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Null Poison Ch306

A Simple Strategy

It opened its giant mouth, and its pitch black tongue drooled on the ground as Bahamut glared at me.

Its entire body was twitching and looking closely I could see a bunch of maggots crawling across its entire body and eating into it.

And I could tell that its 3 remaining limbs were still strong enough to hold its entire massive body on ceiling with no issues whatsoever.


With its wings all torn out, it must have had no choice but temper its limbs into being this strong I suppose.


While it had come down to the ground with great vigour, Bahamut still showed no signs of attacking me.

It was covered in hard-looking dragon scales, so I was hoping to focus more on countering its big lunges but, it seems I’ll have to start the attacks first.

Since the [Black Mist] had been dissipated upon its descent, I activated it again to cover the unnecessarily bright area in darkness yet again.

And at the same time—–I activated [Leg Strength Enhancement] and [Gale].

Having lost sight of me, I was able to close in until I was right underneath its torso, and launched a full powered slash with the intensity of a true killing blow.

My movement, step ins, rotation of the body——-it was all perfect.

The strength from my entire body was transferred into my sword strike, and I made a clean hit at the Bahamut’s body.

I honestly thought I could kill it with this one strike——that’s how strong the attack I made was which gave me such confidence but………..

It was as if I was hitting a massive clump of steel, and my sword was unable to do anything more than make a light cut on its body.


The countless overlapping dragon scales made my aim and momentum shift, and my sword just barely reached the flesh beneath.

Even though it was a perfect strike and I had caught it completely off guard, it barely shed any bled and I could tell the damage I had dealt was miniscule.

And above all, the moment my strike landed, Bahamut roared which cleared most of the [Black mist] again.

Damn, even its roar is strong enough to clear the mist eh?

If Bahamut was an intelligent monster, I’m sure it’ll instantly roar if I use the mist again, so it might be better if I save it for the absolutely right timing.

With my perfect strike blocked, one of my main strategies had already been crushed.

Even though I was right beside it, Bahamut still made no real actions and yet, my neck was drenched with sweat.

If I could, I wanted to go back and punch the past me who cockily thought that this monster was not that big of a deal because its pressure didn’t impress me. But now I unfortunately knew just what kind of monstrosity I was up against.


It was cautious of even the sticky strings I used, so it was definitely smart. Which means, that I have to take it head on, and my usual tricks and strategies were not going to work.


With my current best attack stopped so easily, I need to come up with a different plan of attack——-and then definitely kill Bahamut.

Bahamut stood there as the bluish black blood seeped out of the small wound I gave to its shoulder, while I also stood there with my sword in hand, unable to decide on how to attack next.

It was a stalemate yet again but, this time the one to break the balance was Bahamut.

Until now, it had not made any attacking moves but seeing that I was not making a move either, it began to creep across the floor to move towards me.

Well, I’d love to fight on counters to be honest so it taking the attacking initiative was in my favour but…………

It’s movement had no patterns as it crawled left and right in an odd fashion as it approached closer to me.

It was hard to find the right timing, and if it’s moving like this, I can’t counter it properly.

Now if it’s making these irregular movements intentionally, it’ll instead create its own pattern of irregularity that can also be predicted but, I think the real reason behind its odd movement is the fact that Bahamut is missing a leg making it hard for it to keep its body balance, which means it’s pretty much impossible for me to read through its movements.


And yet, because of its muscular well grown limbs, it was still very fast, and so my first course of action would have to be to find a way to slow it down before I try anything else.

With its mouth still agape, it charged towards me with a disgusting expression unbefitting of a Dragon and attacked, which I somehow managed to dodge, and then used my [Sticky String Manipulation] and [Hardening] combo to attack it from range.

Considering my full powered strike had been blocked, these hardened strings are hardly going to do much damage to its tough scales but, if I aim for the parts where its flesh is rotting and has blisters, I could still deal some damage, even if it was like pricking someone with a needle.

For now I’ll focus on using the terrain to avoid its attacks, and aim for the festering part of its remaining left front limb and fire hardened strings at it with pinpoint aim.

A full 30 minutes passed as I continued doing this.

I continued to dodge its attacks, and kept on firing hardened strings at the same exact spot.

My physical ability raising skills were all activated, and with [Ability unleashed] also being used, my own legs were starting to feel tired from the excessive use of stamina as well but……..

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But my continuous attacks were not in vain as they may have seemed, as for the first time, when Bahamut tried to attack, it completely lost its balance, and crashed face first on to the ground.

It quickly got up with a roar as if nothing had happened and launched another attack at me but, my simple attacks with strings were definitely having an effect.

I slapped my thighs that were trembling from fatigue to revitalize them, and hardened my resolve to continue using this attack until Bahamut lost its balance and fell a couple more times.

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