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Null Poison Ch312


A beautiful pitch black blade.

It seemed like you could get sucked in into the darkness of the black blade, and I was completely captivated by it.

The black blade reminded me of the dragon that I fought inside the cave but, this black seemed more pure than that of the dragon.

Thinking calmly, even when I entered that area I did get completely captivated by the sword to the point I didn’t even sense a dragon of that kind, and if it’s true that the dragon’s own materials were used in forging this blade……….I have a feeling that the materials must have been even higher quality than the dragon I fought.


While thinking of such things, I slowly caressed the blade with my hand to get a feel for it.


The handle and grip were simple in design but were made of a material I had never seen before, and the blade itself had red jewel like thing embedded in its centre.

It could be just for decoration but for whatever reason, it had piqued my curiosity.

Even when I touched it, it showed no reaction, and even when I gripped the handle and took a stance with the sword, nothing extraordinary happened.

Part of me wondered if maybe I had to hold it with both hands maybe? But at the same time, I thought of a way that might result in some change in the sword.

While holding on to the sword with my right hand, I began flowing mana into the sword.

At first, nothing happened but, after a certain amount of mana had absorbed——the red jewel in the middle of the blade began to shine brightly.

The red light spread across the entire blade, and formed a pattern similar to the crest that showed up on Golems.

I could tell that the blade was inherently sharp but while it was shining like this, the sword had transformed into something that made its normal form look basic in comparision.


When I stopped pumping mana into it, the red jewel began to dim again, and returned back to being the normal black blade.

It took a lot of mana to make the red jewel react but, when it did activate, it turned the longsword into an otherworldly sword.


I was hit with the desire to instantly go out and test it but, right now I was still injured and monsters had decreased in number due to the miasma fading away.

I wasn’t exactly in a condition to leave the safe zone to go around looking for monsters to kill right now.

Unfortunately, testing will have to wait for another day………..however I was able to confirm that this sword was most certainly Vendettatein.

The stone coffin belonged to the Hero, so I was quite confident even before but, nothing beats checking with your own eyes.

We’ll have to decide later who’s better for using it, me or Ralf, but regardless, this greatly increases our collective strength that’s for sure.

I put it back inside the scabbard, and recalled Esta back.

“Chris-san, how was the sword?”

“It’s as amazing as I expected. It was worth putting my life on the line to get this.”

“Well that’s good to know at least. I can’t wait to see how it looks in an actual battle!………and, what of the armour?”

“Honestly, I don’t know much about it either. Unlike the sword, it’s not easy to tell how amazing it potentially could be from just a glance. Though I can tell that it was made with a material I have never seen before.”

At Esta’s question, I stared at the armour I brought alongside the longsword but……….like I said, it doesn’t stand out the way the sword doesn.

If I cut at it with my steel sword, I’ll probably get a good idea of its quality but that’s not something an amateur like me should try. It’s better if I take it to someone like Kevin and get it appraised.


“I see. But if it was kept alongside the sword, surely it was used by the first hero as well right? Then, it’s quite possibly also pretty amazing no?”


“Yeah, the chances of that are high indeed. At the very least, it’s definitely much better than the leather armour I’m wearing right now.”

And just like that while I was talking about this stuff with Esta,——-it seems Ralf and Snow came back as well.

I could hear their footsteps approach the relay point.

“Oi, I’m back from Edestor! Esta, how’s Chris?”

“I’ve recovered quite a lot thanks to your help. Sorry for the all the trouble I’ve caused you both, Ralf, Snow.”

“……..Oo, Ooh! Chris, you’re up! Honestly I was worried you might never wake up again, so I’m glad! Here, I bought a whole bunch of healing potions! Go on, drink as much as you want!”

“Sure, thanks. I’ll gladly take them.”

On Ralf’s recommendation, I drank down, 2 of the potions he had brought.

They were only low quality potions so it was hard to tell if they were even having any major effect but, it wasn’t a waste either.

“Hey………Chris. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to come with you inside the cave of Bahamut. Because of that, you ended up in such a great danger all alone.”


“Don’t worry about it. It was my decision to head inside alone, if anything I should be the one apologising for making you guys wait in the Barbadd mountains all this time just for my sake. If you lot hadn’t be there, I probably would have died on the way back.”

“As if we’d ever go back without you dumbass!! In the first place, you haven’t done anything worth apologising for! It’s our own weakness that resulted in you having to go alone. I’m really sorr———“

“Ralf, enough with the apologies. I’m giving you guys my thanks aren’t I? And you two feel the same and are always thanking me as well aren’t you? It’s much better that way, right?”

“…………….Well, yeah.”

“Regardless of how it went, the matter of the fact is that I was able to successfully bring the equipment of the first hero with me. There’s no need to dwell on the past anymore——-we are close to our final goal now. The decisive battle awaits.”

Ralf had his head hung in shame until now but, I strongly spoke to raise his morale up.

We’ve finished everything we wanted to do in Edestor, and achieved all our objectives.

I have finally gained enough strength to equal him, and also gained equipment that could match a [Sword God].

All that remains……….is the final battle with Klaus.

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“You’re not about to get cold feet after all this time are you?”

“Hell no! I’ll make up for what I couldn’t do here, and go all out against him instead!”

“That’s for the best. I’m counting on you.”

“I’ll also give you my full support. I will help you achieve your goals Chris-san.”


“Esta, and Snow as well, thank you. Alright, once my wounds have healed somewhat, we’ll return back to Edestor………..and then begin our preparations to head to the Capital.”

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