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Null Poison Ch298

Uncharted Area

“The miasma is finally getting thinner again right?”

“It is!………..phew, looks like we made it through somehow!”

“The monsters that appeared were strong but, thanks to the experience we all gained from the great forest of Roza, we were able to defeat them all.”

While all of us were breathing heavily, we did manage to survive through the thick miasma.


After we had beaten the Troll, a great variety of strong monsters continued to spawn and it was a fierce battle…………but the my newly earned unique Skills showed their worth and we were able to survive through the entire period without taking much damage.


“for now, let’s return back to the safe relay spot. And have a light chat while we recover our stamina.”

“Yes please! You never know when more monsters might show up in this area, let’s quickly get back!”

As the thick miasma dissipated and turned normal, we used the gap between the time when the strong monsters disappear and the normal monsters come back, and quickly returned back to the safe zone.

While hiding within the relay spot where monsters don’t come to attack for whatever reason even during the thick miasma, I used [Effect Spread] and  drank a healing potion.

“phew, healing potions sure hit the spot when you’re tired huh! You were using them even during battle, here and there weren’t you?”

“So you did notice eh. I mean I did buy them in bulk for a reason, so I decided not to be too stingy with the low class potions at least. Pretty cheap especially when a single potion can be used to recover all 4 of us.”

“It really is an incredible way to use it. Although, it’d be the best if I could have done it as the ranged user.”

“That’s true! If Esta could use it, she could look at the entire battle from afar and pick the best moment to use it!……….Well, that’s nothing more than wishful thinking when we can’t even eat the fruit of skill though!”


“We digressed from the topic at hand but, anyway, it looks like we can fight well even in the thick miasma it seems. From tomorrow, we will start exploring regardless of whether the miasma is thick or not, any objections?”

Returning the conversation back to the point, I questioned them both.

“No objections here! I mean they were strong monsters certainly but, we’re simply stronger! Now we know that for certain!”

“I have no objections either. Let us find that Cave and grab the sword of the first hero!”

To my question, both of them replied with vigour.

Snow was also wagging its tail with shining eyes, and seemed to agree with our opinion. I think.

Now, we can ignore the time limits and fully devote ourselves to finding the Cave of bahamut.


“Alright. That settles our plans from tomorrow. Let’s get some rest, compile all the info on the new monsters we’ve fought and then descend back down the mountain for today.”


“I approve! So first——-the Black Caps? Let’s start there.”

“Yes. Allow me to give my objective opinion as I mostly watched from the back, and you guys can chime wherever you feel like your experience was different as you actually fought it.”

And so, we began discussing about the various monsters we had fought today.

And once this is over, like I said, we’ll return for today.



The next day.

Without delay, we began the exploration of the Barbadd mountains proper today.

Since we have gained a certain amount of knowledge from our previous explorations, we intend to explore the areas we were unable to explore until yesterday due to time constraints.

With proficient steps, we quickly made it back to the usual relay spot, put down half of our luggage, and then began exploring across the mountains with our utmost speed to make up for all the lost time.


We didn’t exactly have any huge clues as to where we’d find our objective but, we used the strength of monsters as our guide, and continued walking towards wherever we sensed stronger monsters.

We crossed past the area we had explored until and stepped foot into an uncharted region of the mountains. An hour since then—

As if to show that we were on the correct path, the strength of the monsters we began to face began to grow stronger and stronger.

Though not as strong as the Black Caps or the High troll that showed up during the thick miasma, they were strong enough that me and Snow alone couldn’t just steamroll our way through them like before, and the speed of our progress also began to grow slower because of it.

……….But, now, I was able to sense something that seemed like it would be the Cave of bahamut.

While thinking of the legendary equipment that may or may not even exist, we continued to step forward consistently even if our pace had dropped.

Another 2 hours had passed since then.

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Sensing something, Snow suddenly howled towards the direction straight ahead of us.


I quickly looked towards the same direction as well, and all three of us confirmed by looking at each other that…………..none of us noticed anything special.

Even I who using all of his detection skills was unable to sense it so it’s obvious that Esta and Ralf would definitely not feel whatever it was.

“What’s made you howl like that Snow?”

“Probably, something that only a monster like Snow could sense I imagine.”

“Chris, even you don’t sense anything either?”

“Yeah, I’m using all my skills and still, nothing……….But, I trust Snow’s senses whole heartedly, so let’s head in the direction that Snow’s pointing towards.”

I gave some light rubs to Snow who had its fur all standing up on its ends, and told the two that we’ll head in that direction.

After walking another 10min in the direction that Snow howled at——-finally, my skills also sensed ‘something’.

I unconsciously froze on the spot and just stood there.


This is…………the presence of a huge horde of monsters?

And they were not normal monsters either, they were strong and gathered in immense numbers.

Snow must have howled because it sensed them as well.

“Why did you stop suddenly? Did you sense something as well?”

“Yeah. I finally sensed what Snow had felt back there. This is just speculation but……….I think the Cave of Bahamut lies in the direction we’re heading towards.”

I told them both this fact, and so we decided to stop and talk about our plans from here onwards.

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