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Null Poison Ch305

Treasure Guardian

After the first split in paths, I thought there’d be more splits but, in the end the path was completely straightforward again.

There was of course the left path and whatever lay at the end of that one, but regardless, right now I was most certainly in the deepest chambers of the Cave of Bahamut.

I took a deep breath, and then entered the final zone.


The first thing that caught my eye was a mysterious stone tomb crudely placed out in the open.


Even though it was deepest portion, there was distinct change in scenery like in the Roza forest’s East area cave but……….

There was something other than the stone tomb here as well that immediately caught my attention. A longsword and a suit of armour leaning on the tomb that seemed to have been carefully placed there.

Both the armour and sword were releasing some kind of aura and instantly the words ‘Vendettatein’ flashed inside my head.

As if my consciousness had been robbed by the longsword, I started walking towards the stone tomb but——–the moment I was a certain distance close to the tomb, the entire area began to tremble.

And with the trembling came a piercing roar, and when I looked up towards the direction from where the roar came……..

What I saw was, a jet black coloured dragon with torn wings, clung to the ceiling of the cave.

It was missing one of its limbs, and its body was in tatters. It’s skin and eyes had blisters, and rather than the proud and divine look of a dragon that it is usually described as, this one looked more sinister, evil.

Looking closely, I could also see a black liquid oozing out of various parts of its body and dripping to the ground.


A tomb of stone. And if not for having lost my focus to the armour and sword, I never would have missed the presence of a dragon like this, yet in the final moment I had let my guard down.

…………….now, rather than that, it was more that the aura released by the longsword was so strong that it had robbed me of my consciousness.

The Longsword’s presence was stronger than even the evil black dragon that was on the ceiling.

——-There was no doubt in my mind. That sword was most certainly the Vendettatein.

Whatever it did to me to almost hypnotize me only made that conviction inside my head stronger. This was the real thing.

And to get my hands on that sword, I had no choice but to defeat this black dragon that was roaring at me from the ceiling.


If the rumours are true then this dragon was also the namesake of this cave, Bahamut.


But, I feel like it was lacking in terms of presence for a supposedly legendary dragon, and it was around the same level as Heracberg that we had defeated already.

I might be underestimating it because of Vendettatein here making it seem smaller in comparison but, with the amount of unique skills I have on me, I could definitely take this dragon down solo.

Since I hadn’t had a proper fight since entering the cave, this will be my first proper battle here, and it was against the dragon Bahamut itself.

From the looks of it, I doubt poison will work on it anyway, so as far as the last guardian protecting the legendary sword goes, this dragon will make for a perfect opponent.

I let go of all my thoughts about going back, and activated all the skills for which I had been saving my stamina up for.

[Flesh Enhancement][War Dance][Physical Ability Boost][Ability unleashed][Mind Unleashed][Leg Strength Enhancement] and [Wild Instinct].

While relishing the sensation of strength spreading across my whole body, I also drank two enhancement potions I bought at [Gaddfoura].

I had bought them to buff the entire party with [Effect Spread] but there’s no point saving them now that I was here at the final point.


Both my mind and body became clear and sharp, and the fatigue that I was feeling was blown away.

I was happing to get to fully prepare, but even as I drank my potions, Bahamut showed no signs of coming down from the ceiling, and its one shining red eye continued to glare at me.

Was it thinking of attacking me if I showed my back to run? Or did it have some other strategy in mind?

I couldn’t understand what Bahamut was thinking but, if it’s not going to attack first, I’ll gladly take the initiative.

I could outright jump towards it with [Leg strength Enhancement and [Gale] but, when I have the perfect solution in [Sticky String manipulation], I don’t need to take such a risk.

My course of action decided, I activated [Black Mist] and instantly made it right below Bahamut, and launched five sticky strings towards the dragon while hidden inside the darkness.

Like I did with the Troll, I didn’t harden them before hand and used it normally first to wrap around its body but, unlike the Troll that didn’t pay much attention to it, the Dragon turned its body in the air instantly——-and with that momentum landed down on to the ground.

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The wind pressure generated from its landing blew the Black Mist away, and the Bahamut stood right in front as its head looked down on me.

I didn’t feel like it was that strong when it was on the ceiling but now that it was up close and personal, I could properly feel its full presence.

This would be my first time fighting a dragon so I could feel my blood boil with excitement like it hadn’t done in quite some time now.


What kind of attacks does it have? I had no idea but……….even if my opponent is the legendary Bahamut, I was confident that I had the power to take it down.

I unsheathed my steel sword and took my stance——–and my decisive battle with Bahamut began.

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