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Null Poison Ch311

Waking Up

When I woke up, I saw Esta’s face looking down at me.

Seeing as we seemed to still be outside, we’re probably at the relay point in Barbadd mountains.

Unlike when I fell asleep in the depths of the cave, I think I slept much longer this time around.


“Chris-san, you’re awake! How’s your body feeling?”

“Yeah, thanks to you guys, I seem to have recovered from most of my fatigue.”


“That’s good to hear! You slept a whole two days straight so we were really starting to worry.”

Apparently I have been asleep for a two days straight since escaping from the cave of Bahamut.

Even after I turned off [Pain Inhibition], the pain didn’t suddenly rush back, and I think they helped me recover even faster by using potions on me while I rested as well.

Moving my body around, it still definitely hurt a bit but, this was honestly nothing compared to what I had gone through after eating the fruits of skill.

My left hand though, was still completely unmoveable.

“Speaking of………..I don’t see Ralf anywhere. Did he go back to Edestor?”

“Well, sort of, kind of, yes?”

What kind of vague answer is that? I tilted my head in confusion and asked Esta to explain further.

“Well, I did ask him to go back to Edestor, but for shopping for supplies that is. In fact, he already went back once and then came back, and now this his 2nd time going back since you fell asleep, Chris-san.”

“I see. That’s what you meant. Looks like I’ve caused a lot of trouble to Ralf and Snow as well huh.”


“I might not be in the position to say this, but you shouldn’t feel bad about it! In the first place, this is all because we weren’t able to go inside the cave with you. If it’s just nursing you, we can all at least do that much without complaining! In fact, we’ll gladly do it as many times, whenever, wherever, you may need it!!”

Clasping both her hands, Esta strongly proclaimed so, which only made me laugh out loud.


Seriously, a lot had happened but……….having returned safely, and being able to chat like this made me really happy.

“But, is it safe for those two to go up and down the mountain by themselves? I know Ralf and Snow are strong enough that they can deal with most monsters but still, it seems quite dangerous.”

“If it’s to help you Chris-san, they are willing to face at least that much risk! Also, I don’t know if its because you cleared the Cave of Bahamut but, the periods of thick miasma have completely disappeared. In fact, even the normal miasma has begun to dissipate, so climbing up and down the mountain has become much safer.”

I see. Looks like I was right in assuming that killing Bahamut has resulted in the miasma slowly fading away.

If the thick miasma doesn’t appear, that means, the lower area of the mountains simply won’t get covered by miasma at all making returning to Edestor much safer.

“But all that aside, how are your injuries? It seemed quite bad so please tell if you still have any place that hurts.”

“I mean, my entire body still is in pain but, it’s healed enough that I have no problem moving around. My left arm aside, I should fully recover in about a day’s rest time, especially with [Self Regen] skill constantly active.”


“And what of your left arm then? You did tell us to be careful with it before you fell asleep, didn’t you?”


“Yeah, I got hit while fighting the monster in the depths of the cave———it’s almost certainly broken in quite a bad way. And then I think it got forcibly overused on top of that, making the injury really worsen like this unfortunately.”

“Why are you talking like it’s not you who did it?………….but regardless, once we’re back in Edestor, we should go and get it checked at the Healer’s guild!”

Not ‘me’ who did it eh? I mean, I don’t remember what even happened after all.

But when I woke up, seeing my left arm also grabbing on to the sword genuinely shocked me.

But I didn’t want to make Esta worry about me even more so I decided against telling her about [Mad Warrior].

With nothing else better to do, and quite frankly, getting bored………I decided that finally, it was time check on my spoils from the cave of bahamut. The sword Vendettatein.

It was kept near the entrance of the safe zone alongside the armour, and even while within the sheathe, it was releasing quite the tremendous aura.

In the end, I had yet to see the blade itself, so I was really excited to see what happens when I pull it out of the sheathe.


“Esta, did you guys check up on the equipment I brought out of the cave?”

“No, frankly speaking, we were busy with more important things, taking care of you specifically,  so nobody has really touched them.”

“I see. I was thinking of doing that now but, it might be a tad dangerous so stay back a bit okay?”

“Understood. I’ll leave the place for a bit then.”

I had Esta leave the relay point, and finally decided to draw Vendettatein.

If the rumours and legends are true, this longsword was built from Bahamut itself.

But wasn’t Bahamut the black dragon that I had a death match with?……….and somehow this sword was made from materials from that dragon, I guess?

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Well, I mean it was a black dragon living in the Cave of Bahamut so I just chose to call it that, it’s not like I had any real proof that it was actually the real Bahamut, and neither do I have any proof that this sword was the actual Vendettatein either.

At this point, I had no idea what was true and what was a lie but——-I feel like the moment I draw this sword, things will make a bit more sense.

I took a deep breath, and then pulled Vendettatein out of its old looking scabbard.

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