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Null Poison Ch317

Appraisal Result

“Now this is a truly remarkable blade! Where in the world did you find this thing??”

“In the Barbadd mountains. I assume you have heard of the name Vendettatein?”

“—–!! Vendettatein you say?! Is this sword really the real Vendettatein!??”

“I have no way to be certain but, I’m still 90% sure this is the real thing. Or rather, I brought this sword to you precisely because I want to find that out.”


Unlike Kevin, he was only half convinced but, I’m sure if he does the appraisal himself, we’ll both find out the truth.

Judging from his reaction, I doubt he’ll refuse either but………..the issue was the cost.


“I suppose you’re right…………But, it’s hard for me to believe that this is actually the one and only Vendettatein!”

“Why else do you think Kevin sent an introduction letter for me then? Regardless, can you get on with the appraisal? How much is it going to cost?”

“I have a set price of 2 gold coins for all appraisals. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a sword, armour, accessory or a consumable, the price is always 2 gold coins!”

“That’s quite expensive. I felt this about the items on sale at [Relab Market] as well but, from the point of view of a normal customer, this doesn’t seem like a very consumer friendly place. I certainly wouldn’t come here regularly.”

“No way, how can you say that! My store guarantees the quality of the products being sold unlike no other! And on top of that, we have kept the prices quite reasonable in comparison as well! Considering the location and the number of employees required to——“

“Alright, alright I got it. Enough about your store. I’ll pay the 2 gold coins.”

It seemed like Aaron was about to go on a long rant so I forcibly stopped him and urged him to begin the appraisal process.

To be honest, 2 gold coin was hefty price but, knowing the abilities of Vendettatein was an absolute must for me as well.


And if you think of how many gold coins I had blown on my ability assessment, well, suddenly it doesn’t seem that bad.

I need the armour appraised as well so that’ll be 4 gold coins total…………damn, I really will have to go all in on completing request to save up on funds before departing the city.


“Thanks for your patronage! Alright, let me begin right away!”

Aaron put the Vendettatein on top of the table, and began mumbling something with his hands hovering above the sword.

I thought he’d have some kind of special magnifying glass or something to look at the sword for appraising but, turns out it was a skill similar to whatever the priests used for Ability assessment.

The jewel on the ring he wore began to shine and the entire room was covered in a bright white light for a moment.

When the light dissipated, Aaron had moved his hands away and looks like the appraisal process was finished.

“is it done?”

“…………yeah. There’s no doubt about it, this is indeed the first hero’s sword, the legendary Vendettatein!!”


His nostrils flaring from excitement, Aaron came close to me and proclaimed so.

To be honest, I didn’t care much for the authenticity of the sword and was more interested in finding out the sword’s abilities though.


As long as the sword was strong enough to help in my objective, I didn’t care whether it was real or fake.

“Good to hear that it’s the real thing but, give me all the details you got from the appraisal. Surely you didn’t take 2 gold coins just to tell me whether its fake or not right?”

“Don’t rush me! Why are you, the owner of this sword, not more excited!? This is a legendary sword whose tales have been passed down for generations here in Edestor!! Not to mention, being a possession of the first hero——–“

“Enough. Just tell me about its abilities already.”

Goodness me this man likes to talk a lot.

The sun might set if I let him ramble on and on so I pressed to get to the point.

“………..FINE! Firstly, the main characteristic of this sword is that it doesn’t lose its sharpness no matter what.”

“is that even possible?”

“It was made from the materials taken from a legendary dragon after all, my appraisal tells me that this sword will never rust no matter what.”


I do know that there are ways to preserve swords against rusting by wrapping them in a thin membrane for protection but that method doesn’t work on swords that are actively being used in battles.

That is why every swordsman has to diligently maintain their sword regularly but, if this sword is immune to all that, then there’d be no need for such maintenance.


From my point of view, that alone was a huge plus.

“A sword that doesn’t dull or rust is one hell of feature alright.”

“Oh and we’re not done yet! I can tell that the sharpness of Vendettatein is beyond normal! Among the countless swords that I have appraised, this is by far the best in that regard………and not just that, the blade also has an assortment of runes engraved upon it as well!”

“Runes? What’s that?”

“Think of them as words written while imbued with magic. It’s an ancient technique now long abandoned! There are three runes engraved on Vendettatein, allowing it to switch between three different types of magic weapon!”

I honestly can’t keep up with all the technical lingo now.

If I understood this all right………the flashing I saw when I pumped mana into the sword was because of these runes I assume?

“Are these runes similar to what we can find on golems and such?”

“——-!! Ooh, you are not as stupid as you look! You’re correct, as those things are also runes!”

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I see, so those markings were runes as well.

Which means, when it comes to runes, I can definitely get some help from a certain someone who happens to be a golem maniac.

I have a feeling he’s going to lose his mind if I show him this sword, so I should probably keep it a secret though…………

If I want to learn more about runes, I might have to go and meet the old golem guy for some lessons.

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