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Null Poison Ch316

The Owner

Walking through the crowded store, I headed to one of the employees that caught my eye.

I had no idea if the employee would actually respond but, at least I should start with showing Kevin’s referral.

“Excuse me, got a minute?”

“Yes, of course, how can I help you?”

“No, well, I had business with the president of this place. By the way, I do have an introduction letter of sorts as well so could you perhaps guide me to him?”


Saying that, I handed over Kevin’s letter to the employee.

It must have come out of nowhere for him as he made a suspicious and puzzled expression,……..but he did take the letter to check regardless.


“I see. Could you please wait here for a moment? I can guide you I confirm this inside the store.”

“Sure, I’ll wait.”

Saying that, the employee disappeared into the backroom so I waited for him to return while observing the items displayed in the store.

I assume the employee has gone in to show the letter to the manager and are probably pondering over how to answer my request.

Judging by the puzzled reaction of the employee, I am 80% sure it won’t work but………..there’s still a chance.

I’ll bet on the remaining 20% and wait here, and just around then the employee came back.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. The manager has said that they’ll personally guide you so please come with me if you don’t mind.”


I did a guts pose inside my mind, but looked calm on the outside.

“Sure. Lead the way.”

Led by the employee, I entered the back room that was usually restricted for only store employees.

It was a place that was not meant for public but regardless, it was still as neat and clean as the storefront itself.


“Ah, that person over there is the manager. I’ve already handed over the letter to them as well so please ask any questions you may have from them, okay?”

“Sure. Thanks for all the help.”

“No need. Well then, allow me to take my leave here and return to work.”

Seeing the manager standing in front of the stairs, the employee left me and returned back to work.

Alone, I then headed to meet this manager myself.

“Sorry for the wait. I believe you are the person who will take me to meet the president right?”

“Ah so you are the person who brought the introduction letter correct? Yes, allow me to guide you. The president is currently in the office right now.”

“Thanks, and lead the way.”

It was a man in his 40s, seemed surprisingly timid from his looks.


I had imagined a more stern looking man but, I guess a shop manager doesn’t really need to fit that image huh.

I climbed the stairs while being led by said manager, and entered a big room on the third floor.


The words ‘president’s office’ was written on the black name plate on the door so I guess this has to be the right place.

“This is the president’s office. Please follow behind me.”

Saying that, the manager knocked the door exactly 4 times, and gently opened the door only after hearing the reply to come in from inside.

I could tell the man inside was a man from the voice but……….I didn’t expect him to be an old man in a small sized body.

Yes, he was in fact, also a dwarf like Kevin.

“What’s with that reaction!? You shocked that the owner of [Relab Market] is a dwarf?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I just had this image of smart suited man in my head so my bad.”

“Aah!? No matter how you look at it, I’m a smart looking man as well!”

“Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Tch, what an impertinent customer! Damn, since it was a rare letter from him I was looking forward to it………..but that bastard Kevin, he’s sent some useless kid my way!”


I was a bit nervous at first, but seeing that it was a dwarf made all my nervousness blow off for some reason.

His personality seems quite similar to the owner of [Ichiryuu] as well, someone with no sense of restraint.


Also…… question as to how Kevin knew the owner of a big store like this also got instantly answered. They are from the same race so they must have known each other for quite some time.

A surprisingly simple answer to my query.

“………..Then, president Aaron, allow me to take my leave then.”

“Ooh, sorry for the troubles, and thanks for bringing him to me Hayden!

The manager who was quietly listening to the to-and-fro between me and president, name is Aaron it seems, gave a curt bow and then left the room.

Left alone with just Aaron in the room, I decided to quickly cut to the chase and bring out the topic at hand.

“Sorry, but allow me to get straight to the point.”

“Go ahead! I’m not exactly interested in having a chat with you either kid!”

“Then we are of the same opinion.———Kevin told me that you were a top class appraiser which is why I came here. There is something I want you to appraise, if that’s okay with you?”

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“It’s a request from Kevin after all, and your attitude aside, I have no reason to refuse so show me!”

“That’s good to hear. I have a sword and a set of Armour. I need them both appraised.”

“Sure why not but, I’m still gonna charge an appraisal fee just to let you know!”


Ignoring his demand for money, I simply pulled out the Vendettatein in front of Aaron’s eyes.

And instantly, just like Kevin, as if there was magnetic force attracting him, Aaron instantly came close to the sword, and his eyes opened wide and nostrils flared with excitement at the mere sight of the Vendettatein.

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