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Null Poison Ch307

Close Combat

After breaking its balance once, I did it three more times within the next few minutes and made it fall on its head.

It seems that it struggled with gathering strength in its front left limb, so while it continued to be persistent, I didn’t stop attacking either.

This tactic would not have worked if Bahamut still had all four of its limbs intact but, what ifs didn’t matter here and I continued to aggressively attack the same part.


And then………finally unable to control its own momentum, Bahamut completely collapsed on to the ground again.


Now that it’s like this, I don’t even need to read its moves anymore and I can go all in and throw myself directly at it.

It took a lot longer than I expected, and I did get hit lightly a couple of times no matter how good I was at evading, so I was at my limit when it came to endurance as well but, I still have just enough stamina left to finish this fight.

On the other hand, Bahamut may have lost the use of its front left limb as well but it still had a lot of endurance left in its body.

The key from here on would be how efficiently I can damage Bahamut but, I really didn’t have the stamina left to enter another battle of attrition so I decided to attack with my full strength,

“Sorry for using such a stressful way of fighting until now. But from here on, I’ll take you head on.”

I doubt it even understood my words so it was a pointless declaration but regardless, I apologized for using such a boring way of fighting to overcome the power gap between our very species, and the launched a full frontal attack at the Bahamut.

I had already located all the places among its thick scales that were rotting and weakened when I used the hardened sticky strings.

Bahamut tried to cover its weakened forelimb, but I used a feint and then activated [Hard Hit] to launch an attack at a different point.


My first attack at the start of the battle had been deflected by its steel-like skin but this time I specifically aimed for a portion on its chest that was not covered in its scales, and this time, my blade cut all the way deep to its very bones.

Having gouged out a deep wound in its body, Bahamut roared and cried in pain.


Bahamut had slowly begun to lose the will to fight due to my constant avoiding of its attack and constant attacking at its left front limb, but the pain from this one seemed to anger it and revitalized its fighting spirit as its red eye shone with power and it began to thrash about in rage once again.

It moved its body in both directions in a slithering motion as it rushed towards me once more.

I had more or less seen through all of Bahamut’s attacks but, since I was already in close range, avoiding it was a whole different matter. Considering its huge size, it was almost impossible.

Realizing that I won’t make it in time, I quickly activated [Fortification] and [Iron Wall].


And the I used [Hardening] to further harden my arms and my sword, and entered a guard stance.


With every skill I used I was assaulted with a dizzying pain and fatigue but, knowing that collapsing now would mean death, I bit my cheeks to forcefully keep myself energized and guarded against Bahamut’s charge.

Even with all the skills activated, I tried to deflect the attack but——-the impact was strong enough to crack a couple of my ribs.

Even without both of its front limbs, this was a monster that could generate this kind of force.

I felt like I could see stars in front of my eyes, but I activated [Pain Inhibition] and launched another attack.

I aimed for the small opening it left after its charging attack ended, and this time I slashed at its back limbs.

Before, it would have not allowed such a n opening but in the end, even if it had re-energized itself, it didn’t change the fact that both of its front limbs were gone now.

I made my creaking body move, and activated [Hard Hit] and slashed at its right thigh.

Just like when I had slashed at its chest, my sword cut deep all the way to its bone.


Next, I wanted to attack its left thigh as well but——-Bahamut had seen my next move and kicked out with the left leg with tremendous force, making me quickly dodge back away from it.

I really wanted to rob it of its ability to move after disabling its left leg as well but, the damage I did to the right leg should still be enough.

Bahamut turned towards me again to rush at me but, now the wounds across its entire body were beginning to stand out.


The heavy blow I dealt to its right leg definitely seemed to have done a lot of damage and the wound I had give to it on its chest had blood pouring out of it constantly.

Both of us were at our absolute limits and it was clear that this battle was fast approaching its end.

In terms remaining endurance, I was probably in a worse state but, considering the restriction to its movements from all the damage, overall I think Bahamut was worse.

As Bahamut roared again, I regained my own composure and then silence covered the area as both of us waited facing each other and even the sound of water dipping could be heard from somewhere.

Slowly we began to approach, closer and closer, and the moment I thought it had entered my range——-Bahamut made the first move, faster than even me.

It rotated its entire body, and swung its long tail at me like a giant whip.

This was the first time it had ever sued this attack, and because I was also already about to lanch my own attack, my reaction ended up slightly delayed.

——-from diagonally left above me, the tail rushed towards me aiming for my neck.

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Due to the length of the tail, it was impossible to even back-step to avoid it, and a guard from my sword won’t make it in time either.

I instantly activated [Fortification][Iron Wall][Hardening]. Furthermore, I activated [War Dance] only on my left arm, and raised it just in time to block the tail with it but………

Due to the weight and force behind the tail, I was unable to fully block it and with an unpleasant shattering sound coming from my arm, I was completely blown away.

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