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Null Poison Ch300

Independent Action

Like Esta had confidently proclaimed, I barely had to do anything as the thick miasma period ended with nothing major happening.

They won easily——Well maybe not that easy, but still, while fully using all the data we had gathered on these monsters, Esta continued to use fire the correct kind of spells to counter and kill the monsters, and Ralf and Snow took care of those that Esta missed.

The only time they struggled slightly was when another High rank Troll appeared, so I provided some help there, and constricted it with hardened sticky strings to take it down.


That was pretty much all I had to do, and outside that, I was able to save my stamina so I can now go on by myself to face the horde of monsters in front of the cave as planned.


“Good job. You guys really did kill all of them without needing much of my help.”

“Zee haa……..We did promise that we won’t trouble you after all! Though I am dead tired now!”

“My only regret is that we ended up taking your assistance for that Troll but, overall I think we were able to deliver on our promise.”

“You did. Thanks to all of your hard work, I can put my entire strength in facing the monsters in front of the Cave. Those monsters never disappeared even during the thick miasma so now it’s my turn to put in some effort.”

Although I was about to challenge a horde of strong monsters on my own, I still don’t feel like I’m doing something reckless. Who would have thought such a day would come back when I first stepped foot inside the Peixa forest.

The threat and fear of death was always there but, more than that I felt excited as I waited for these two to recover their stamina——-and then I began walking towards the direction of the Cave.

Ralf, Esta, Snow, were all on standby some distance away from me, just enough that if things get really dangerous, I can ask them to join in to help me.


Well, with how much I have been saving my stamina for just this, I won’t let myself be embarrassed like that and will definitely finish the battle perfectly.


After walking for about 10mins from the place where we dealt with the thick miasma………I saw a humongous opening to a cave that continued all the way down the slope.

That must be the entrance to the Cave of bahamut. And I also saw the horde of monsters running rampant right in front of the cave.

Even though I secluded myself in the Roza forest so many times, this is still my first time so boldly making my way towards an entire horde of monsters, making my heart beat wildly.

On top of that, from just a glance I saw a lot of monsters that I had never seen before.

There were a bunch of monkey-like monsters with gold fur, and there were also wolf-like monsters that had wings.

Then there were these dwarf-like monsters with a horn growing on their head, and also this jet black slime monster. Seriously, the variety was incredible.

The slime one especially caught my attention because it didn’t seem like poison would work on it, and I already knew that this battle was not going to be anywhere near as straightforward as I hoped it’d be.


I let all the simulations I ran in my head feed the data to my body, as I activated all my ability boosting and stealth skills———-and then broke into a dash towards the place where a bunch of monsters had gathered.


There were about 30 of them total.

I could see that some monsters had noticed me running towards them, and instantly activated [Black Mist] to confuse them.

Inside the cave, as the black mist enveloped the area and blinded the monsters, the panic and confusion caused them to cry out loud as their screams resounded inside the cave.

The numerous cries made it impossible to gather info from the sound alone, but I had [Crimson Eyes] so I still had a good grasp of where the monsters were exactly located.

While taking a position where I could dodge any attacks launched even within this darkness, I jumped straight into the middle of the horde of monsters——-and then first, activated [Effect Spread].

And then, without any hesitation, drank an entire vial of Venom Python’s poison potion.

It was a strong poison that Shantell had concocted for me, and while it raised my physical stats temporarily, for those with no poison resistance, it would start with paralysis and could lead to respiratory failure, cause hallucinations and spasms. It was the perfect choice for this situation.

I was being stingy and had refused to use it ever since the battle with Carlo always thinking that there’d be a better situation to use it but……….to think that would actually work to my advantage and be of such great use in such an important battle.


While also using [Wild Instinct] and [Sound Wave Detection], I continued to move about to bring multiple monsters in the range of [Effect Spread] and kept drinking poison potions and eating poisonous plants.

For me personally, it didn’t even feel like I was even fighting but, the effect of the poisons was truly tremendous as I could the screams and howls of anguish and pain coming from the monsters all around me.

As expected, it was infective on the Black Slime but other than that, it was highly effective on everyone else. Before the [Black Mist] dissipates, I should quickly retreat outside again.

Even I was surprised by how easily I had been able to complete my task, and I decided to leave the monster infested area and head back to Ralf and the rest and wait for the poison to kill the monsters here.

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Even when returning back, I didn’t let my guard down and changed the colour of my skin to black with [Colour Change] to camouflage better within the Black mist on top of using my stealth skills, and made sure that no monster saw me leave as I left the cave.

 After retreating far back enough where no attacks could reach me, I also saw Ralf, Esta and Snow in the distance, and only then did I loosen the tension on my body and breathed a sigh of relief.

I had been quite tense while executing my plans but because of the [Black Mist] since it was impossible to really see how things were proceeding inside the cave, both of them and Snow were looking more tense than even myself.

Seeing them all stare at the cave with such a grim expression on their faces, a light smile showed on my face as I reunited with them.


(T/L PSA: The series will be switching to a daily release, instead of double daily. As I like having a buffer of chapters. If you really want to, you can always get the advance chapters to be caught up to the JP raws. In the meantime, go check out the new series I picked up – AkuMana)

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