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Null Poison Ch310

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At a pace much slower than when I came in, I still managed to make it back to the point where the cave splits in two.

I didn’t run into a single monster until here, and I could fully feel the effects of the miasma dissipating with my own eyes.

But, from here onwards, the cave was going to be wider, and even without the source of the miasma, this part of the cave still had miasma left within.


I could also sense multiple monsters, so I knew I had to be stealthy to get out safely without getting attacked from here onwards.


Thanks to all my healing potions and [Self Regen] skill that I had been using even now, my body had recovered enough to move about normally.

I had become able to walk without using my sword as a crutch, so I should be able to perform stealth as always as well.

The only issue was my stamina but I have to hope that my long sleep inside the deepest area had recovered enough stamina to last me the entire way back.

I activated [Black Mist][Stealth][Silent Steps][Crimson Eyes], and began walking through the cave that was still rampant with monsters.

Although the number had definitely decreased from before, it was still many times more than say what you’d see in the Roza forest, so I could not be careless for even a bit.

I was ready to use a poison potion and [Effect Spread] in case I get found out, and worst case, I’ll use Vendettatein.

Although I was doubtful of whether I would be able to use it with just one hand but, I want to believe that the sword had enough strength to at least help during a pinch.

Even though I had no basis for such belief in the sword’s power, I continued to use it as mental support as I quietly walked through the [Black Mist].


It seemed like an eternity had passed walking through the cave like this but——–finally, I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Both my stamina and willpower were at their limit, but I continued walking purely I hopes that Ralf, Esta and Snow were there waiting for me somewhere outside.

Honestly, if a monster had caught me I probably would have died but, now that I had made it out alive, who even cares.

With the end in sight, I continued walking carefully so as to not mess things up at the very end———and finally, I safely made it out of the cave of Bahamut.

I almost collapsed right there and then from the sense of relief, but if I actually did collapse here, all my work would be for nothing.

Also,……….I only just thought of this but, are Ralf and other even waiting for me? I don’t know exactly how much time had passed inside the cave but, it certainly wasn’t a short duration.


Considering how long I must have been unconscious for as well, it won’t be too strange for them to return for a while during the night or something. But if that was the case, I was in big trouble.


My stamina was at its limit, and the outside of the cave was still covered in miasma.

I don’t have the strength in me to beat a bunch of monsters anymore, and if vendettatein doesn’t have some super power hidden in it that can completely turn the tide of battle, I had no hopes of returning safely but…………

All my doubts and worries were very quickly blown away.

I saw the figures of Ralf, Esta and Snow slightly away from the cave, and Ralf especially was walking around in circles like he was in deep thought about something.

They too soon noticed me as well as Esta instantly burst out in dash towards me followed by Snow.

Ralf who was staring at the ground while walking in circles, was a bit late but soon noticed me as well.

“Chris-san!! You are alright!!……..i was really, really worried!!”

“It’s up for debate if I’m ‘alright’ or not but, at least I’ve made it back alive.”

“Aurf! Awoo!!”

“Oh no. Your wounds are serious……..! Please hand over your luggage! And let us quickly head to the safe zone.”


Esta swiftly took all the stuff I was carrying, and handed half to Snow to carry.

And finally, Ralf made it to us as well———


“Chris! We were so worried!! I was honestly so close to rushing into the cave myself!! But, thank go you came back safely———“

“Ralf, now’s not the time! Hurry up and carry Chris-san! We’ll quickly carry him to the safe zone!”

“Hey, at least let us have our heartwarming reunion……..but seriously, you look rough huh! Chris, c’mon, get on my back! Any parts that are exceptionally damaged? I’ll be extra careful!”

“I’m using [Pain Inhibition] so don’t worry about that. But, my left arm is fully broken, so I’d like something to affix that in place if possible.”

“Got it! Let’s ignore everything n the way and quickly rush to the safe zone then! Esta, Snow, I’ll leave my support to you two!”

“We know! Hurry up already!!”

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And thus, having safely escaped from the cave of Bahamut, I was carried on Ralf’s shoulders and was quickly transported to relay point that was existed as a safe zone.

I must have been at my absolute limit as the moment I got on Ralf’s back, my body stopped listening to me…………and just like in the cave of Bahamut, I slipped into a deep slumber once again.

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