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Null Poison Ch318


“So, what are these three types of magic arms that can be used with runes?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t know that much either! The best I can tell you is that depending on usage, there are three different abilities that can be drawn out from this sword!”

“So the most important part remains a mystery. Do you know how you’re supposed to draw this power out?”

“I can tell that the runes will be activated by circulating mana into the sword but, I don’t know you’d change between the three different types unfortunately! I mean, I have never seen a weapon in my entire life that has three different runes engraved on it!”


The info I’ve gotten is certainly nice but it’s a bit disappointing that the most vital part is still shrouded in mystery.

Well, I’ll just have to figure that out myself I suppose.


“To summarize, it’s a runic sword with an otherworldly sharpness eh. I don’t know if this was worth 2 gold coins but, I’ll give a passing grade I suppose.”

“Hold up a minute. Don’t finish the conversation on your own! I’m not done telling everything yet! I haven’t told you about the red jewel embedded in the middle of the sword have I?”

“…………that is true. So, what’s that there for?”

“That gem is called the [Vampire Jewel], it can greatly increase the conductivity of mana——-and can also absorb stamina as well!”

I sort of had a feeling that was the case when I had pumped the mana into the sword but……….

I didn’t realize it also leeched on stamina as well.

“I’m assuming it’s the enemy that I cut with it that’ll have their stamina leeched right?”

“Not quite! To be exact, anything that touches the jewel will have their stamina sucked out of them! Since the effect activates on touch, it’s normally embedded in shields to be honest.”

“A bit lacking in compatibility with swords eh?”

“Well to be honest, there aren’t a lot of these Vampire Jewels in circulation in the first place so it’s difficult to state that this is the only right way to use it but……….. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of attaching it to a sword!”


Aaron seemed to agree with my opinion. The vampire jewel was embedded near the guard of the sword.

When cutting enemies, that part rarely comes into contact with them, so it’ll only touch if I stab the sword all the way deep into a monster.

Now if I use the sword to guard against enemies, then perhaps it’ll have a more better use but………in my case, I prefer the Bors-style way of completely avoiding the attacks.


“From what I am hearing, I think the jewel was embedded mostly for the mana conductivity part. It was probably necessary to fully use the engraved Runes.”

“if that was the case, rather than a Vampire Jewel, there were surely better alternatives for it! Oh well, what we can’t find with mere appraisals, you’ll simply have to figure out yourself with practice.”

“Yeah, thanks for the help. By the way, hypothetically, if I were to sell this sword, how much will it go for?”

“Are you actually interested in selling!? At least 300 platinum coins!…….no I’ll pay 400 platinum coins to buy it off you!!”

I only asked for curiosity’s sake but, Aaron got overly excited because of that.

As a professional appraiser, it seems he was maintaining his calm but, judging from the serious bid he made, I can tell that as the owner of the biggest store of Edestor, he would go above and beyond to have this in his possession.

“I only asked because I was curious, I have absolutely no intention of selling it. Sorry to get your hopes up like that.”

“………No, I apologize for suddenly losing my cool like that. Well, if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me! I’ll gladly buy it off you at the highest price!”


Once I am done with Klaus, I might actually sell it off.

Having 400 platinum coins sounds like it’d be so much useful  in more ways than one, especially my desire to free the slaves I saw in the capital……….having money at hand would go a long way in helping me with that.


Well, right now, I was concentrated solely on Klaus but I’ll remember that as a potential choice to make in the future.

“If I change my mind, I’ll be sure to come back to you. That aside, I have one more thing that I want appraised, do you mind?”

“Hm? As long as you’re willing to pay another 2 gold coins, sure, why not!”

“I will pay, don’t worry. It’s this armour set, appraise it for me.”

I took vendettatein back, and handed over the armour instead.

The sword took all the attention but this armour was also a possession of the first hero.

I doubt it’s some basic armour, so it’s better if I have it properly appraised as well.

“Got it! Then let me get on it right away———-!! Oi, where the hell did you find this armour!!?”

The moment the appraisal ended, Aaron eyes widened in surprise as he questioned me.

Is this reaction supposed to be a good thing or bad………..?

Well, I doubt it’s bad but let’s hear what he has to say first.

“Same place as the Vendettatein. I think that armour is also an old possession of the first hero.”


“So it really was!! This is actually a ‘Named’ armour set as well! It’s called [Eidoskarna]. It increases the strength of the wearer depending on how much damage they have taken!!”

As expected of the first hero’s equipment.

One hell of an effect to be attached to an armour set, I must say.

“So the lower the endurance of the wearer, the power their strength will increase? Am I hearing that right? Much simpler to understand than Vendettatein’s effect at least.”

“That’s not all! It’s efficiency as a normal armour set is also simply astounding!………Damn, I’m so envious!!”

I ended up laughing seeing Aaron fail at keeping his composure.

Vendettatein was expected but even the armour set seems to have incredible abilities.

From my point of view……….I think I’ll use Vendettatein and have Ralf use the Eidoskarna.

As the tank, Ralf will the one taking most of the damage, so having a tank that gets stronger the more he gets hit is a crazy strong ability to have.

Part of me was also curious as to what would happen if I used [Suicidal Strike] while also equipped with Eidoskarna but, overall, I think giving it to Ralf is the best.

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“Anyway, I have a good grasp on the armour’s abilities now as well. It wasn’t cheap but your info was certainly useful. If I find something new again, I’ll be sure to come to you.”

“Sure! It’s been a while since I have been shown something this incredible! You can come here whenever you want, especially if you want to sell either of those things!”

We had started off a bit on the wrong foot but in the end, me and Aaron gave a firm handshake before parting and……with my business here finished, I took my now appraised equipment and left the [Relab Market].

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