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Null Poison Ch314

Acting Alone

Shit! That was one hell of a way to treat an injury.

It was so sudden that I forgot to use even [Pain Inhibition], and had to experience a sharp pain that made even me scream out loud.

But, the process itself was successful.

With my left arm affixed in placed, I just need to wait for it naturally heal itself and then I’ll be able to move it around normally again.


Since I chose the cheaper method, the overall cost wasn’t much in the end so I was glad I actually did come to the healer’s guild in the end.


Of course, until my arm fully heals, I can’t use it all because it’s firmly affixed in its place but, my right arm was perfectly fine, so as long as it was healed by the time we left Edestor, that’s good enough for me.

As for doing requests, I’ll switch to playing a more support role with [Effect Spread], and since my right arm was still free, I could also use the [Sticky Strings] and [Hardening] to attack from range as well.

While visualising my new method of fighting inside my head, I made it back to [Gorush] once again.

Since the Healer’s guild was busier than I expected, it took quite some time but, well, I’m sure they have already begun the prep for our party I assume.

“I’m back, sorry for being late.”

As I looked around while entering the room and saying that, I saw Esta already busy in the kitchen, and Ralf was helping her set things up on the dinner table.

She seemed to be going all out as the dishes laid out on the table seemed far more extravagant and exquisite than usual.


“Chris! You’re home! How’s the arm looking?”

“Yeah, I had it properly treated. Now I just need to rest and let it heal over time, and it’ll be back to normal soon enough.”

“Good to hear that there was no permanent damage! So I assume we’ll only leave Edestor once your arm is fully healed, right Chris-san?”

“Sounds about right. Sorry for twisting the schedule for myself.”


“Don’t worry about it. There’s still a lot we have to do in Edestor anyway, like saying goodbyes to all the friends we made here etc………’s not like we’d be able to leave so suddenly anyway.”

“Exactly! We ended up splurging a lot in clearing out the Barbadd mountains, so we need to start making some money again as well! Chris, are you going to join the requests, or will you rest?”

“No, I’ll come along as support at least. My left arm may be useless right now, but overall I am not sick or anything.”

“Well that’s good to hear! If we have Chris at support as well, that greatly decreases the danger level after all!”

“I know I’ll be causing you two quite a lot of trouble for the time being so the least I can do is help out with enemy detection, and other chores in general at least.”

“I personally think it’s okay if you take a full rest but, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to see you come complete requests with us again…………on that note, looks like the cooking is all done so let’s begin our party!”

With our plans from tomorrow settled, on Esta’s word, we began our celebratory party.

For finding Vendettatein, and returning safely.

Just for today, I want to forget everything else and eat and drink to our heart’s content.



The next day after our little bash.

Since we had stayed up late till night, Ralf of course, but even Esta was still asleep.


Since I had slept a lot while we were at the safe zone, I was able to wake up normally on time.

I wondered if I should wake them up for requests but………..Ralf and Snow had been going up and down the Barbadd mountain for shopping, and Esta had been stressing out over nursing me back to health, so I wanted to let these three have a well earned holiday today. And instead, I’ll go out and do whatever I can do on my own.

Well, I say that but there’s not a lot I can do on my own right now. And considering the current state of my left arm, the most I can do is to get Vendettatein and its abilities assessed.

Also, I need to get the armour checked as well.

To be honest, I don’t want a lot of people to know that I now possess Vendettatein but I think it’s necessary that I consult Kevin on this matter.

I trust him at least a bit, so first I’ll show the sword and armour to him and see if he can tell me more about the abilities and effectiveness of them both.

With that decided, I did my prep making sure I don’t wake up any of them and then made my way to Kevin’s weapon store.

Carrying Vendettatein and the armour, I reached the back alley where Kevin’s store was located.


As always, the walls around the strange entrance were blackened, and it was hard to tell from outside if the store was open or not.

But seeing the smoke rising from the chimney, I assume he’s inside………..

I gave a light knock at the door before entering the place.


“Kevin, you here?”

“——–I am. Give me a moment to finish here, then I’ll come out.”


I could hear the sound of metal being hit from inside, and once the sound stopped, a sweaty Kevin showed up from the inside.

“Sorry for the wait. What can I help you with today?”

“I had weapon I wanted you to look at actually. Could you appraise it for me?”

Saying that, I put down Vendettatein and the armour in front of Kevin.

The moment he saw the equipment, his eyes turned round from surprise, and his hands instantly reached towards Vendettatein.

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“This is……….an incredible weapon. This is at a level I have genuinely never seen before.”

“Yeah, I thought so. That longsword  is something I got from the depths of the Cave of Bahamut—– the Vendettatein.”


“Having this sword actually in front of my eyes, it’s impossible for me to refute you or say that you’re lying.”

“So, can you appraise Vendettatein for me? I want to know exactly how strong it is and what kind of abilities it has hidden inside of it.”

When I asked, Kevin let go of the sword and then shook his head.

His excitement seemed to not have dissipated but, his hands were raised in pre-emptive acceptance of his defeat, as if he had deemed himself unworthy of testing the sword.

“Sorry, but doing an accurate appraisal of this sword is beyond my capabilities. I know I am a weapons smith but, my speciality lies purely in smithing and that alone.”

“……….I see. I thought maybe you could appraise it but, if you can’t that’s okay.”

“——-But, even if that sword is the real Vendettatein, I do know a person who could appraise it.”

“Really? Who? Can you introduce me to them?”

“Of course I can………..but before that, do you mind if I observe the sword for a little bit longer?”

Having gained his cooperation, I let the excited Kevin thoroughly enjoy observing the Vendettatein for a little while longer.

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