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Null Poison Ch299

Role Division

“Wait the Cave is really in that direction!? It was a long and arduous path but, we’ve finally made it eh! Let’s hurry up and go already!”

“Oi, Ralf, wait.”

Hearing that the cave was ahead of us, Ralf was already starting to excitedly walk towards there but I quickly stopped him.

I’m not one to talk but, Ralf really doesn’t bother thinking at all huh.


“What!? If the cave’s right there, shouldn’t we quickly go there!?”


“Just listen to what I have to say for a minute will you?………….there is a huge horde of monsters right at the entrance of the Cave. If we head there without a proper plan, we’ll get surrounded and swiftly killed. That’s how big of a horde it is.”

“Really? That big!? I suppose it makes sense as the origin of this mountain’s miasma.”

“Not just numbers, but every single monster has a strong presence as well, and I assume each and every one of them is a highly dangerous monster. Also——“

“……..there’s more!?”

“It’s almost time for the miasma to thicken again isn’t it? I don’t know if it affects the monsters at the entrance but, if by chance we got ambushed from behind by monsters spawned by the miasma, there really would be no saving us.”

When I said all that, Ralf finally shut up with a grim face.

Even zero brain cells Ralf understood how stupidly reckless just rushing there would have been.

“So, what do we do next then? At the very least we should wait out until the miasma is thin again, before heading to the cave in my opinion.”


“I agree with that. And I have another idea on top of that. During the thick miasma, I’m thinking that you two and Snow will be our main fighters this time around.”

“Chris, you want to act as the support then?”

“That is part of the reason but, more than that I want to save my stamina as much as possible. I’m thinking of challenging the monsters in front of the Cave all by myself.”

“HAAH!? Wasn’t it supposedly a huge horde of them? Why the fuck do you want to fight them alone?!”

“…………..You’re going to poison them all with [Effect Spread] aren’t you?”

Ralf showed a exaggerated shocked face, but Esta instantly caught on to my plan.

Like Esta said, I want to fatally poison the monsters in front of the cave.

I have already tested it against scrub monsters but, I haven’t tried it against a group of strong monsters yet.

I’m always afraid that I might accidentally catch either these two or Snow in my range, and there’s always a chance that the enemy avoids it by stepping out of my range as well so I never really found a good chance to use it until now.


But if it’s against a horde like the one we’re facing, it is probably the best possible time to try it out.


I have practiced the process dozens and dozens of times already, and if I don’t use it even here, then what was even the point of getting these skills?

“Exactly. I’ll use [Effect Spread] and keep drinking poison to purge the entire horde.”

“Ohh, that’s the thing you’ve been practicing right!………..Hm? But if that’s the method you’re going to use, couldn’t you head there now as well?”

“I don’t think the poison will have an instant effect, depending on the species, some might even be resistant to it. Hell, some might not even be affected by poison as well. And as you already know, the range for [Effect Spread] is quite small. Just because I could poison and kill them all, doesn’t mean it’ll happen instantly.”

“Ralf, can you please at least try to think before you say dumb stuff? If you keep acting on impulse like this, you really will die one day you know?”

“Hey I know okay!! Fine I’ll stay quiet and focus on thinking of ways to defeat the monsters then!!”

Giving a side glance towards Ralf who was sulking after getting scolded by Esta, I talked with her over how to handle the monsters that will appear during the thick miasma.

This time, the formation we’ve decided on is an all out attack one. No tanks, both Ralf and Snow will be the frontline attackers and Esta will be the ranged attacker behind them.


I will mostly focus on supporting them from the side with [Sticky String manipulation], and depending on how the battle goes, healing them with [Effect Spread].


Ralf, who had mostly been defensive minded, perhaps thanks to that Vincent, had gotten a lot better when it comes to attacking as well.

Since Ralf has mostly been focusing on holding the enemies and preserving his strength, I’ll have him explode out this time around.

And as for me who has decided to focus on support………..since I had tasked these three with the monsters of the thick miasma, I had already turned my attention towards the monsters at the entrance of the Cave.

The most important thing for me would be to continue to dodge attacks, and to inflict poison during the openings between those attacks.

Like I said to Ralf already, depending on the species of monster, it’ll take different amount of times for the poison to take effect, and I need to be prepared for anything, and not expect the poison to neutralize everything.

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Inside the Cave, especially since I’m alone, [Black Mist] will work wonders, and so I already began simulating my moves inside my head.

In the meantime I could also have the other three dispose of the monster corpses etc, and while I was thinking of such things…………it seems like the miasma had started to become thicker again.


“Alright, Ralf, Esta, Snow. I’m counting on all three of you to handle this by yourselves.”

“Yeah! I’ll take them down in no time, so just focus on the support Chris!”

“We’ll be so good, that we won’t even need your support Chris-san.”


Hearing them all respond in such a dependable manner——–we headed towards the first wave of monsters spawning from the thick miasma.

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