his tears, Ralf shouted again making me laugh even more.

“Umm……so what should I be doing tomorrow?”


“Hmm hunting goblins alone would be too much—-Oh right. Can you go and find intel about a monster called [Stray Cowbird] for me instead? Where it shows up, what it looks like, any specific characteristics, what its weaknesses are etc etc. That’d be great. I’ll even pay if the info is good enough.”

“Understood, then I’ll do that. Also, I don’t need the money. It’s enough that you’re paying for Ralf’s examination!”

“No, that won’t do. I don’t intend to change anything when it comes to money related things between us. Jobs we take together will be split equally between us three and the same goes for rent for the inn. Well, I suppose I’ll treat you to good food every once in a while I guess.”

I need to set the rules regarding money straight upfront or it’ll cause problems later on. I need to be careful especially considering my expenses regarding Ability assessment as well. Don’t want any debts. It’s stupid to fight or money anyway so it’s better this way.


“Understood. Then I won’t object.”

“Good. Then I’m counting on you Esta.”

“So what about me? What do I have to do tomorrow?”

“Just get ready in the morning to accompany me to the healing guild. They don’t open early though so yeah ‘normal morning’ and not at dawn, alright?”

“I get it I get it. I’ll be ready.”

After the plans for tomorrow were set we finished our little party celebrations and went to sleep respectively.

We’ll start functioning more as a normal party when we reach at least Silver rank I think but still, I was secretly a bit excited.

So as to make sure that these two don’t overtake me as they learn to compensate their weakness and grow stronger, I decided to return to Peixa forest the day after tomorrow.

While making plans for the future, I too slowly slipped into a deep slumber.

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