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Null Poison Ch297


This monster was no doubt a Troll, but judging by its size, it was probably not a basic normal Troll.

Probably one of the higher species. A War Troll, or maybe even a King Troll.

Well, it doesn’t change what I have to do but, I do need to be a bit more careful or else I really might get got with a single hit from a monster this size.


A Troll’s greatest characteristic was its high strength, and even higher stamina.


And perhaps the most dangerous ability it has- a very strong regenerative ability.

From what I had heard from Bors-san, that ability seemed similar to the skill I stole from Carlo, [Self Regen], or perhaps a better version of it.

Because of that, half hearted attacks were useless, and you had to use powerful attacks that could seriously wound the monster.

But like I said, it also possessed a huge amount of stamina which obviously had a great compatibility with the [Self Regen] skill. All this is what made Trolls a truly formidable opponent and quite difficult to deal with, or so Bors-san had told me.

And the Troll in front of me was almost certainly a higher rank type of said species, so I no doubt needed to use all my skills to deliver perfect attacks or else, I won’t be able to deal any damage.

That said, if I only aimed at landing the perfect hits, it would greatly prolong the battle.

Which meant……….to beat it fast, I’ll need to come up with a different strategy.


Thinking of the best way to kill this Troll, while Esta continues her magic assault, I began giving complicated orders to Snow who had run together with me to the frontline.

The order I gave was, to put it simply, ‘close in on the troll and attack it from right underneath it’.

But, I also told Snow to not spend too much strength on its attacks and focus more on keeping its attention while dodging its attacks. Basically, I was asking Snow to play the Dodge tank role and imitate the style that I had learned from Bors.

It may possess a strong [Self Regen] skill but, as you could tell from its appearance, its agility was quite bad.

As long as it doesn’t get distracted, Snow should be able to imitate the Bors-style of fighting even if it didn’t actually learn the technique from Bors directly.

I further asked Esta to support Snow if it looks like it’s about to get hit by the Troll and——-now, I was free to move however I wanted.


While the Troll was distracted completely by Snow who rushed in towards it to attack, I activated [Sticky String Mainpulation] from all ten of my fingers, and began wrapping them around the Troll.


Troll looked annoyed by the existence of the strings wrapping round it but it possessed enough strength that these strings were not strong enough to actually restrict its movements as they were and were barely a hindrance.

…………but, that was okay for now.

If I did end up truly constraining it from just that, it’ll shift its attention away from Snow, and will start focusing on ripping the strings off its body.

My objective right now was to simply cover the Troll in strings without actually making it look like it was doing much.

Snow continued to attack the Troll’s legs and then dodge away, and in the meantime, Esta would fire magic on to its head.

Thanks to Snow and Esta, I was able to cover the Troll with a lot of sticky string.

Still, the Troll was able to continue moving freely but, that will very quickly change the moment I use [hardening] on these strings.

Now, if it managed to break through the hardened strings as well, this would have all been a big waste, so I sure as hell hope this works but……………

While praying that this works, I activated [Hardening].


The numerous strings around the Troll’s body instantly hardened up and succeeded in restraining the troll in its place.


Since it suddenly lost the ability move everything from its feet up to its chest, the Troll lost its balance and face planted into the ground.

My plan went as I had hoped.

Now all I have to do is slash its head off and kill it instantly.

I switched places with Snow to go up front and raised my sword to chop off the Troll’s head.

Even its neck was fat like a log, and I had to activate all my strength skills to chop its head off completely.

With the expression of pain and anguish frozen on its face, the head rolled around the ground as I observed the now headless body of the Troll.

A normal monster would have died from this but, these Troll do posses a truly incredible level of self regen.

I couldn’t drop my guard just yet, and I maintained my stance to slash again just in case it grew back its head or something but…………

Looks like even Trolls die when their head gets chopped off as the big green body showed no signs of moving ever again.

After that, I ran back to Ralf and Esta alongside Snow.

I was worried if they were getting attacked by some other monsters in the meantime but, since we had killed off the Troll faster than we imagined, they had yet to be attacked by anything else.

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“Chris, that pretty easy huh! I saw it all!”

“It wasn’t exactly easy. It was only thanks to Esta and Snow that I was able to fully execute my plan without any problems.”

“Still, that doesn’t change that we killed it easily though! Even a giant monster like that went down in a couple of minutes!”

“……….Well, yeah I guess. Anyway, let’s get ready for the next wave of monsters.”

“Oi! I was giving a genuine compliment, don’t just ignore it!”

Though we had beaten the Troll, the miasma was thick still.


I left the over energetic Ralf to himself and began preparing for whatever the next wave of monsters that was going to come.

Both the Black Caps and the high rank Troll were quite the tough opponents but, more than that, these battles and how quickly we ended them made me realize just how strong we had gotten now.

But, that was no excuse to let our guards down and we were going to keep using our full force to kill anything that comes at us.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “Well, it doesn’t change what I have to do but, I do need to be a bit more careful or else I really might get got with a single hit from a monster this size.”
    get got –> get done for
    I guess it is supposed to be said this way.


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