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Null Poison Ch315

Info on the Appraiser

“Wow this really is an incredible blade! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this excited!”

“That’s good to hear……….So, did you find out anything interesting about Vendettatein? If possible, I’d prefer if you could appraise it on your own Kevin.”

“Sorry, but I can’t really say much beyond the fact that it’s a top class sword. The structure of the sword is too complicated, it feels completely different from any other normal sword. I don’t even think a blacksmith made this sword in fact.”


I guess Kevin really had no idea about this sword’s secrets.


Like he said, judging from the fact that the sword’s sharpness changes depending on the mana poured into it, it most certainly has some kind of magical technique used in the crafting of this weapon.

Until and unless we have it appraised by a legit expert, I don’t think I’ll find out the secrets behind Vendettatein on my own.

“If you can’t tell any more than that that’s okay. Then do you mind introducing me to this person you know that could help me then?”

“Of course. I would have done so even if you hadn’t let me inspect the sword. Chris, you know of the [Relab Market] right?”

I remember it being the big general store that Bors had introduced us to back when we first came to Edestor.

Unlike the more secret, personal stores that he had introduced me to, Relab market was easily the biggest general store in Edestor.

Even I have gone there a couple of times for shopping, it’s impossible to not know about it.

“Of course I do. I visit it sometimes after all.”

“Then that’ll make things easier. The owner and president of [Relab Market] is the top class appraiser I was talking about.”

“So the owner of such a big and successful store is also a top class appraiser? Damn, sounds like quite the amazing person huh.”


“Well, it’s precisely because he is a top class appraiser that [Relab Market] became as big and successful as it has.”

“I see. That does make sense………..But, if he such a big shot, is it even possible to meet him easily? It’s not much use if I can’t even meet him after all.”

If it was like a shop manager or something, I’d have been able to meet them by just walking to the store but the owner and president is a whole different level.

This info is not much use if I can’t act on it.

“It’ll be fine. I happen to know that person personally actually. As thanks for showing me Vendettatein, I’ll properly write an introductory letter for you.”

“Really? That’d be great.”

Returning back to the inside of the store for a moment, Kevin came back with a piece of paper.

It’s a rough piece of paper with a messy handwriting and I was doubtful if that would be enough to actually let me meet this person.

“Just show this paper to any employee in [Relab Market], they should let you go and meet the owner.”

“You sure this is enough? It looks like a dirty piece of paper and nothing more.”

“It’ll be fine. Probably.”


Well that didn’t clear my doubts but I shouldn’t squander his goodwill, and besides, it’s not like I have any other option.

Even If I don’t get to meet this person, I’ll just do something else instead.

“So, do you need anything else from me?


“Ah, I wanted to show you this armour set as well but, I suppose that too would be better to show this appraiser friend of yours, right?”

“Yeah, pretty much.  He’d do a much better job at appraising it than I could ever do. Well, if you need help with repair or maintenance, I’d be the better choice though, so bring it to me then if such a need arises. If its Vendettatein, I’ll do maintenance for free even.”

“You wanna personally work on it that much huh. In that case, I’ll be sure to come to you when the time comes. Thanks for all the help today.”

“Don’t mention it, all I did was write a small piece of paper for you. If anything I should be thanking you for showing me such an amazing weapon. Come again whenever you feel like it.”

“Sure, I’ll be in your care then.”

Giving my thanks to Kevin, I left his store.

There’s still a lot of time left so I decided to walk all the way to [Relab Market].

Honestly speaking, I don’t see how the owner of the biggest store in the city is related to a blacksmith running a dingy smithy in the outskirts so I don’t really expect his introduction letter to do much but……….

Well, it’s worth trying at the very least eh?

Returning back to the commercial street, I made my way to the middle of the most bustling part of the town.

There stood a building so large you’d have to tilt your head back to see the top——-this was of course, the [Relab market].

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As someone that mostly deals with back alley merchants, usually uses the side streets and generally prefers the black market more, a store like this that was overflowing with people was not really in my comfort zone.

Although this place was the most popular store here and located in the heart of the city, you could say that the products sold here were quite reasonably priced but that said, they weren’t exactly cheap either.

Regardless, I shooed away my negative thoughts, and stepped inside the store in an attempt to meet the owner of [Relab Market].

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