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Null Poison Ch313

Healer’s Guild

The next day.

Having recovered enough to walk normally, I, while being protected by Ralf, Esta and Snow, finally made our way back to Edestor.

Like Esta had said, the miasma around Barbadd mountains had greatly thinned, that said, there will still a lot monsters that naturally lived in this habitat so we still got attacked by quite a lot of them on the way back.

Thinking back now, I probably should have at least helped with enemy detection at least but, the monsters on the foot of the mountain were hardly any danger to us so I ended up letting Snow handle it all.


Due to that, the number of battles we faced were high but, none of them were difficult by any means, and we safely descended the mountains.

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Edestor.


“We’re finally back. The bustling crowds almost feel nostalgic.”

“I guess you might feel that way huh Chris! So, what do we do next? Don’t you wanna go and get your arm checked?”

“No, let’s go back to [Gorush] for now. I really want to take a proper bath first. I’ll cause a scene at the Healer’s guild if I head there directly in this dirty condition.”

“I suppose so! It was hard to say this earlier because I felt sorry but yeah, dude you smell like shit!”

“If you feel sorry, then don’t say it later either dumbass.”

Seeing Ralf say that with a smile pissed me off.

The mountain climbing, then exploring the cave, then having a death match with Bahamut, and then escaping said cave somehow.

And even after escaping, I had to stay at the relay point to recover. All in all, I had spent basically three whole days in the wild, so I know better than anyone that I stink like hell right now………

But if someone says that to your face with a smile, it’s bound to piss you off no?


“My bad, my bad! Well, it’s not just you, Esta’s almost equally bad so don’t mind it too much!”

“……………this man really has no shred of delicacy in him. Chris-san, would you be interested in beating this idiot to a pulp?”

“Sounds fun. Let’s pretend it’s ‘special training’ and give him a proper hammering, shall we?”


“Oi, Wait! It was just a light joke!!”

In an attempt to run away from us, Ralf sped back to [Gorush] at full speed.

Seeing him comically run away like that, me and Esta looked at each other and chuckled at the hilarity of it all.

It was just our usual casual banter, but having faced death directly inside the cave of Bahamut………..these little moments suddenly felt a lot more precious to me.



Returning to Gorush, and having thoroughly cleaned myself in the shower, I resisted the urge to relax inside the room and left the Inn.

Most of the wounds I had suffered against Bahamut had been healed thanks to [Self Regen] and the various healing potions but, my left arm alone remained unmoving still.

It must related to the fact that I had apparently forcibly used it again after activating [Mad Warrior], as the state of my left arm was far worse than I imagined.

Part of me was already regretting using [Mad Warrior] again………..but it’s not like it’ll change anything so I should focus on getting it healed instead.


I mean, that back alley doctor was able to heal Ralf’s leg that was injured for years so surely the Healer’s guild will be able to heal my arm as well.

After judging the extent of the damage done, I’m confident it’s nowhere near as bad as Ralf’s long time injury at least.


While thinking of such things, I walked towards the healer’s guild that was located on the guild street of Edestor.

By the way, Ralf and Esta did want to come with me but I needed them to go shopping for our little celebratory party tonight so I came here alone instead.

Quickly entering the place, I noticed that the place was busier than I expected. Most of them being elderly people here for checkups it seems.

I had to stand in line just to get to the reception, and it took a while before my turn came.

“Hello, do you have a registration ticket?”

“No, this is my first time coming here.”

“A first visit I see. Can you please fill up this form here with all the details, and then bring it back to me?”


I took the form and pen from the receptionist, and left the receptionist to go sit down on an open table.

The form was basic. Reason for visit, etc needed to filled in so I entered in the details about my left arm there.


Once done, I returned back to receptionist to hand it back and received a numbered ticket in return.

I sort of realized from the huge crowd here but, I didn’t think it’d take almost an hour before my turn would come.


Hearing my ticket number called, I got up and was guided to the examination room where an experienced looking healer wearing a white robe was seated.

I had come to a similar guild when looking for Ralf’s treatment but, since it was for me personally this time, I felt a little bit more anxious than last time.

“Hello. You have difficulty moving your left arm after an injury——–is that correct?”

“Yes. I think it’s broken, which is why it’s not moving.”

“I see. Allow me to examine it if you don’t mind.”

The healer got up from his chair, and slowly moved my arm around to check as he began the medical examination.

He seemed to be using some kind of magic as well, and after a couple of minutes of palpation, he sat back down on his chair.

“It’s quite the horrible injury you have there. Not to mention it was broken in a really odd manner, yet it got healed while still in an odd shape……..which is why you are having difficulty moving it normally.”

“So, can it be fixed?”

“Yes, of course. If it had completely healed while still like that, it would have been difficult but, at the current stage, we can still fix it so don’t worry.”

“I see. Then I’d like to have the treatment done as soon as possible.”

“Understood. There are 2 methods……….we can affix it in the right place with equipment and then slowly use medicine to let it heal naturally. Or we can use multiple healers together to use healing magic to quickly heal the arm. The former takes time but is significantly cheaper, the latter is almost instantaneous but will be an expensive procedure. Which would you like?”

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Time, or money, I have to pick between one eh?

Unfortunately we are pretty short on money right now so I’ll have to take the former method.

Besides, I have [Self Regen] so once they have affixed it in the right place, I can use my skill to heal it much faster than normal anyway.


“I’ll take the first method please.”

“Very well. Then we’ll do the procedure right away so please head inside to the treatment room.”

As asked by the healer, I headed to the inner room——-had my arm corrected in quite the forceful manner, had to constantly feel the intense pain as they affixed it in place with their equipment. It was, to put it simply, a hellish experience.

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